Gods, Demi-Gods, Kings And Queens, Lords And Ladies Of Parliament Hill Beware!

This about wraps it up and says it all about the Harper led Conservative, majority government's ideology on all things not just health care.

Do you in this picture feel just a little used and lied to by this government?

I went back to the television and listened again to Jim Flaherty give his address on the up and coming budget, just to make sure that I did not misunderstand him and the direction that he and Prime Minister Harper intend to take and how it will affect us all as Canadians if all not real Canadians as they like to say.  Jim Flaherty stood there on that podium and smirked, made fun of the opposition parties and smugly told us Canadians that he was going to force the provinces to cut funding to all of its social programs and anything that he and the government feel are non productive by not giving the monies needed to uphold them or deliver them with Government of Canada help.

Then Jim Flaherty had the temerity to announce that he was going to raise taxes of Canadians to take back the monies that the Harper government lost in tax revenues when it cut the GST, proving that what Lord Harper giveth to win an election he will take back when he and his government win a majority government.  In this time of financial belt-tightening for everyone and with everyone especially the poor and less fortunate feeling the pinch this is how the Harper led stable, majority, Conservative government intends to bleed the pay check of hard-working citizens of Canada.   With the government stating that Canada is in the best financial position of all G8 countries  after the last world financial crisis why does he feel that Canada needs such a tax increase?

Is this what you want as out of government, a gaggle of politicians who smugly cheer each other on as they take turns ripping apart the very fabric of our country?

If Harper in the ways of old Pharaohs and kings feels that he should be obeyed without question like he  is a God, then Jim Flaherty and all of the other cabinet ministers of the Conservative Party Of Canada  consider themselves as lesser Gods, that answers only to God himself with all of  the other Conservative members of parliament to be considered demi – Gods, leaving the citizens of Canada to be their worshipers and as such theirs to punish, praise and kill and even dispose of as they see fit.  As in those old times there was no equality and there was a large disparity in how the rich lived and how the poor lived, who got to live and who got to die for lack of medical, social and legal rights.  The world did not just wake up one day and say down with the monarchy for no reason and move to a form of democratic rule. It did so because the people on the bottom grew tired of the injustices and the greed of those on top.  Those lords and ladies who danced and gorged themselves on all that was to be had and watched as their people starved and died while being unjustly taxed.

When  the Federal government Minister of  Finance Jim Flaherty and Federal Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq talk about the government forcing the provincial governments into being more accountable by giving them no choice in how much monies they will be receiving from Ottawa the new Mount Olympus, I hear the rumbling of social unrest, I feel the tension of not so long ago where the country seemed ready to break apart.  It was in such a climate that the provinces of the west wanted to separate from the rest of Canada with the then reform Party of Canada,  the party that Stephen Harper was elevated to God in.  The Parti Québécois also came into existence during this time of discontent and to this day still threatens and undermines the very fabric of our Confederation.  Newfoundland also was and seems to be on the edge of opting out of Confederation, brought on by what the governments of Newfoundland consider unfair treatment of its people and province by the Gods on Parliament Hill.

We are already waiting in line dangerously long for this type of test, with the new cuts coming from the Harper government how will we the poor be able to afford them in a timely fashion? Will the money saved by the Harper led Conservative, majority government make a difference to the dying, the dead and their families? I think not.

Why should the provincial government entertain talks on how to maintain quality of health care, from Harper when he has removed his government as a stake holder.  How and why could a government who wishes to end national health care expect itself to be taken seriously by provincial governments in its declarations that it wants to help and work with the governments to improve the health care system.  Why does this government always try to lie to Canadians? Why can’t this government ever stand up and say what it intends to do and why?  I say if you take more monies out of my pay check by way of taxes how will I afford to pay for my medicines, tests and hospitals stays that will be cut from the list of services provided in the national health care plan now free of charge?  It is easy when you make a salary of $100,000 dollars a year paid by your citizens to say get insurance, eat less, be more frugal, but we are already starving and there is no money left in our pays to save, or to give to insurance companies to protect ourselves in times of crisis.  While the country may be doing okay meeting its debt payments the average Canadian has not seen a raise in pay in some time and is not allowed to fight for one.  The cost of everything is sky-high and no one can find work.  We are tired of the Gods, the kings and queens and the titans telling us to make do and eat cake.  The time for change has come.

As in the days of the Gods the people of the world and the nations will stop believing.  When people stop believing in their Gods, the God can not exist.  No God can survive without the praise and love of its followers and neither can the Gods of Parliament Hill and they too shall fade away into oblivion and in time be nothing more than a myth talked about in books and stories used to frighten children into behaving.  As in the days of monarchies people will rise up and fight for the right to be treated fairly and by that I mean equally.  I acknowledge that there will always be rich and poor and those who live higher  than others, but that is no excuse to oppress and deny the basics in life to the less fortunate.  To those who consider themselves Gods, kings queens and the like in the government I say look to history.  The people of this country grow wary of your gluttony, your trivialization of their problems and in short your tyranny.  We are no longer feeling that you are listening to us and we grow dissatisfied with your leadership and council. We are ready for change and the next thing to be removed could be you.  Look to the Liberal Party of Canada, for decades they held the power and look what happened to them.  They too thought that they could tax the people, cut services like unemployment benefits, build up a financial surplus at the expense of peoples basic needs and look where they are today.

This speaks for itself and I believe it to be true

The moral of this little story is that the citizens are willing to do what it takes to support their country as long as the powers that be see to it that every citizen is treated equally and fairly under the law.  In times of economic crisis the government should not be growing larger in size, should not be giving themselves raises when everyone else in the land are expected to accept cut backs, shorter work weeks and no raises in the forseeable future.  The days when taxation without representation was an acceptable way to rule or govern  are long gone and we now know your heart and intentions.   The days of mortal Gods on earth are over and your citizens will not bow down and be punished by you.  I think that this government can not change and has gone too far. I think that what is in order is that it has to be taught a lesson.  If I were the provinces I would stop handing over the taxes and throw the tea into the harbour.  I think that the citizens of Canada should stop paying taxes for services not received, in other words withhold your taxes let them take us all to court.  If they seize your salary stop working go on unemployment and welfare.  Force your government to listen to you or shut up and take it, but the decision to live like a dog or stand up is yours.  Stop putting your head under the masters hand to be patted.

Would you pay your rent if the landlord refused to do repairs, without a fight? Would you pay your dentist if he left cavities in your teeth unfixed?  Would you stay working at a job that refused to pay you at the end of the week?  Why then would you allow this government to not hold up their end of the bargain.  They are not Gods, they are not kings and queens and although they would have us believe differently they do serve and our convenience and we can show them just that every four years and if any government of Canada ever needed a reality check this government led by Stephen Harper is in desperate need for just that.

I never liked this government’s politics, but I once thought that they meant well in their own misguided way.  Then I saw all of the things that the USA had tried to change in the Canadian way of life in the past without success starting to succeed. The things that the USA could not afford to do for their citizens and stay competitive in the market place and wanted us to quit, like national health care being stripped from us and for me a red flag went up.  We were being brought in line with the USA, by this government and the cost was our Canadian identity. The Harper government has not been honest, they have been arrogant.  They have classified all the dirty things that they do under the heading of national security. They call for and expect transparency from everyone while clinging to a code of silence in their own dealings never before seen in Canadian history by any government bar none.  This type of governance was never what Canada was about and certainly not what Canadians want.  Do not mistake the arrogance of this party for transparency, because it is not.  What it is a bully sticking out his tongue at us from behind the protection of his parent, in this case the protection of a majority government, to let us know they can get away with anything for the moment.  What they are doing is making fools out of us and laughing in our faces.  This Harper led Conservative government takes us the Canadian people for helpless fools that have for too long resisted the chance to become more like their neighbours to the south and are hell-bent on reversing that trend by any means necessary.

Happy New Year!!

This year has been politically charged and action packed to say the least.  With wars in just about every part of the globe and a sense of hopelessness in the air we have a lot to change in this coming year.  The leaders of the world have put themselves in a corner of their own making.  They have decided to use money as their way of creating a sense of panic and to use that panic as a tool to get the approval of their citizens to wage war on others and to deny their own people the basic fundamental rights and freedoms entrenched in our constitution. Our leaders have chosen to ignore our nations charter of rights and the very democracy which they claim to be spreading to other nations.  I hope that as a nation we try to do better in the coming year and that our leaders see the light and go back to what made this country great to live in, respected and admired throughout the world and us true heroes and able to hold our heads up high.  I hope in the new year that there is a call for diplomacy instead of war and that calm once again blankets the earth.  For all of you I personally wish health, wealth and happiness, but above all I wish that you all  know love.  God Bless you all in the new year.     

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