The Greatest Stories Never Finished / Trying To Follow Canadian News

I stated some time ago that the Canadian  press and the news agencies for the most part do not follow-up on stories once they feel that their monetary value has passed.  This usually means that they decide when to stop reporting a story based on its ability to sell ads and not necessarily what you, or I need to know.  Stories that just had to be written about, or were on the radio and television non stop for a week suddenly just disappear leaving a person following to wait for the follow-up, search in vain, or wait for a change big enough, or scandalous enough to grab the attention of a reporter.  There is no consideration given to the well-being of the world, the abused, or human interest, reporting is all about the money generated by covering the news and when there is no news deemed by higher-ups to be worthy of coverage then the press simply makes it up.

Have you noticed that most press and news agencies have become more like the gossip papers they used to try so hard to distance themselves from and do you ever wonder why?  This is partially brought on because these news agencies have gotten way too big and need to generate vast amounts of money to stay alive and so the resort to bad journalism and gossip peddling to grab their share of that market share.  When was the last time that you could follow a story started in any forum of the Canadian news media from its beginning to its end?  Pick any story, be it a war that we are or were involved in, what happened to the refugees from Sri Lanka  incarcerated in our jails, the doctor who killed his children, just to name a few and tell me how any of them ended and how hard if possible was it to get the information by following up the story in the Canadian news media.

One of the other reasons this happens is because the news media seems content to wait for the story.  It only seems to go where it is invited these days.  If the politician does not call a press conference then the story dies. No more digging for the story means that if a politician for example does not want you to know what happened to the refugees from Sri Lanka,  they simply do not talk about them or what is going on with them and make sure that they delay any major action on the cases until it loses its news worthiness, or front page appeal.  In the old days of smaller news agencies this would have sent that little guy scurrying to find out what was being hidden, digging and ferreting out the story, following it to the end and in so doing forcing out the truth and the conclusion to the story.

In the old days of honest reporting these questions would have had to be answered to end a story:

  • How are their trials going?
  • How many have been deported?
  • When are these people to be released?
  • Why are they still being held?

If the press does not care, then why don’t we as the readers, listeners and watchers of the news, as Canadians?  Where has our desire to know the answers gone?

One reason gossip reporting works so well is that there is a beginning, a follow through and an end to the story.  Would you keep buying a book that did not have an ending, that started to tell you the story and then just ended without a conclusion? I do not think that you would and yet this is exactly what you allow the Canadian press to do every time you buy a news paper.  Would you watch a television program or television mini series if you knew from the beginning that there would be no conclusion and that you would be just left hanging in the end?  I do not think so, but this is exactly what you are doing when you watch one of the Canadian networks news shows. Tell me for example what was the final outcome of the postal strike in Quebec this year and where is it now in terms of court challenges and the like, or is it just over a done deal?  Next tell me if you found that out on the news, in the paper or are you relying on information traveling from one person to another or what is known as rumor.  If it is what I think and you like the rest of us are relying on gossip and rumor the question why that is so begs to be answered?

Why was the news of some stories deemed something of importance when they broke and in a short time  deemed  a non story?

  • What became of Paula Ortiz and her family? The last I heard in the news was that she was too sick to be deported and then the story died with her on the stretcher.
  • Where are the digging questions and the news coverage of our dropping out Kyoto after us being the country who pushed for it?
  • Why are these not a major stories to cover?

I am not saying that we do not know the answers to these questions, I am asking why we can’t get follow-up in the Canadian news?

I think that for the most part the problem is that we as Canadians are known for taking everything in stride and not wanting to make waves for our government or anything else.  We take most things that happen with a shrug of the shoulders and see people who complain too much as trouble makers, anarchists and not really Canadians.  We have bought into the idea that a good Canadian citizen elects a government and then lets it do its job without interfering no matter what.  We can be counted on by our government of the day to get angry at what we deem unfair, bad government and leadership but that this rarely last longer then a few weeks and if we are ignored or promised a result in a few weeks no one will really expect an answer , or change and the whole thing can just go on quietly our protest  having run out of steam. Civil right, human rights, labor rights and even our Canadian Charter of Rights can be ignored and trampled on and we take to the streets, march a 1/4 of a mile, we bang drums, sing and then go home.  The radio, the news papers and the television crews cover it all for 1 day to a week and the story dies, because we as Canadians citizens have moved on and are not demanding the end to the story and if we do not want the end of the story there is no advertising value in it.

Ask yourselves this which of these stories, or any other major story of late whether they be local or national have you thought about, discussed, or felt short-changed in the coverage of?  Do you feel that you know what happened in the end of any of them and do you think that you could pick up a paper, look on the internet and find the answer in the Canadian news media?

For example:

  • What happened to the doctor who killed his 2 little children and was getting out because the mental facility he was in deemed him no longer a threat to society since his children were dead and that this was an isolated incident? I know he went back in for more observation after a public outcry of rage, but there has been no follow-up that I can find.
  • We are involved in wars all over the world some with United Nations approval and some without, maybe with good reason and maybe not but where is the coverage other than the first day headlines fed to the news agencies by the government in news conferences and briefings?
  • Airline workers, postal workers forced back to work by the federal government and no follow up anywhere? Keystone pipeline story killed , or at least not receiving much press,why?

The press has gotten lazy and cheap. It no longer seeks out the news story but rather waits for it to be handed to them by the powers that be.  The only stories deemed news worthy are those who will generate a cash value and advertisers are the corrupt people that wish the story not to be and so they die under the threat of losing the advertiser, making the government angry and why bother the Canadian readers, watchers and listeners of the news really do not care to hear the follow-up anyway.   This whole country is concerned and preoccupied with the all mighty dollar and so are our finders and tellers of the news, so if we do not seem to care the stories of yesterday die in short order and we are left to guess, to assume, but never truly know, because there is no Canadian news follow-up by the Canadian news agencies on Canadian issues whether they be local by nature or national.  Does anybody even know how to write to your local paper and get your story published as human interest story?  Do they even do that anymore? If not, why not?

I think that the Canadian news agencies and their reporters and editors and publishers have all drop the ball and we as Canadian citizens have allowed our expectations of how we would like the news covered drop too low.  We are becoming sheep, who liked to be told everything is all right even when we know in our hearts that everything is all wrong.   I think that the Canadian news agencies are giving to us what we find acceptable and take as normal now.  If you answered the questions I put to you honestly I believe that you found that you did not know the answers to most of these questions because the answer was not out there for the average citizen to find out.  I think that you also finding out that on most of these issues what is  even more revealing is that for most of you it really did not matter whether you know the outcome of these stories or not and have never even thought about them twice when they fell out of radar and out of the news and became, “One Of The Greatest Stories Never Finished”.

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  1. LaMonique says:

    I see the same thing going on in American “journalism”.


    • archemdis says:

      Hello and Happy New Year! May God Bless you and your family and love ones. May you and yours get all that you want and if not at the very least may you all get all that you need. Have a great day and a better year!


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