Why Are Canada’s Welfare And Unemployment Agencies Allowed To Cut A Recipients Assistance Based Soley On Anonymous Caller Information?

A popular misconception is that all people on welfare are lazy bums that are putting a strain on our economy needlessly and unfairly

Governments worldwide have decided to lay the blame for their failures at the feet of their most fragile of citizens and allow them to become the focus of anger by their fellow citizens.  Most citizens of Canada that end up on welfare do so, because of greedy bosses mismanagement of company funds, governments closing down industries, not enough work being available for those out of work and illness.  What I am getting at is that people on welfare are a direct result of government failures and not the result of laziness. 99% of all  people on welfare are decent honest people who are in need of assistance and would like to be employed, but neither they, or the government can find them work.  They go through training programs, but at the end of the programs they are still not able to find jobs and are labeled lazy burdens on society.

Many of these people have worked most of their lives and are not deserving of this label. Our children are graduating from university unable to find work. I agree that the 1% of the fraudsters infecting the system need to be found and punished, but to include the 99% with legitimate reason to be on public assistance in a witch hunt is unfair and heavy-handed.  What of the sick, why are they harassed every solitary month? If we can afford jets, can we not afford to take care of people who by no choice of their own find themselves on welfare, or unemployment insurance?  Everyone has a different reason that they find themselves where they are in life and I feel that it is presumptuous of welfare agents and us, “the workers” to assume that we can apply an unjust label to all people on welfare.  It is said that, ” If you assume you make an ass out of you and me” ASS-U-ME!   I think that we all should try to remember this when we try to lay blame, or accuse without facts to back up what we say.

Why are Canadian Welfare And Unemployment Agencies allowed to cut a recipients  cheque, drug assistance and medical assistance based solely on the unsubstantiated call in  information of anonymous accusers.  I write this because this is a long-standing practice and when I was down on my luck and needed welfare assistance this happened to me and I know personally at least 10 people and at the very least over a hundred people who have been left without their benefits for over 90 days only to go before the system and be exonerated when the unreliable source of the accusation does not show up at the hearing.

In my case I was accused of living with someone in one place and saying that I was living somewhere else on my own.   The charge was based on the fact that my welfare agent talked to an ex spouses neighbors and they told them of seeing a black man enter and not leave sometimes for days.  The worker assumed that the man was black, I was black, so the person living with my ex, had to be me.  No matter what he was told by me, or my ex he continued until a lawyer for the welfare stepped in and told him after 7 months that he had no proof and no basis for his action.  This did not erase the damage to me or the other person and I do have the documentation on hand to back up my claim that what had happened to me, happens all of the time and is done on purpose to make these workers seem like they are doing their job when it comes to cracking down on fraudulent claims.

I was on medication for a thyroid condition at the time that included heart medication, Synthroid and other medication require to be taken everyday when I received a letter in the mail from an agent at the welfare office informing me that he had received information that I was working and not declaring the information to welfare and cohabitating with a person at another location other than the address on my file and therefore based on this information all benefits would be cut off immediately.  I of course went down to the office where the worker would not give me an appointment and I was told that I could contest the decision to withhold my check and would receive an answer in 90 days, or I could wait and be heard in 90 days, but they were sorry the decision to cut my benefits and all that it meant would have to stand.  What kind of justice is that and why is it allowed to go on?

  • In 90 days, or 3 months your landlord has a right to take you before the rental board if you have not paid your rent and have you evicted and they do not care about your problems with welfare.
  • In 90 days, or 3 months if you have not paid your utility bills, your cable, your phone bills, you will be cut off and they do not care about your problems with welfare
  • In 90 days, or 3 months you could be dead from not taking the medicine prescribed for you by your doctor. These medicines cost hundreds of dollars and not be bought by the recipient so they face a death sentence based on the unsubstantiated accusations of a call in witness.
  • Imagine being in the middle of a serious dental procedure when you get cut off.  the pain the possible loss of teeth all because the system relied on the unsubstantiated accusations and information of a call in accuser.

A senior gentleman that I know was recently cut off because someone called in and said he was working under the table while collecting his cheque. They accused him of doing moving no less.  He tried to explain to them that he was unable to do moving because he had a quadruple heart bypass and had suffered multiple heart attacks, but it all fell on deaf ears.  Unable to afford his medication, rent food, bus fare to his medical appointments, he contemplated borrowing the money from a loan shark to get him through the 90 days at an interest rate that he could not afford, because he did not want to die, be tossed out onto the street, or freeze in an unheated apartment. Lucky for him the loan shark he was looking for was no longer in business, but this shows the desperation that people face when faced with a system that wants to catch the people that it is supposed to be helping so bad that it will stoop to these type of tactics to achieve visible results on paper to show that it is doing its job, even if in reality all it is doing is putting the very people it is supposed to be helping in danger, at great risk a needless hardship for nothing.

This gentleman ended up getting the money he needed to survive, not getting put out of his apartment and enough to pay his utilities, but he went without his medications and often without eating. All this he endured because our governments allows anybody with an axe to grind, or a desire to make a neighbor or family member’s life miserable, or mete out revenge as is in most of the cases that they probably would not do if they were not able to remain anonymous.  The end of his story is that he went to his mini trial; and the so-called witness did not show up, but he was not reinstated right there on the spot, instead his hearing was postponed to allow for the witnessed to be brought forward.  Three more weeks without any assistance while a government worker pretends that there is actually a witness to call, make a bad decision and even worst one.  Well after suffering for another 3 weeks he again returned to his hearing, but as you may have guessed there was no witness and he was told that he had won his case and would be reinstated.  There was no apology, there would be no trouble for the worker, or the person who refused to show up after causing so much hardship in another persons life and to me this is so wrong.

I know that the argument can be made that if anonymity is not allowed and then respected that people will not make the call when they see fraudsters, but I believe that in its eagerness to catch a few fraudsters the governments of Canada has opened themselves up to be used as a weapon of revenge by unscrupulous people and cowards.  If one is so eager to report fraud to help make Canada a better place then why will these people stand up and say I reported it.  I think that one must always be allowed to face ones accuser and in all instances of law one be considered innocent until proven guilty. That means wait until after the hearing proves a recipient guilty before you cut off their only way to live, eat, provide shelter for themselves, pay their rent and utilities, get their medicine and get the medical attention that they need. I ask Canadians how long will we allow this type of heavy-handed heartless actions?  Should not there be a penalty imposed on welfare agents who are found to be repeatedly going before tribunals without sufficient proof and reliable witnesses to what they are claiming? Should not one be able to face their accusers like in all other cases that come before a tribunal or any other legal proceeding?  Should not the accuser be forced to face the person he has reported and give evidence if such evidence is required?  It is so in every other situation and some with far more or a risk of incurring dangerous revenge then reporting welfare fraud, so why not in these instances involving public assistance? I say in has nothing to do with the fear of revenge, but it has to do with the government thinking that it is more important to have suspects reported than to know if the information is truthful, or will stand up and so innocent and guilty are all caught in the witch hunt and if a couple of innocent people get burned at the stake along with the guilty so be it; the ends justifying the need and I say this must stop.  This type of over the top, heavy-handed justice is quickly becoming the rule of law where government is concerned and is not right.   How many will suffer this winter due to this type of action?

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14 Responses to Why Are Canada’s Welfare And Unemployment Agencies Allowed To Cut A Recipients Assistance Based Soley On Anonymous Caller Information?

  1. Furiouse! says:

    I recived a letter in the mail today saying that any tax money I get back this year will be going towards my debt with social assistance. My story is this …3 years ago I was on assisitance for a little under 9 months. The only reason I was on it in the first place was because I was stuck with no Job to go back to after my maternity leave ran up because the place I worked for closed down. I was a single mother with no other options, I lived on my own. My daughters father and I broke up he moved out of the granny suite I was renting so I was in a rough situation so I sucked up my pride and went to see if there were any options for me until I found work. I went on assistance while I tried to find work and day care for my daughter who at the time was 11 months old and daycare for that age is hard to find let alone very expensive. I spent countless hours on the job bank looking for work emailing my resume as well as taking them into places without any call backs . I am 27 years old and have been working since I was 15 and have never had that hard of a time trying to find work it was the worst time of my life. When I did happen to find a job I went to my worker and told her and then was told I qualify for daycare assistance which I thought was great. Finally things were looking up so I enrolled my daughter into a daycare so I could work and that was that I was finally free of being on welfare and back out working and I could afford to have her in a good daycare because of the program otherwise I wouldn’t beable to afford $160 a week for child care. After a month of working I get a letter on my apartment door stating that a person from assitance would be visiting my home the next day for a routine inspection. I thought that was strange seeing how I was now working and no longer getting welfare. The next day this women that wasn’t even my worker and didn’t know my situation at all or me at that shows up comes into my living room and started asking me questions about how long I lived there and if it was just me and my daughter that lives there I told her the truth that It was only me and my daughter that lives there and that her father has came over to see his daughter at times and has been there to watch her when I had to work evenings. She then asked me on average how often did he come over I said probably once a week sometimes twice because I at the time would have rather her be home then be at his parents house where he lived. She asked me if he ever stayed the night I didn’t lie I said once in a while if I had to work really late and he was there watching his daughter he would fall asleep by the time I got home so I didn’t think it was a big deal to just let him stay on my couch ( I was not in houseing) So I wasn’t aware it was a problem and it wasn’t like it happened often and he was in college at the time so making him get up at 1am and drive 30 mins home seemed a little drastic seeing how he was helping me out as best he could he didn’t pay child support at the time because he was going to college and was not working and had no income. After that she left. A week later I went to pick my daughter up from daycare and the daycare provider advised me that I owed them $160 for the week instead of the $60 I normally paid because assistance contacted them and told them I no longer qualify for the program. I called my worker and asked what was going on she advised me that they recived a call from someone saying that my ex was living with me so I no longer qualify for daycare assistance and that was why a worker was sent to my house to check it out but the worker that came to my house litterly walked from my door to my living room sat on my couch and didn`t go any further so as far as i`m concerned that is not checking anything out and if she did go through any rooms in my home she would only of found me and my daughters things because we were the only two that lived there. I told her that he does not live with me but she began to basically call me a liar and I am far from one! I ended up hanging up on her because I was furious. I recived a letter in the mail saying that I owed $9000.00 to social assistance for the little under 9 months I was on it and if I ever needed to go on assistance again they would take 10% of what I recived from them back to pay it and I left it at that because I was so angry at the fact that I didn`t do anything wrong except look to them for help and I was being treated like a liar and a scammer so I figured seince I would never go to them for anything again I wouldn`t have to worry about them taking 10% of my assistance check cause I SURE AS HELL would NEVER be on it again! I ended up having to quit the job I was at because I no longer could afford that daycare and had no one to look after my daughter when I worked days luckly a family member had an opening for a job at their work and I got on there and I ended up finding a babysitter that only charged $25 a day and didn`t make me pay for days she didn`t have to go. I have been working ever seince and have never recived anything from them saying I owe them money until now 3 years later they decide that they are going to take my tax money that I get back as well as my gst! I am still a single mother that lives on her own nothing has changed I get by paycheck to paycheck work 40 hours a week and I am being forced to pay back money that I was rightfully entitled to seeing how I`ve paid taxes every year seince i`ve been working! How is this even fair! I WILL be fighting this even if I need a lawer!

    • archemdis says:

      This is how insensitive and unfair the system is, but if it is any consolation this kind of thing can be beaten. You must follow it through to the end, all the way to the tribunal. This is the first time that you will be able to tell your side of the story and the first time that the system will have to have legal proof not hear say. That the system is unfair is what I am talking about. I like you have worked hard for most of my life and paid taxes, but the government does not care about your circumstances and the present government under Stephen Harper cares the least. Money and the state of the economy and reducing the deficit have become the sole anal ambition of our Prime Minister and his strong majority, Conservative government. As I have written many times it is easy to ignore the injustices of the poor, the homeless and the down trodden when we are working and believing the government is right and that all those on social assistance are bums, lazy and just do not want to work. It is easy to say they are a strain on the Canadian tax payer and an unfair burden to our society. We are only aware of how untrue that can be when the system attacks us with its underhanded totally unfair and illegal tactics. I feel so bad for you and your baby, but no one in the system will. I hope all goes well for you and if you persevere you should win out in the end, but they will try taking the money. Write out your declarations and stay honest. If you win you will get everything back. Thank you for sharing your story with me Furiouse. I do not think you will need a lawyer unless the tribunal finds against you and you wish to pursue it further. I wish you and your baby all the luck in the world and remember that your baby is the most important thing you have to worry about. Do not ignore this please, as it will not go away. The government never forgets, they try to make you feel like they are unbeatable, but in this case believe it or not you the victim almost always wins. Good luck and God be with you and your baby.

      • Furiouse! says:

        Well today didn’t get me far…. I called at 12:00pm and spoke to a lady told her the situation she was pretty short with me she claimed she only deals with arranging payments. I asked her who I could call then that deals with this kind of thing and she told me no one it is what it is and we will be taking your tax return I then told her I will not be filing my taxes until this issue is resolved. She said my family allowance cannot be touched but they will be taking whatever I get back for taxes and if I wanted to appeal it would have had to be done almost 3 years ago. I was never told I could appeal back then I was under the impression that they would only take money from me if I had to go back on assistance and I never will!

        She said we have proof and I told her I was told that someone called in and said he was living with me and it was not true she went looked something up and said that they did a credit check on him ( and is that even legal?) and it showed he had things on his Credit under my address! Of course he did I said! He lived with me before we broke up and that was before I turned to assistance for help! We had a car loan together and insurance and his name could not be taken off until the car was paid off it was a 5 year loan my insurance was under his name because I never had my own and because of the car being financed it also had to stay insured! I told my case worker all of this when I applied I never kept anything from her. He also had other outstanding bills that were probably on his credit record from when he lived with me because he never contacted them and changed his address that is no fault of mine!
        She also treated me like I was a liar and I’m an honest person that is not trying to scam the system I just needed help at the time because it was a bad breakup at first and I was coming off of mat leave with no job to go back to and could not find work and had a child and rent that needed to get paid! Not because I wanted to live off of less than 1000.00 a month for the rest of my life and sit home and pop out kid after kid like so many others do.
        I asked her several times if there was a phone number of someone who I could talk to about it and she kept saying no. So I said I will be contacting a lawyer and hung up. So I did just that but got nowhere called 3 different places and only had one call me back She basically couldn’t tell me my rights or anything unless I was willing to pay her $170 an hour to look into it and she said she was the cheapest at her firm I dont have that kind of money at all after my bills and food I have $25.00 a week for extra spending money! She told me to try calling leagal aid but she doubts that they can help. So I called and was told that there is nothing they can do for me unless Social assistance was taking me to court and they arn’t. I have no idea where to go from here…

      • What we have is this; A world desperately holding on to what is killing them as if it is saving them like the military, legal system, and poisonous health care like a crashing cyclist holding on to the handlebars thinking that doing that will stop an eminent crash. A broken collar bone will be the result, and yet they do it anyway. Canada is holding on to the things I mentioned not having humans beholding Christ.. That is why humans are in dire strait’s in this life. God does not want us to be in dire straits. Humans have to as they say let go, and the government is the one having to let go of the things they think are protecting them. Canada needs to demolishing their idols. That would be a good thing for the world to do. Money has been the result of idols that humanity has bowed down to from the time man fell beholding the devil.

      • archemdis says:

        I could not agree with you more. The government is us and that is what we as Canadians do not understand. They are a reflection of what we are. We vote them in and we are responsible for their actions. If the government has priorities that are selfish, greedy and insensitive it is a reflection of what they think that we as a majority want, or that we as a majority will let them get away with and it is up to us as citizens to set them straight. When we say the government is responsible what we are really saying is that the majority of Canadians are respnsible, or are allowing the government to get away with what they are doing. We as a people must stand up and stop thinking of what is best for us personally today. We must understand that the world is changing and the reality of our situation today could be the reality of thse we ignored yesterday. We must begin to think with compassion and care for our fellow man again, because this is the only way to have compassionate, fair government that reflects the goodness and humanity in us.

      • archemdis says:

        I do not think they are telling you the truth and I would go down to your office (the office that you dealt with) and ask for an appeal form. They will not know what case you intend to appeal and it is none of their business. They will give the form to you. I do not know what the statute of limitations are, but I would say that at the time I was not advised that I could appeal the decission and that you were not notified of the decission to sieze monnies until 3 years later. This is why I say forget the lawyers until the very end. The system has no choice but to review the file once the appeal goes in. Do not let them make you quit, they will try anything. That is what they are there for to get you to pay and that is what they get their bonuses based on getting people like us to pay. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that your worker or those handling your case care about you or you situation, because they do not. They are there like the police to root out people who are ripping off the system and have a one track mind and that is to support their investigation and that means the first person who charged you with the violation. Please do it tomorrow
        1. Go over your case one more time and make sure that you were not warned of your time limit to appeal in writing, because if you were the case is as good as done, but I would still try
        go down to your local office and request an appeals form. Tell them nothing about the case. They must give it to you
        3. take it home and fill it out leaveing out nothing and use extra paper if necessary
        If you have any of the orignal paper work of the case put it in chronilogical order and send them photo coppies of the doccumentation.( important do not give them the orignals keep them for yourself so you have the proof in you possesion)
        5. Wait for them to contact you. The people that do will be from the claims department and you will be on your way.
        I am no lawyer and can not say that this will work out the way you want, but if you do do this you will at least know that you have followed this to its legal conclusion.

        Good luck to you and your baby. God bless you both. Please keep me informed of your progress and I will try to help where I can.

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    • archemdis says:

      I do not know about the highway bit, but I do agree that welfare fraud should be punished and is harmful to us all. I however think that an accused must always be considered innocent until proven guilty and that only when found guilty should the punishment begin. I believe that an accused has the right to face his or her accuser.

      • Jesus faced His accusers ,and look at what they did to him. Best is to not have accusers at all, and then all will be godly. The government of any country is far removed from the humans, and sits in a chair much like Lucifer wants to sit in the same chair God sits in. That is why we have a government or kings in the first place. It is mans idea of power, and that idea of power is Satan’s idea of power, and not Gods idea of power at all.

      • archemdis says:

        I know, but if I am being accused of something I would like to know from where it comes. I lost my hope that the government would do something right and from an honerable place of its own volition long ago.

  3. sonsothunder says:

    Galatians 3:28
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

    • archemdis says:

      Amen to that. Could not agree with you more although I wished more people believed and acted that way in todays world. Thaks for your comment

  4. That is Canada bowing to an accuser. A human can be a false witness, and they would believed whoever. Canada is corupt, and will see Gods light as if it was fire. How can humans know this, and keep doing what they are doing?

    • archemdis says:

      You can say that again Jonathan, but it is true of all countries and all governments all over the world and it sucks. Have a great day!

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