Health Care Is The Problem Of The Provinces Says Harper / What Was Promised Under Duress During An Election Does Not Count

There is being a little over optimistic and then there is out right lying to the Canadian people to get the result in an election that you desire. I believe the Harper government  knowingly misrepresented itself and its intentions to the Canadian people on this issue and many others. I believe that this is only the tip of the deceit showing and more and more of the truth coming to light every day.

We will not do anything to jeopardize the health and welfare of one Canadian decried the Harper government as it ask for a majority government.  As it took pictures with doctors who said they were confident with what the Tories were doing and what they planned on doing.  Well today I am sure that the whole bunch of those plaque carrying back slapping money donating people in the medical profession are feeling just a little used, abused and tossed on the garbage heap after Flaherty unveiled Harper’s plan to cut and run and do nothing to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all Canadians, but instead cut funding after a few years and left it up to the provinces to do the right thing without oversight from them.

So what of their election promise was it a lie?  Well not exactly, they will keep the increases going for the length of time that they promised to, but they did not tell it all at the time of their campaigning. They never said they were going to wipe out all progress made in health care and take us back in time to 2002.  They do however say that a national health care system is needed across Canada and that all Canadians are entitled to be taken care of medically by the government, but by which government he is now making it clear, now that he has won his majority.  He is now like Poncirus Pilot asking the Israelites, Jesus, or Barabas and getting his answer and knowing it is morally wrong he washes his hands of the matter throws up his hands and says, “Anything that happens to the people in your province concerning medical issues is in your hands.  I urge you to do the right thing and do right by your people, but we the federal government will not interfere.  We bow to your decision on what your people need, or don’t based on how much you feel you can afford, to spend.”

I think that no matter what side you are on in the health care, we all know that health care is not sustainable in its current form, because the federal government has been trying to weasel out of a deal it made with the provinces to make the cost of health care a 50-50  financial split before the ink on the deal was dry.  The Romanov report forced the federal government to rethink what it was doing and up that funding from where it had regressed to at 7% back up to about 23% far short of the kind of help that the provinces need to improve the quality of service, or even maintain it.  then along comes Mr. Harper and he sees the national Medicare as just another bad Liberal Party Of Canada bad idea and as with all social programs, unfair to the rich and a strain on the countries federal budget.

 Harper and Flaherty decide to kill 2 birds with one stone.  These guys decide to stop any sort of meaningful increase to medicare payments after the agreed upon increases have been satisfied in a few years and refuse to debate or even entertain suggestions from the first ministers, there by opening the doors to a we can do what we want attitude from the provinces with some provinces already thinking of user fees, removing the majority of things covered by medicare now from the list and the privatisation of others leaving a 2 tiered system and exactly what the Harper government has been wanting since the beginning.  The only problem with this is that it is not what medicare was all about and again the poor and the most fragile in need of the Medicare program are the ones who will suffer and eventually die. This may seem an emotionally charged  statement, but The strong, stable. majority, Conservative government, will be signing the death warrant for the most fragile of Canadians with this new plan and I ask  myself the question sometimes, why does Prime Minister Harper and his political party hate poor people so much  that he seeks to cause them harm, hardship and even kill them wherever possible?  It is almost unclear whom he hates more the poor of this country, or the Liberal Party Of Canada.

I think though what really bothers me the most is the total lack of willing to discuss this at all with anyone accept his party in his we don’t need no stinking debate way of doing politics and governing.  He is not a stupid man so one can only come to the conclusion that he thinks that he is truly a leader of a government that can say and do whatever it likes, throw us a bone at election time and we will sit up raise our paws up in the air, stick out our collective tongues and lick his hand thanking him for the things that he did not take away and forgetting the things that he did and the hurt and harm that he caused throughout the land with his draconian method of accomplishing his vision for Canada by ending poverty by killing all of the poor, or making them disappear.

This move is as bad a thing in my opinion as anything that this government has done up to now. It is in my opinion not just an attempt to cut and run, but a back door strategy to end Medicare throughout Canada and allow for the going back to the best for who can afford it and the rest well basically, who cares.  It is like the Harper intent is to commit genocide and the object of this genocide are the poor people of Canada.  Maybe in the next election campaign, he will use this strategy to explain to voters how he and his party did their part in wiping out poverty and the harm it does, by culling the herd with measures like this one.  Maybe he will seek another majority government based on all of the money he has been able to save without touching the pockets of real Canadians?  It is hard to say what is in this mans head, but his intentions are crystal clear; Harper intends to wipe out poverty not  by bringing up the standard of living of the poor, but by wiping them out like he is doing to the Liberal Party.  Harper intends to bring down the debt and balance the budget, not by making government smaller, not by taxing big business and the rich, but by cutting social programs intended to help the poor, removing the right to strike by making all things an essential service and refusing to do anything about the deplorable way our First Nations People are forced to live.

  This is the guy we voted for Canadians. This is the man who would be king. This is the man who says that it is okay to kill other leaders and bomb other countries for mistreating the most fragile in their lands.  This is the guy who after a make over said he had a heart.  I think that this is the same guy who could not kiss his children goodbye, so he shook the child’s hand.  This is a guy who is or seems incapable of feeling or acting in a compassionate way as if compassion for him is a sign of weakness.  A man who in my opinion thinks that it is better to be feared and obeyed if you are a leader than loved and understood.  It is time for this man and his party to go and for a leader with a heart and a vision of peace and prosperity for this country not based on the death of the most fragile to succeed to emerge.  Whatever comes next and no matter who it is , they could not be as cold, calculating and plain unfeeling person as this creature passing himself off as a human being.

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2 Responses to Health Care Is The Problem Of The Provinces Says Harper / What Was Promised Under Duress During An Election Does Not Count

  1. What is pawned off as health care over all these years has put a smile on one human, and that is the mortician. all ages needs this kind of care for infants on up,, and


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Jonathan, the morticians are definitely getting the best of this deal. When will the people of this country wake up is my question though? Nothing politicians do surprises me, but Canadians allowing this type of behaviour shocks me a little. Our neighbours to the south fight to keep themselves in a position of no inssurance and no free medical attention as their leader fights to give them these things and I do not understand them either. Will we be adopting the great American dream next and allow Canada to slip into the rat race of every man for himself and no looking after your felow man? I sure hope not. Have a great day!!


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