Guy Turcotte Murder Who Killed His Two Babies In Their Beds Wants His Freedom And Life Back

How many children have to die before the law is changed?

Ask and you will receive. Remember that Quebec cardiologist Guy Turcotte who stabbed his two young children to death while they were asleep in their beds? The guy who a Quebec judge and jury agreed was so depressed that his wife had left him for another man and in the fog of depression stabbed his children 47 times not realizing that he was killing them.  They also understood that  it did not matter that he was a doctor and that he had looked on the internet for ways to commit suicide, before deciding to stab his children to death.  Understanding these things the jury and the judge came to the conclusion that he could not be held criminally responsible for the deaths, of his 2 children, by reason of temporary insanity?  Well he wants out of the hospital now and feels that he is no longer a threat to society, or his wife, or her new partner.  Guy Turcotte never once gave up his right to petition for his freedom and let the hospital decide his fate, because he thought submitting to that would make him appear guilty.   Does this mean that he thinks he is not guilty of killing his children? If Guy Turcotte thinks that he is not guilty of killing his children does that mean that he feels no remorse in killing them? If that is true what is to stop him from killing again if the insanity plea and following verdict has given him absolution? The doctors and the judicial system were ready to let him out the very day the decision was rendered in court, but the public outcry made them decide to hold off.  What I do not understand is 1st of all how the hospital could claim that he was no longer a threat to anyone in one breath and then to appease the angry crowd reverse the decision and hold him?  I am gad that they did, but I do not understand why and how they did what they did.

What are we to think of these doctors that go before the court and testify if they are not sure they made the right decision  after the fact.  What did they base their testimony on when they helped to set him free from doing any prison real-time.  Holding him after saying he was no danger only makes such testimony suspect and makes me wonder if  such testimony should be permitted at all?  Why should we believe that he is okay now if that is what the doctors determine and why should we believe he is not if that is what the doctors determine. They have flip-flopped all over this issue and I find their credibility suspect at the very least.

I guess that is the life he now has without the kids he murdered in their sleep

Guy Turcotte, wants his life back, all of it.  He would like to have a life and a future that he denied his children when he stabbed them 47 times causing the end of their little innocent lives.  They were 5 years old and 3 years old when their father stabbed them, with his 5-year-old son screaming no daddy no.  This was his own testimony he remembered that, but claims he just could not stop himself.  Guy Turcotte could not stop himself right after killing his son and hearing him scream no daddy no daddy as he walked down to where his daughter 3 years old was sleeping and stabbed her to death as well.  He then said he could not find the knife he used to kill his children to use on himself and that is why he is still alive today.  In my opinion this guy is sick in the head and if being depressed over his wife leaving him caused him to go off temporarily and kill his 2 babies, what guaranties can the doctors possibly offer the public that he will not go off again? What if his new lover decides to leave him, or he is denied the right to practice medicine?  What guarantee can this board give to the public and his wife that he will not re – offend?  Who will be held accountable if this lunatic commits another murder? We no it will not be his lawyer, the judge, any of the jury, not the government and having been found to be a nut probably not him either.

With this man getting literally away with murdering his 2 children while they slept how does the new safe streets bill working to keep other children from suffering the same fate?

I guess this slips under the wire and the radar of the tough new Harper anti crime law? I guess this was not a nasty enough, or brutal enough crime to force the Harper government to get involved?  I guess he did not fit the tough on crime profile?  Is it that the Harper government only wants to get tough on children and refugees?  I guess I am a little disturbed at the way the government sticks it nose into anything to do with money, or how to keep Canada’s European race and heritage pure and multi ethnic free, but will stay silent when it comes to child murder.  Not even a statement out of the federal government and do not tell me they do  not want to get involved in an ongoing investigation, because that is what the Harper government is famous for, ” getting involved where they have no business and influencing the outcome of all sorts of decisions”.

Lawyers,doctors judges and the average Canadian let this guy get away literally with murder

I blame this  government, the medical profession and the court system for the Guy Turcottes of the world.  The rich guys who can afford the great lawyers, the judges that look the other way and say congratulations to jurors that give bad decisions.  These people are the whores of the system, the people who for a price can get you your freedom at the expense of other peoples safety and lives.  The doctor who goes to court and for a fee, paid to say what the defense wants, knowing they are releasing a murderer.  The judge who can be bought, or sees nothing wrong with a multiple murderer virtually getting off scot-free, the lawyer who down plays the murder of two innocent children in their sleep and does not request that his client remain behind bars until the system deems him fit to be released, or even request release.

I am no danger to anyone. I have punished my wife enough by killing her babies. I would just like to get on with my life now please.

I find it amazing that everyone using this temporary insanity defense snaps out of it on the spot right after the verdict is rendered and knows within minutes of the verdict that they are no longer a threat to society.  I think that they should have to do their sentence in therapy and should not be considered innocent, because they are not. The I did not know defense, is no excuse for anything else under the law.  I think that the defendant should get the medical help that they require and then should serve their time.  Who will give those children back their lives, like the father is requesting that we give him back his?  Who can take away the pain heartache and anguish the mother of his children must live with everyday, while all the good doctor can think about is getting his life back as if none of this ever happened?  Oh yes lets put this guy back on the streets with a licence to practice medicine and wait and see what he does next when he does not get what he wants and decides to get away with murder again.  Maybe it will be a boss or a co-worker, maybe he will get married and have more kids, but we can rest assured about one thing about this type of murdering coward and that is at the end of the day he will be alive wishing he was dead and claiming once again that he was temporarily insane and that it was not really his fault.

Laws and cheap talk without a way to enforce them or a political will to enforce them will see more children killed in their sleep and the ones responsible for killing them escaping justice.

Think about this for a minute, if we mistreat our pets we go to jail,  all sorts of animal rights groups and activists get up our butts demanding and end to our careers. Politicians wade into the quagmire with their opinions and the news media tears you apart like a rabid dog,  (like  the football player in the USA) and yet when it comes to the abuse and murder of women and children you can hear a pin dropping and hitting the floor.  The silence is deafening and oh so revealing.  Our values are way off kilter.  Not that we should not be fighting against the abuse of animals, but should we not at the very least be fighting just as hard to end the  abuse of women and children?  I think we have been led astray by the power-hungry, blood thirsty, greedy, money loving politicians and big business who can only gauge success by looking at their accounting sheets.  Only the bottom line financially can not be touched and everything else is fair game.  Housing for the poor, welfare, unemployment insurance, education, First Nation treaty obligations, veterans affairs, the arts , foreign aid and anything that does not bring in a dollar profit are deemed acceptable losses against the war against the nation’s debt and balancing the budget.

Who will give her back her life? Who will give her justice?

This was not just a murder of his 2 babies, but this was a direct assault on his wife.  They died, because he wanted to get at his wife, to punish her for leaving him and getting involved with someone else.  What will tick him off next and what if in the future another woman leaves him, or he does not get back his medical license how will this affect his mental health and general state of mind?  Who will make his wife feel safe, or does the system give a damn? She will be forced to endure a life without her 2 babies, while this murderer gets to move on with is life seemingly only concerned about himself.  How is this fair to her and respectful to the loss of life of her 2 babies? Who will give this women her life back and why was he not charged with spousal abuse and assault as well?

Is it fair that they died and their killer gets to go free?

In conclusion I would like to say that when a crime like murder  is pleaded as a temporary insanity case and is won then the defendant should be forced to submit to the discretion of the mental experts in charge of his or hers case at the institution they are doing the therapy in and they in turn should be held accountable for the decisions that they make that result in the harm, or wrongful death of another human being .  The news that this guy actually refused to be voluntarily incarcerated to get further help claiming it would make him appear guilty, tells me that he has not yet admitted to himself that  he is indeed guilty and is in need of more help.  Most people with mental problems do not know they have them and that is why we should not be listening to one word that he has to say about his being okay now and ready to rejoin society.

We must once again reevaluate what it is to be a success and what makes us a failure.  Can we consider ourselves successful as a society if we allow our people to starve, to die agonising deaths on the streets, if we allow the deaths of children and women due to abuse.  Is it good enough for a government to simply reduce the debt to be considered doing its job? Is it good enough for a government to put the country in the blue as far as its credit rating is concerned by drastically cutting the budgets of its social programs or wiping out all of its social programs to achieve this monetary success and claim to be a successful government?  I think not.

Judge And Jury Agree, Ok To Kill Your Children If Archemdis’s Blog

Child-killer Guy Turcotte should be released from Pinel Institute, psychiatrist says

Guy Turcotte, who killed his two children in 2009, presents a low risk to public safety and should be freed from a psychiatric hospital without conditions, an expert witness testified Friday.

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8 Responses to Guy Turcotte Murder Who Killed His Two Babies In Their Beds Wants His Freedom And Life Back

  1. NOJustice says:

    Love the article, thanks for taking the time to write this. The question who will be responsible if he kills again is very pertinent. If their were a law making those who helped set him free responsible, he may never have been set free.


    • archemdis says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am a believer in giving a person a 2nd chance, but this type of thing just sends all of the wrong messages. This guy has not been rehabilitated; he is still suggesting that his children’s deaths are not totally his fault. In fact he said, “I realise that most of the events of that night are my responsibility” Guy Turcotte is still maintaining that he had some sort of reason, justification, some exceptional circumstances that made it understandable that he killed his children and they the cause of his personal pain, bitterness and anguish somehow should share in the responsibility of his cowardly actions. I will always maintain that this man murdered his two babies to punish his wife and got away with it. Have a great day!


  2. doreen rosanen says:

    It was not the fault of his little children, or his wife, why he commited such a horrible act – it was
    inside himself. The reason he killed his two children then attempted, unsuccessfully to kill
    himself was from weakness within himself. He could come across another situation and do the
    same, unless he was permanently on medication,but who’s to say he will take the medication.
    An individual who went that far as to kill I don’t believe can be trusted. There are so many
    people on this planet, and I believe this Turcotte is not happy within himself, as are lesbians,
    homosexuals, transvestites, etc., and drug addicts, and most certainly animal abusers,that euthanization is a kind way to go, and lessens the burden on this planet


    • archemdis says:

      This is true and I think I said that, but having said that should he not face some kind of serious punishment for murdering 2 innocent children in their sleep because he could not handle his wife leaving him. I never blamed the children or his wife. If he gets away with this and it seems he will what message is being sent to depondent parents? Have a great day!


  3. Punishment need to be done, if not public will not take that as lesson learn.


    • archemdis says:

      I do not agree with public flogging but in this case hmm. I do agree however that we as a society need to get serious about child abuse and the abuse of women.


      • doreen rosanen says:

        You should have mentioned animal abuse first, because it definitely starts from there in
        the most common circumstances.


      • archemdis says:

        I do ot know what started him, but I feel that no child is safe from this type of selfish, vendictive murder now that this verdict is in. Not guilty by reason of depression. Guess a lot of murderers will be bogging down the courts with this defense now.


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