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Gods, Demi-Gods, Kings And Queens, Lords And Ladies Of Parliament Hill Beware!

We are already waiting in line dangerously long for this type of test, with the new cuts coming from the Harper government how will we the poor be able to afford them in a timely fashion? Will the money saved by the Harper led Conservative, majority government make a difference to the dying, the dead and their families? I think not. Continue reading

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Health Care Is The Problem Of The Provinces Says Harper / What Was Promised Under Duress During An Election Does Not Count

It is like the Harper intent is to commit genocide and the object of this genocide are the poor people of Canada. Maybe in the next election campaign, he will use this strategy to explain to voters how he and his party did their part in wiping out poverty and the harm it does, by culling the herd with measures like this one. Maybe he will seek another majority government based on all of the money he has been able to save without touching the pockets of real Canadians? It is hard to say what is in this mans head, but his intentions are crystal clear; Harper intends to wipe out poverty not by bringing up the standard of living of the poor, but by wiping them out like he is doing to the Liberal Party. Continue reading

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A Christmas Story By Archemdis

He put down his remote without pausing the game and came over to face me with a very hurt look on his face that I thought was about losing out on the gifts I usually bought for them, but as I looked in his eyes I realised that if indeed there was some of that thought it was not the main one. I was breaking a tradition and I was taking away the one time in the whole year when he and his siblings got to be together in a spirit of family love without any pressure to do anything but enjoy each other. No posturing, or loyalties needed to be proven and I understood that I could not follow through with canceling Christmas Eve and day at Grandpa’s house. Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be A Teenager And It Always Has Been So But It Does Not Have To Ruin Your Life

when I looked around the years had passed me by, the urgency of the cause was gone and I was just another uneducated black guy, with no job prospects, with a baby and girlfriend to support at 19 years old. Going back to school was not an option and so dreams of being a doctor, lawyer and even owning a store went out the window, along with me ever reaching my true potential. Continue reading

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The Calls For Help And Regime Change From Russia Will Go Unheard While We Aid In The Ousting Of Yet Another Muslim Leader

I have been hearing a pretty loud cry from Russia where they are protesting against tyranny right now and the people in the streets are crying out for help, but will they get it from sanctimonious John Baird and company? I think not, because we no longer fight for freedom where the victory is not a certainty and the majority of blood shed and loss of life is not the other guys. I have stated many times in many a post that the evidence does not point to this as being a war on tyranny, or a fight to save the oppressed, but rather the evidence points to a religious war designed to rid the world of the Muslim faith and way of life. Continue reading

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The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

Why does our Canadian government choose to ignore the suffering of its people, when it could use the power of a majority government to do so much good? Continue reading

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From Thyroid Problems To Diabetes And Now Cancer Archemdis Has Had Quite The Year

As I sat there in the doctor’s office listening to what he was saying about the surgery and why he was recommending this action rather the radiation, all of the questions about how and what I would do or react if I was ever to be diagnosed with cancer were answered in less than 5 minutes. I did not panic I just sort of took it in stride and planned out the timing and place for the required surgery. I joked about it for the rest of the day when confronted with the well wishes and sympathy of family and coworkers and I went back to what I was doing before the appointment. There was going to be no breakdown, big or small, just a hollow feeling like when you are very hungry, or you want to cry, but don’t know why and so the tears never come, but the feeling does not go away, it just hovers there. Continue reading

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Why Are Canada’s Welfare And Unemployment Agencies Allowed To Cut A Recipients Assistance Based Soley On Anonymous Caller Information?

I know that the argument can be made that if anonymity is not allowed and then respected that people will not make the call when they see fraudsetrs, but I believe that in its eagerness to catch a few fraudsters the governments of Canada has opened themselves up to be used as a weapon of revenge by unscrupulous people and cowards. Continue reading

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School Bullies Are Not Born Bullies They Are By – Products Of Who We Are And What We believe

When was the last time you taught your children some good old fashion hate based on the color of someones skin. Told your daughter that she could play with little Amid, but should marry within her own race and religion if she wanted to be happy? When was the last time you discussed the Middle East problem and called all Muslims extremists, responsible for 9/11 and did your part spread Islamaphobia throughout the world, your neighborhood, your school system? When was the last time you made reference to Jews being misers and money hoarders, just out to make a buck? When was the last time that you blamed East Indians, Chinese people and people of Pakistani decent for taking over all of the small business in a small area and voiced your desire to see them sent back to where they came from around your children? all this promotes the bullying crisis we find in our schools today and we do it without thinking. We do it everyday, every time we seek to put ourselves above another person and attempt to justify our prejudices to our children. Continue reading

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Canada’s First Nations People Sentenced To Slow and Painful Death By Canadian Apathy

I would like to just remind Canadians as we prepare for Christmas and all that it means to us and all that we will share with our families that there are other like our First Nations People who will not be having such a great time and for whom Christmas time represents hardships not even imaginable by most Canadians. Continue reading

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