The Calls For Help And Regime Change From Russia Will Go Unheard While We Aid In The Ousting Of Yet Another Muslim Leader

After talking tough it is time to run for cover say these two Ministers. Canada not in a position to help you when the people we are helping start killing Canadians.

How does it make you feel as a Canadian to hear Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird,  talk about Syria and the United Nations in the way that he did the other day?  Does it make you proud to know that we are again using sanctions and embargoes, against yet another Muslim country to force yet another  regime change, using neither diplomacy, or a United Nation‘s resolution, but instead using the tired excuse, that we have no choice because we can not hear the civilian men, women and children crying out for help and not come to their aid.  Well that is such a nice thought except  that it is only the call to depose the Muslim leaders of the world that is being heard by Mr. Baird.

I have been hearing a pretty loud cry from Russia where they are protesting against tyranny right now and the people in the streets are crying out for help, but will they get it from sanctimonious John Baird and company? I think not, because we no longer fight for freedom where the victory is not a certainty and the majority of blood shed and loss of life is not the other guys.  I have stated many times in many a post that the evidence does not point to this as being a war on tyranny, or a fight to save the oppressed, but rather the evidence points to a religious war designed to rid the world of the Muslim faith and way of life.

When they were killing people in the, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, where was brave Canada.  There were no embargos, no sanctions and definitely no call to arms, just a lot of talk.  Tanks were literally rolling over people on government orders and Canada did nothing.  Why to this day when the Chinese people are screaming for relief from the oppression that they are living under does Canada seek to increase its trade with this country; am  I missing something? It would seem to me that we are too scared to challenge a country as militarily strong as China, or that oppression is not the reason we take such action, but religious piety is.  Was not Harper set to be a priest before finding more power in politics.  Has this modern knight of the crusades found a sword in politics to vanquish the enemies of his church?  I can’t say, but it is something to think about.

Mad at John Baird and Stephen Harper right about now?  Good, but do not stop there, because they get their power from you and me and all Canadians, who think that we are doing good in the world with our embargos, sanctions and the dropping of bombs  on innocent civilians.  I see no one in the streets protesting against any of this, instead I hear otherwise decent Canadians cheering and patting themselves on the back talking about saving people from the tyranny of despotic regimes.  It is very soothing to the soul to fashion one self as the hero rushing in to save poor innocent men women and children from certain death and it is why you hear that used as the motivation to convince good people to allow bad things to be done by the powers that be.  Canadians must face a hard fact, that the days when we were considered heroes around the world are gone forever.  Gone with our feeling that seeking peace through talking and non violence was the way to go.  Gone with our feeling that no one person, no one religion, no one ideology, no one country had the right to impose its ideology, religion and way of life on another country, either by laying siege to the land, or by forcing changes by war, that diplomacy could not change.  The peace maker and keeper Canada, was our era of heroism.  So lest we get to caught up in government rhetoric let us take pause to look in the mirror.

The only thing wrong with the United Nations is that it is no longer dominated by western philosophy and ideology. The killing to save one from themselves approach is now working less and less and those U. N. sanctions, embargos and mandated bombing runs are getting harder to get for the west to secure and what the west can not use to gain what it wants, it mocks and tries to destroy.  Canada is like a crashing jet plummeting to the earth and our government is the pilot who is frozen in fear and can not bring himself to pull the nose of the plane up, or  now realising the situation is hopeless sits frozen in time unable to hit the ejection button and save himself.

How many people must die to achieve the Western Alliances goal of peace and harmony in the world?  How many children need to go to bed hungry because the Western Alliance laid siege to a country, with their embargos and sanctions?  How many innocent men women and children will have to die due to lack of medication getting to them, because medication is scarce during these times of sanctions and embargos and the first people to get such things are the government officials and their backers and families, being punished by the Western Alliance?  It is said that these so-called ruthless regimes use their innocent civilians as human shields, but I say that the Western Alliance through its sanctions, and embargoes and its bombing runs uses the innocent men, women and children like expendable pawns in a chess game where the only goal is to capture and dispose the king and everything standing in the way of this can and will be considered collateral damage, or acceptable loss of life necessary if the mission of winning the game is to be achieved.  No we are not heroes by any stretch of the imagination.  Heroes do not pick only the safe battles, the winnable battles, they pick the hopeless battles  the ones others are too frightened to fight.  Heroes come to the aid of all suffering people they do not choose to be chivalrous, because it is easy and they can win, that is a cowards way.

Russia and China are shining examples of why one does not rush in with guns blazing,  sanctions in hand and embargoes at the ready, but to do it to other weaker nations only makes the actions cowardly, not worthy of either true heroes, or warriors.  Anyone can face down a lesser armed, lesser skilled opponent, but can one keep up its lofty ideals, its courage and strike out against the tyranny of a stronger, or equal opponent?  This is the test of true heroes and this is the question we must ask ourselves each time we dare to say we are being heroes and doing the right thing participating in all of the violence in the world today.

Tunisia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Lybia all still hotbeds, all still oppressive,, nothing settled politically and now we want to do the same in Syria, talk about a willful plot to eliminate a religion and the genocide of a people. If this is the only way to rid the world of what the Western Alliance considers the great terrorist threat being born raised and exported throughout the world by Muslim countries then this is what the Western Alliance is prepared to do and is doing everyday and will continue to do unless the people of the world and Canadians say no more.  The only question left is who will be next?  A question that was asked the day when President George W. Bush attacked and declared war on Iraq based on a lie.  There were no weapons of mass destruction and he knew it.  He also knew that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11,  but he sacrificed all Muslims, because he could not separate the people from the religion and so Islamaphobia continues.

In closing I would just like to reiterate that the Western Alliance from whose protection Canada bombs and kills innocent men, women and children under the guise of setting them free and liberating them from oppression, is no hero.  Look to Cairo and see what a great job of leadership vacuum making we have done with that situation.  Look how we back pedal as the streets erupt into protest in Russia and its people cry out for help, with their cries falling on deaf ears.  Canada making trade deals with the most oppressive countries in the world when it comes to human rights like the Ukraine and Colombia and not backing any regime changes in these countries.  Do you not see the double standard? Give one sanctions and embargoes and over throw the government and give the other trade deals and monetary aid for the same crimes, is this Western Alliance justice, or are we missing something? We are not heroes we are just another country in a league of Judeao Christian countries trying to make the world over in our image with little chance of success.  Listen to the people of Russia begging for help in their protest this very day and ask yourself why you are happy that Canada will ignore their pleas and figure out for yourself whether we are heroes or cowards.

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Head line for the  Brandon Sun reads: Canada not pre-judging wins by Islamist parties in Arab Spring elections: Baird

[The early electoral success of Islamist political parties in the recent elections in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, as well as rumblings of the imposition of Sharia law in Libya, have raised concerns that the Arab Spring overthrow of dictators might give way to a so-called Islamist Winter of fundamentalist rule.]

Great job Canada and Western Alliance you are batting 1000!

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