The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

Would it have hurt the governments of Canada to listen and take these Canadian citizens seriously? They were protesting for a better Canada and a better World.

What is happening to all protests in Canada is a reflection of the attitude and actions that are being taken everyday in the House Of Commons as the Harper led Conservative government shuts down democratic processes and makes a mockery out of democratic practices.

Long Gun Registration repealed, the right to strike suspended, new tough on crime legislation rammed down our throats, Keystone Pipeline project to happen whether Canadians like it or not, the Libyan mission and murder of its head of state and now the dismantling of the Wheat Board without proper debate, or allowing the people it will affect the most a right to be heard, or a vote on the matter, this is the new form of Canadian democracy which Canadians find themselves being governed by, since electing the Harper led Conservative majority government.  Let us not stop there the Harper led strong, majority, Conservative government has decided to force the Fair Representation Act through with as little debate as everything else it has done since getting its majority government.  I listened to the debate on this one in the House Of Commons and was dumbfounded.  There in the House Of Commons on National television every Conservative member of parliament was trying to explain how they have to do the things they do and in the non democratic way that they do them, to get things done. What they said amounted to this, [no matter how long the debate the Conservatives feel that they could never bring the opposition parties online with their way of thinking and therefore saw no reason to waste time in lengthy debate].  When it was pointed out that they were increasing the size of government after promising to decrease the size of government, they smiled smugly and said that it was needed and therefore would be done.  This is not democracy in my book.

Should anyone in this day and age be living like this in Canada? Is this what the Fair Representation Act is offering to our First Nations People?

If this ideological government has shown us anything it is that the government with a majority can do whatever it likes and get away with it. What we should learn from this is when a government does get a majority and there have been a few to say the least and we still have people going to sleep in the streets because they can not find work, or afford shelter, it is because the said government chooses not to help these people, because they do not feel it a priority.   When Canadians are dying waiting to get life-sustaining surgery, they are doing so, because the majority government does not feel the deaths of these people important enough to ram the legislation through that would change things and save their lives.  When we see the plight of our First Nations People and the deplorable way they are forced to live, we know now that it is because this majority government has chosen to ignore their suffering, because it does not feel that it is a priority.  All this we as Canadians are learning about the power of majority government, thanks to the arrogant behaviour of the Harper led Conservative majority government’s slash and burn style of governing.  Democracy is not holding them back from doing the right thing, but having no conscience is.

Why has this strong majority Conservative government not ended this type of tragedy in Canada with its practice of no debates required type of legislation? The power of their majority government seems to be limitless? Or is it that they just do not care?

Is it only the Conservatives that are guilty of not making changes needed to save the lives of Canadians, or help to bring up the standard of living for our most fragile of Canadians,  when all of the weapons, the tools have been in their favor? The answer is of course not, all political parties on all levels of government are guilty of this behaviour.  That having been said though, I do not think that any government has been quite this openly arrogant and just plain does not give a damn about how much some of its people suffer and the  need to stop the suffering of these people, then this current government led by Stephen Harper.

Kyoto about to be scrapped by this Harper led government as it laughs in the face of public protest and political opposition to its tyranny.

As we move to the international stage it becomes even more evident that a Canadian government having a majority in the House Of Commons can do whatever it likes and there is no excuse for not doing good for its people and those around the world in such need of a helping hand.  When we cut foreign aid down to what appears to be a you Canadians  donate from your pocket to help your families of your country of origin,  the government of Canada will match whatever you can raise in a specified time.  We are opting out of Kyoto, so why should we stop emitting inexcusable amounts of green house gasses?  Opting out of an international agreement or treaty that we initiated and ratified in the house Of Commons, is another first for a Canadian government.  That it makes us look like idiots and diminishes our word in all things does not seem to bother the Prime Minister and his party even a little bit.  The truth is, this new  Canada under Stephen Harper’s leadership, will do everything it can to stop everyone else in the world from getting onboard the Kyoto next phase.  This majority government could have taken the side of known acknowledged science and been a leader in promoting the Kyoto Accord, and used the power of its majority to force change in the way we pollute the only planet that we have to live on, our air that we need to breath, our water that we need to drink and the earth that we need to grow our crops in.  We know from this government that the power of a majority government is all-powerful and so not doing what needs to be done to help, is the wish and the political will of the government in power that holds a majority government in Canada and has nothing to do with the democratic process.

In this place behind these doors enclosed in these walls used to hide the secret of just all-powerful and dangerous a majority government could be for Canada if achieved by a power-hungry, idealistic government. The cat is now out of the bag and thanks to this government we now know the truth. They could have done so much good, but decided not to bother.

All this power that a government has in a majority government situation was a closely guarded, all party secret, alluded to only in the very back rooms behind closed doors as no party in power or that could come to power wanted to be held responsible for having the power to change things in a good way for Canadians and the people of the world, but chose instead not to?  All political parties left the door open for excuses and laying the blame on the oppositions power to thwart their good intentions using democratic process, but this governing party has done Canadians a favor and showed us just how powerful a majority government can be and how none of the governments that held a majority had the political will to solve any of the major problems plaguing this country and our people and those of the world and how it had nothing to do with democracy, but has everything to do with a lack of conscience.

These people were not fleas to be brushed aside. they were Canadian citizens whose thoughts, fears and desires for this country and the world should have been taken seriously, by the governments of this land and the press, but unfortunately were not.

Watching CPAC I watched so-called experts, learned men and ex-politicians in foreign countries talk about the many take over wall street protest like they were a flea on a dog’s back.  They talked about these protests not being the first of their kind in the world over the history of the world and that if ignored they would lose their steam and die out and none of the governments were ever truly going to be  made to change anything important, by them. The arrogance of most of the panel was disturbing.  They talked of human suffering, war, starvation, water shortage, none existent  medical help and the general dissatisfaction of people with their governments in most of the world, like it was nothing to get worried about by the governments of the world.  They were trying to explain to us, the average Canadian, that this path the government has us on that looks like destruction to us common folk, only looks that way to us, due to our inability to grasp the reality of why things have to be the way that they are and that we should just trust them. (The wars everywhere, the deplorable living conditions of our First Nations People and our homeless people situation, just to name a few)  Only the superior minds, the elite thinkers in the world like them who had pushed for these changes in the past, but up to now had been thwarted by leaders with too much compassion and respect for human rights and democracy, understood the direction of the governments of the world today.

This is how our politicians listen, this is how our protests are dealt with, this is an example of Canadian democracy at work.

These great minds decided that the answer to the problem of the worlds 99% grievances was to simply ignore them.  Not listen and see if something needed to be done, or could be done, but simply to ignore the call for equality, peace and an end to oppression and wait for the protests to die.  This is why in my opinion that even with a majority government nothing gets done to solve the real problems of a country or the world.  The political will and a need for governments to do better by a country’s people and thereby the world by extension, just is not there.  Canada is a shining example of a government and a country that has a majority government lacking the will to make things better for its most fragile of countrymen and neighbors throughout the world.  Canada’s political will is directed right now at balancing the books, going to war to look good in the eyes of its allies and wiping the Liberal Party of Canada out of politics.  Wiping out the Liberal Party of Canada is the real reason for the push to make into law the so-called, Fair Representation Act without adequate debate and as little notoriety as possible.  As I said earlier   in this post, the party running the government now is not the first or the only government to do nothing positive for our people with its majority power, but it has been the most vocal and openly arrogant about its intentions as well as it’s contempt for democratic process.

When peaceful protest of citizens is not taken seriously by governments then they become irrelevant. When this happens citizens try other methods to get government to listen. When this happens there can be no winners.

We Canadians have the power to stop this type of governance, but we must stand up to this type of tyranny and make the government listen to us.  Fact: The strong,  majority, Conservative government led by Prime Minister Harper has not allowed 1 amendment to any of its proposed laws by any of the opposition parties, or any members of the opposition parties since the sitting of the 41st parliament. They have however allowed amendments put forward by their own members.  How is that for a shining example of Conservative democracy at work?

I fear that time is running out for the governments and 1% of the world to get this message.

Why does our Canadian government choose to ignore the suffering of its people, when it could use the power of a majority government to do so much good?

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6 Responses to The Absolute Power Of A Majority Government Could Be Used To Do Good But Political Will Is Not There

  1. The gracious words of the Lord God flow freely unimpeded through your furry duck self =^_^.=.


  2. The oppressor is the sodomistic human acting like a Gommorahian to human because sex has been associated with the sin of the Sodom, and Gomorrah humans. Humans have been literally dead wrong . Because of that oppressing has gone on without restraint. The truth has to be spoken to whoever needs to hear it for them to behold the truth for there to be a beginning of change. Humans need to see where they realty stand, and not where they think they stand. Isaiah 1; 10 -on down KJV, should open a few eyes as to what the sin of those two cities were. The whole world is following in the foot steps of those two cities, and that is because the truth has never been told.


    • archemdis says:

      My prayer is that this light be shown to them soon. This world is in a fragile state and all do not see the wisdom in a stiff rigid branch breaking in the wind and a flexible, pliable branch that is able to bend with the wind, surviving the storm.


  3. When will humans see that power as men see it is not power. When they die to themselves seeing others better than themselves. Then humans will have power that will helps others.


    • archemdis says:

      This is true, but when you are suffering it is hard not to feel the weight of the opressor that is holding you down. When your children are frezing and are hungry it is hard not to see, or know that there is indeed a power making this happen. It is hard to see the evil spirit that is working in these people when the tangible flesh and blood monster is sitting in front of your face smiling. Right now it would seem that the evil has the power on this earth and is running wild. Have a great night Jonathan.


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