School Bullies Are Not Born Bullies They Are By – Products Of Who We Are And What We believe

There will always be bullies in the schools this I can assure you of.  It is a bi product of what we teach our children at home, what is strengthened at school and is often part of our sermon from the pulpit, or foretold in some holy book like the Koran, or the Tora.  It is about I am better than them, because I am the right color, I look better than them, I am smarter than them.  I am praying to the one and only God, I dress better than them. My family has money and theirs does not.  Whatever the reason I know this that no child enters this world thinking that they are better or less than anyone else, this has to be taught to the child and it is us the parents, the family, the teachers, the church and yes the government who teach children to think themselves above others to the point where they make fun of, assault physically and emotionally others to the point of the other child taking their own lives and then we the responsible ones for this behaviour act surprised, fain anger and seek to punish the child for doing what we prepared them to do.

When was the last time you taught your children some good old fashion hate based on the color of someones skin.  Told your daughter that she could play with little Amid, but should marry within her own race and religion if she wanted to be happy?  When was the last time you discussed the Middle East problem and called all Muslims extremists, responsible for 9/11 and did your part spread Islamaphobia throughout the world, your neighborhood, your school system?  When was the last time you made reference to Jews being misers and money hoarders, just out to make a buck?  When was the last time that you blamed East Indians, Chinese people and people of Pakistani decent for taking over all of the small business in a small area and voiced your desire to see them sent back to where they came from, around your children?  All of this promotes the bullying crisis we find in our schools today and we do it without thinking.  We do it everyday, every time we seek to put ourselves above another person and attempt to justify our prejudices to our children.

Teachers do it all of the time, giving preferential treatment to certain groups of students based on how smart they are, or how gifted they are in sports, or music.  When they berate and make fun of children who are not excelling in what said teachers figures they should be excelling at.  I told you in several posts that I have a granddaughter that used to go to an upscale very competitive high school in Montreal where she was bullied to the point that she started skipping school, her marks dropped and eventually she had to be removed from that school.   The teachers and the administration were more interested in containing the problem then getting to the bottom of it and made my granddaughter feel like it was her fault for not being born rich and daring to step out of her milieu and attend the academy for the rich.  This lack of addressing the problem by the staff and the administration is a key to the success of school bullying. Teachers, staff, administration all to often worry about the reputation of the school being tarnished than the harm that is being done by one child to another child.   My youngest daughter was threatened in high school with a knife and when she registered at her new school she was told off by the new principle for causing problems for his colleague and friend the principle at her old school and how he would not tolerate any tales about his school.  If the school will not punish, or mediate violence in its hall than they are a part of the bullying problem and should be punished along with the bullies.

Our churches and holy advisors all to often teach us to be intolerant of other religions.  How could they not when all of them think that their God is the one and only true God?   Our sermons, teachings messages from our holy books and spiritual advisors all say that we have it right and they are all wrong.  Too often our messages from our spiritual leaders are politically motivated and seek to knock another religions beliefs and practices rather than show the beauty and righteousness of our own.  They seek to build theirs up by knocking the other down.  This we are right and they are wrong causes children and parents alike to think that it is okay to not like or associate with people practicing in another faith and opens the door for bullying.

Finally our government and just about every government in the world is guilty of what we are seeing in the schools as far as bullying is concerned.  You can not go on a public crusade and denounce a certain race of people, a certain religion, certain practices be the religious, sexual, or ethnic and expect the people of your country and our children not to pick up on it and try to follow your lead.  In Canada we have 450 people sitting in jail, because they are a certain race, practice a certain religion and we do not agree with their politics.  In Canada we changed laws and our whole justice system to keep Canada for the real Canadians although I have still not got an answer as to who these real Canadians are from any of you or from any government official.  The government with its polarizing style encourages our youth to do the bullying that it says it is trying to eradicate.

I think we spend too much time dividing the population along our differences, instead of uniting with our similarities.  It is tragic that 14-year-old children got it into their heads that it was okay to pour gasoline over a little girls head and threaten her with setting her on fire and yes they should be punished, but not them alone.  It is tragic, but not surprising that a girl after 3 years of getting no help from her school, or anyone else killed herself, but why seek out those who bullied her alone? Are not the school the teachers the administration and the government just as guilty?  I think that they are and nothing will change until all parties change their ways and do more than dealing with the bullies after a child is hurt or takes their lives.  Tougher laws on children will not change the horrors of bullying, but a change in attitude from home, school, church and government may.  Stop with the fear mongering, the hate messaging and the general intolerance of others and we just may save some lives that are too young to die.

As you will see if you follow these links all too often everyone in authority knows about the bullying of children and they know who the bullies are, but do nothing to stop it. It is not enough for the children to come forward someone in authority must act. Unfortunately this is not the case and all too often the bullying goes on for years until some child who can not take it any longer commits suicide, or the bullying causes the death of a young person and then we all point fingers instead of looking in the mirror at who is responsible and who failed all of these children victim and bully alike.

A wordpess member wrote this to me as a comment to my post titled: Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me

 Arhat Aryashakya says, ” Stephen Harper is absolutely right.  Real Canadians are all those who accept Canada, when they enter Canada as newborn babies, as refugees or immigrants.  I have been in many countries [I was an international airline stewardess before becoming a professional journalist] but I never saw in any country where I have been, a people without a culture, as the Canadian. As soon as I arrived in Canada, I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a typical Canadian food restaurant, since I had never eaten typical Canadian food before.  She looked at me and said that there were no typical Canadian food restaurants in town [Niagara Falls].  And it was really frightening for me, when I went to Toronto one day, to be suddenly surrounded only by Chineses, crowds of Chineses, on the side-walk, speaking Chinese all the time!   I jumped into the taxi I had hired and told the driver: please, take me back to Canada [meaning English speaking Niagara Falls]. Stephen Harper should demand laws from the Congress, in order to create a proper discipline that – within the full tradition of human rights already legally imposed here in Canada – first put all immigrants and refugees, as soon as they enter the country, to renounce their cultures of origin – by way of legal oaths – if they want to stay here, and second, to swear absolute loyalty to Canada laws, to Canada government, to Canada authorities. At the same time, impose on them that the national language of each and every immigrant or refugee accepted in Canada, is English only.  And therefore, each and every foreigner must be vowed to the Canadian culture – which in fact they do their best to destroy here in Canada –  and integrate himself/herself to it.   Simultaneously, Stephen Harper should immediately take measures in order to end, once and forever, all the foreign ghettos that invaders – disguised as immigrants – impose in Canada, each and every one of them coming from a thousand and one different cultures specialised in violations of all human rights within their frontiers, as for instance: Chinatowns, Little Indias, and whatever  littles,  the main tradition of these ‘littles’ being to get as much Canadian money as possible – to spend in their countries of origin!  In Canada, freedom of religion is protected by law.  At the same time, what are the origins of Canada?  They are Europeans, and Americans, in 99% of the cases, till the full creation of this great nation.  Therefore this culture must be respected, and even if this fact does not fit within the destructive frame of any ethnia in particular, this is the way things are here.  Take it or leave it.  [This reader is a professional journalist, who was forced to save her life by becoming a refugee in Canada because she wrote against the President of Brazil, her South-American country of origin].  I want Canada Canadian”

With this type of attitude being passed on to our children by their parents and family members is it any wonder that we see bullying and intolerance in our schools?

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  1. Arhat Aryashakya says:

    You are a terrorist!


    • archemdis says:

      Did you learn those replies in journalist school? Remember as you stated you are in my site of your own free will and you are free to read or not read my posts! If someone invites you to visit their house are you usually this rude? Try to calm down and have a nice day. It is never too late to change. I think that radical applies more to me, but your opinion is just that yours, but in case you do not understand what a terrorist is then I will copy the dictionary definition here for you:
      terrorist [ˈtɛrərɪst]
      (Government, Politics & Diplomacy)
      a. a person who employs terror or terrorism, esp as a political weapon
      b. (as modifier) terrorist tactics
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