A Christmas Story By Archemdis

My Christmas Spirit Saved By My Grandson And The Spiritual Good That Christmas Does  Is Revealed To Me

This is my oldest daughter and her children. I do not know if I will ever get used to how monetary Christmas has become, but I am glad my grandson made me see that this tradition of being all in the same house for at least one day is a good one.

I have 3 nativity scenes with people of various races celebrating the birth of Christ and other things like a home and the joy that Santa brings children of all faiths that is Christmas.

 Bah humbug, (sigh), I was getting very tired of Christmas and all of the monetary significance that seemed to be fast becoming the only reason for this day.  I mean that Christmas Day was fast losing any religious significance and by that I mean to the vast majority of people around the world Christmas was no longer a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but often now just a chance for big companies to achieve record sales in everything from toys to cars, jewelry to vacations and things that would not even be looked at if not as a possible Christmas gift and I wanted off of the merry-go-round.  Was I turning into the Grinch, or Ebenezer Scrooge?  Hmm let us see.

Everyone thinks that they are getting such great sales at this time, but it has become a fine art for stores to dupe the not careful Christmas shopper.  This is a time when everything that could not be sold all year round at a super inflated price is now being offered at a less inflated price.  This is a time when everything that was brought back can go back out into the store and be resold as a Christmas gift.  This is a time when people forget about paying bills, or get themselves hopelessly in debt trying to bring a smile to that special someone’s face, a wife, a lover, a child and the stores know it and they keep their stores open longer for it, but none of this has anything to do with the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.  My heart seems to be shrinking.

These stockings will need to be filled and under the tree will be filled, because this is what Christmas has become and I do not think could survive without these days

It was this feeling that had me wanting to opt out of Christmas this year, but it was not only the loss of religious significance, it was also the increasing cost of Christmas and how hard it was to satisfy the people whose faces you were trying to put smile on.  Life savers in the shape of cars or trains will no longer do in this technological world of computers, laptops, tablets, I phones and such.  I did not get one request from anyone for pajamas, underwear socks, or even the old standby of perfume.  The fact of the matter is the gifts requested if not electronic which cost approximately $100 and up without accessories, were requests for gift cards and cash.  I have 2 daughters, 1 son in-law and 4 grandchildren, at todays prices and gift request it is very easy to over extend trying to have a modern-day good Christmas and none of it has to do with anything religious, or the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.  Jesus Christ, was no longer the main focus of Christmas, shopping was becoming the main focus, some Christians were not even going to church service on Christmas, because they had scheduled a Christmas vacation.   My heart is smaller than a pea.

It was in this mode of thinking that I decided to just not do it, to just say no more and spend Christmas quietly alone, visiting the children and grand children after Christmas with a small gift and it almost worked.  All concerned were notified of my decision and all agreed to abide by my wishes, that is all except one.  My oldest grandson who never visits, never calls and is in the custody of my ex-son in law and the one that I thought would jump for joy at my decision, since Christmas Eve is the only time I see him through no choice of his own, did not.  I was visiting my daughter on a Sunday and keeping a promise long over due, when my mind was changed.  As I waited by the door I heard my daughter’s  youngest son yelling for someone to answer the door Grandpa is waiting.  As the door opened and I stepped inside I was almost knocked down by my oldest grandson, 12 year as old leaping into my arms and hugging me.  I was speechless and just stood there hugging him and telling him softly in his ear that I loved him too and that I had indeed missed him and wished that he would call.  He did not need to explain why he was not calling I knew why and  so I did not push, instead just enjoyed the love and bond that was being renforced at that moment.  Is that my heart starting to grow?

With Christmas back on I rushed home and got the decorations up outside

The moment passed he went back to playing games with his younger brother and I settled into talking and having a cup of tea with his mom and older sister now 16 years old.  We discussed all sorts of things and finally the conversation gravitated towards our plans for Christmas, or the lack of them and to my surprise I found out that my oldest grandson was hearing of the Christmas that was not to be at my house for the first time and he was not happy.  He put down his remote without pausing the game and came over to face me with a very hurt look on his face that I thought was about losing out on the gifts I usually bought for them, but as I looked in his eyes I realised that if indeed there was some of that thought it was not the main one.  I was breaking a tradition and I was taking away the one time in the whole year when he and his siblings got to be together in a spirit of family love without any pressure to do anything but enjoy each other.  No posturing, or loyalties needed to be proven and I understood that I could not follow through with cancelling Christmas Eve and day at Grandpa’s house.  My frown is being replaced by a smile and a warm feeling.

There was such a collective sigh of relief when I said that Christmas Eve sleepover and Christmas breakfast was back on and the children’s happy mood  was contagious and soon I was planning what to buy them and somehow the money seemed no longer the main issue and I was once again feeling the spirit of Christmas.  It is a warm feeling this feeling of Christmas, a feeling of love and sharing and thanks to my 12-year-old grandson I was suddenly full of it and it felt good.  Home I went after tea and got busy putting up Christmas decorations both inside and out and then out to the stores I went to buy the gifts that make children smile.  My nativity scene was put under my Christmas tree to remind the children what Christmas was supposed to symbolise and I was feeling glad that I had changed my mind.  Christmas is not perfect, but it is a time of joy and a time when even the worst of people try to do good and I guess that in itself is worth some celebration. I have also been reminded that God works in mysterious ways and we do not always see or understand the intent as they get clouded and misrepresented by man, but if we look carefully we will see God’s handiwork.  I could not have known that the grandson so estranged to me would be the one to miss Christmas Eve sleepover at my house the most. I had forgotten that all 3 children had it put into their custody agreement that they wanted this every year, because this guaranteed them a chance to all be together at the same time with no favoritism at least once a year.  God was answering the wish of these children through me and I had missed it.   My heart burst open and the joy of Christmas comes pouring out.

I had to put the tree up too and now I am ready for my grandchildren and Christmas (smile)

Did I get them all laptops? No I did not, but I did by the oldest grandchild my straight A granddaughter one, and the two oldest grandsons a tablet if not an iPod the oldest grandson is getting a camera with his and the younger a gift certificate to a game store.  My youngest grandson now 2 years old got more traditional gifts, a hockey helmet and some Thomas and friends toys.  They will be happy and I am looking forward to hearing their squeals of delight.  I still think that Christmas has become too commercial, but the joy in Christmas has always been to see a little one made happy and to try and make one day for everyone a little brighter. I am glad that I listened to my 12-year-old, football playing grandson who through his need for it to be, saved a Christmas that almost wasn’t.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

My youngest daughter, her son and myself with my newest grandchild just waiting to be born. My daughter and her young children mean a lot more Christmas sleep overs to come and now I know that no matter what Christmas becomes in the outside world, in my house it will mean being together and sharing a moment in time like no other.

My Christmas Thought

Merry Christmas to all of you and may it bring you happiness and joy!  Let us try to remember those less fortunate than ourselves this year and give a little something to make someones life a little better this Christmas.  Sometimes it is money, but you would be surprised how often it is a kind word, a phone call, or a hug.  Be well and God Bless you all.

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6 Responses to A Christmas Story By Archemdis

  1. There is nothing I really quite hate more than investing my time, my energy, and my feelings in someone only to be completely abandoned one day.


    • archemdis says:

      Patrick if you give only to get then you will always feel short changed. Giving should give you a good feeling in itself. If you think of children and in fact your children as a bad investment, I feel sorry for you. I wonder if with all of the abuse and high expectations from parents imposed on their children, if said children wonder why their parents had them at all. I often wonder why it is that when parents make the decision to create a child that they then feel that somehow they have done the child a favor by bringing them into the world and that the child somehow forever owes them a debt of gratitude for their upbringing and nurturing. Patrick life will be much more rewarding if you learn to give from your heart without the expectations of being rewarded for doing so. Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read the post and then comment.


  2. mr a m d
    after reading your story, i thought h.mmm
    very good made a lot of sence to me , and i totaly agree. but.it tells me you got it togeather in time for the people in your life.
    for me it still stands, more people should put christ first, celebrate is b day with joy for mankind.
    but i think your right , people have forgoten the true meaning of christmas.
    and its not retail at all.
    but i think its the quality of how you perceve it
    in your case your little ones opened your eyes and i,m glad for you and yours..

    many happy thoughts to you and yours. happy ho ho


    • archemdis says:

      Thanks Victor and I still believe that Christmas has gotten too comercial, but there is a certain joy in Christmas time and God’s hand can been seen in all things if we are open to see his wonders.


  3. shoutsweetie says:


    I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was an awesome and heart touching story! I alsowill enjoyed theour photos. I am glad Christmas this year was a little better for you. I hope each year gets better!

    Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for reading my story. I plan to continue to follow your blobs and hope you do the same with me as well! Merry Christmas &I Enjoy!
    Shout Sweetie


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