Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Of Canada Succeeds! There Are Now Officially Two Kinds Of Canadians / Which Kind Are You?

Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government of Canada have done something that up to now no other leader of Canada could do, or felt the need to do to this country and to the Canadian people. Mr. Harper and his government have managed to divide the people of Canada using fear and have created laws to make what used to be considered  being a good, respected  Canadian citizen obsolete.  Mr. Harper by openly stating that real Canadians are those Canadians who can trace their ethnicity back to Europe and those of them that follow that culture, by religion, language, dress and yes even color has also divided this country in a very racist and closed-minded way. Racism that was frowned upon at least in public before, has now got the Conservative Government of Canada seal of approval.

Mr. Harper and his government have also put a monetary price on being a real Canadian, so that if you do not pay taxes like our First Nations people via treaty agreement, you are not a real Canadian. If you are poor and can not pay taxes, or find yourself on welfare, on unemployment insurance, or are unable to work  for a long  stretch of time, you are deemed not a contributing citizen, so you are not to be considered a real Canadian either.  You could have worked all of your life before losing your job, or had your pension stolen, or misused by some official in some company, but the circumstances of your poverty do not count with this Harper led government.  This government sees poor as poor and an embarrassment to Canada and an unwanted strain on the Canadian economy.

Mr. Harper and his government has laughed and talked down the idea of the great Canadian mosaic and unity of cultures found and practiced in our old version of being a law-abiding Canadian citizen and ripped the very fabric of Canadian ideals and our core values. Stephen Harper has rewritten the Canadian Charter Of Rights without consultation, using the power of his majority government to force through laws he could never have gotten assent to without it and in my judgement he is abusing the power of his position and his office.  In every area of social programing, he has either cut funding or reduced it so drastically, that what used to be guaranteed to the poor and most fragile of Canadians is no more.  What Mr. Harper has succeeded in doing is to  create a situation making a 2 tier system the only alternative for the provinces if they are to help their poor.

Stephen Harper has done another thing that no other Canadian politician in a leadership role has ever done before and that is to torture, or actively seek to destroy all those who would oppose him in thought, word or deed.  Mr. Harper has done this by   rewarding those who believe as he does and taking all that was from those who do not.  You do not have to take my word for it just go to the internet and check for yourself, it is all there.

This is the conversation that I was having  as I was waiting to have a crown and a cap put on at the dentist with people that I did not really know of different races, religions and cultures and monetary scale, but who consider themselves good respectable Canadians . While I waited for the technician to fix a problem a conversation about what it means to be a Canadian was asked and discussed.  Is being a Canadian a spiritual thing, a special food, a religion, or what if anything defines us as Canadians?

We discussed what I like to call the lost generation of Black youths, that were too busy protesting for equal rights to get an education.   A right that they were fighting for Black children all over the world, but were denying themselves. We talked about thousands of children in Canada who went looking for work without a high school diploma and found that they were still not going to get the good job, but now it had nothing to do with prejudice anymore, but with the fact that they could not compete and could not meet the job requirement educational criteria.  In reality they had shot themselves in the foot and forgot what was also needed to succeed once the racial barriers had been hurdled successfully.

I used to think that being Canadian was best summed up in our ideals, our rights and our freedoms. I used to think that being Canadian meant that we as a nation sought to ensure by law that everyone in this country had the right to be themselves and added to this country’s sense of multiculturalism by adding their unique dress, religion, food and language of their native land to the many already making up Canadian society.  In other words what made Canadians Canadian was being different in many ways and being the same in our core belief that no one need hide or forget where they came from. There would be no one, or, any law that would force anyone to give up anything that they wish to keep and there would be no law in Canadian culture to force any of the nasty racial, religious  bigotry, that causes the loss of rights and freedoms seen in other countries.   This is what Canada used to stand for and what being a Canadian used to mean.  It was something to cherish, something that took courage, something that made us stand out from other nations and something that made us the envy of the world when it came to being trust worthy, honourable in times of war and a reliable negotiator for peaceful solutions.  We were the nation, the people who led the world in doing what was right simply because it was the right thing to do.  We were not afraid to lose our identity because entrenched in our laws, in our culture was the desire to achieve a world without prejudice, a country added cultures to what it meant to be Canadian not took them away a country that acknowledged all of its rich heritages not just its European White ones, this is what being a Canadian was and this was the fearlessness that Canada and Canadians were held in such high esteem for.

Of course we always had following the laws of Canada as one of the stipulations for all people wishing to become new Canadians  was part of the deal, but we made sure that it meant the same for all Canadians and that it meant to respect all of the difference in all of our people as being just as Canadian as the next.  Until Stephen Harper started his nonsense when would we be afraid of losing our European heritage, customs and religions? Before Stephen Harper when did we make laws to change the way people dressed?  We do have 2 official languages of the country, but it was not a Canadian citizenship requirement to not speak the language of your native land, we used to welcome you with it.  Being Canadian was brave and required a willingness to stand for the weak of the world in spite of the call to do different from our neighbors and put ourselves between those who would oppress the weak, the freedom of religion and the seekers of genocide.  We did not go to war to hurt we went to war to save.  This is what it used to mean to be a Canadian.  Not the colour of your skin, not the food you ate, not the God you prayed to, not the clothing you chose to wear, not the country you originated from, but who you were inside and your capacity to make everyone feel like Canadians in Canada, is what made you a proud fearless Canuck.

Being a Canadian never meant who are the real Canadians. As far back as I can remember I did not know of a national effort to separate the people of Canada along such lines legally and declare the heritage of one of the countries many sub cultures( European) to be the true culture of Canada and the one that all people wanting to be considered Canadian needed to take as their own and embrace in its entirety.  This is what is being asked now of all Canadians and I find this to be not very Canadian at all.  This need to assimilate rather than accept and cherish is scary, but unfortunately it is what it takes to be called a real Canadian these days.

So what does it mean to be a real Canadian in my understanding of the Harper government’s words and actions? In my opinion what this new way of being Canadian requires is us all to be American.  We should seek power and money the American way.  It means letting go, or hiding all of your past in favor of our Canadian  culture; it means telling you in no uncertain terms upon your arrival to Canada, “If you think your country, your religion, your culture, your language was so great, then you should have stayed there”. Fit in, or  stay there is our response to people wanting to immigrate here, or flee oppression and seek sanctuary here.  This is the face of the New Canada and of the New Real Canadians and it in my opinion is ugly beyond words.

We now seek to define being a Canadian in law instead of in spirit and we are having a rough go of it, because this in itself is not the Canadian way.

Imagine this, in the province of Quebec, in the city of Montreal to be exact we have the Parti Québécoise and the civic opposition party both up in arms, because the Montreal Canadians have hired a unilingual hockey coach.  The Parti Québécois make the insane claim that this action somehow undermines the French population of Quebec and our distinct society.  Has everyone in this country lost their minds and gone totally daft?  Bridges ready to fall down, more routes and highways closing for fear of collapse and are a danger to those using them and we worry that the coach of a hockey team, one of the teams many coaches is English-speaking only.  So worried was the municipal opposition party  that it brought the matter to the floor of the city council and demanded that the mayor wade into the issue and give his opinion.  These same fools made a statement that the Montreal Canadians having this one English only speaking coach out of the many bilingual speaking coaches some how undermined the French flavor of the city.  My goodness is it any wonder that this province and indeed this city finds itself in such a state of dilapidation, if this is all that concerns our politicians?  My fellow Canadians, this country, this province and yes even this city must look like a bunch of backward, uncouth, uneducated, stuck in a time warp, group of neanderthals, incapable of rational thinking when we carry on so, but then the countries of Europe have all sunken to this assimilate or get out mentality as well.  This anti muticultalism sentiment, that is driven by fear that their culture, religion and yes even their very existence is not strong enough to with stand the test of time on its own and is so weak by nature that it is in need of laws to prop them up and give their way of life a false  strength and security.

Our federal government goes one step further and attacks everything that is not European by birth right. Imprisoning refugees, changing laws that undermine the rights and freedoms of those it considers not real Canadians.  From Campaign Blue Blindfold, to the rewriting of  Canadian Immigration Law the federal government has made it clear that we are only open to receive refugees and immigrants who practice a certain religion and who will not in time tip the balance of our so-called European heritage and in time out number and thereby make the real Canadians, “those of European heritage” a minority in this country.

 What the governments of Europe, the USA and now Canada are seeking to accomplish can not be done, or at least maintained. It has been tried before, through the ages, by the Huns, the Ottomans, the Greeks, the Romans, the Dutch, the Spanish and Nazi Germany just to name a few and they all ended in defeat. If a country does not grow and accept change treating its people fairly it will fall as sure as any of these empires mentioned above fell. To say the words,”We are not empire building and we are liberating does little if your actions belie your words”, but this is the subject for another post.

 I would concede that there are indeed 2 types of Canadians living in Canada today and that the Harper government has succeeded in spreading its fear and bigotry throughout the land and he and his followers who claim to be the real Canadians are on one side of the Loonie. On the other side of the Loonie are the other Canadians, who think that being Canadian is something that we feel. A philosophy that we share that God created all men equal and that being Canadian means being willing to grow and appreciate all of the difference in our food, religion and dress and our individual cultures and blend them all together, not allowing them to drive us apart, that makes us truly distinct, and symbolizes our way of life and in fact makes us Canadians. Which side of the Loonie are you on?

What is the difference between the rich and the poor of Canada? I say this is the difference and it has been happening for far too long.

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4 Responses to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Of Canada Succeeds! There Are Now Officially Two Kinds Of Canadians / Which Kind Are You?

  1. Ivan says:

    Why don’t you provide links to all the documents that obviously have you in a rage so that the rest of us can have a better understanding of your angst


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Ivan I will even put up your sarcasm and guess that you meant anger not angst. I guess you just could not wait to write this informative, helpful comment? Better question would be is why you do not ask the question you really want an answer to, or have the guts to share your opinion on what I said, or how you feel about the subject? Did not notice a link to your blog, so I could understand where you are coming from. Well anytime you decide to enlighten me and the rest of the world out in the open and not ambush from the shadows I will be right here and delighted to discuss what has me in such a rage. Until then I wish you happy sniping in cyber space and whatever else rocks your boat. lol


  2. Wilfred.baker. says:

    Stephen Harper’s two kinds of canadians what next sounds like your government,making it up as they go nit picking on the poor and our first nations people just because we don’t pay taxes and yet we do one way or the other sounds like he needs help to fill the hole they have dug by spending more than they should have in the first place and blaming those who do not pay taxes and the poor.we are who we are first nations end of story,if he can’t except the facts to bad because we’ve been pushed,pulled,and dragged in every direction by the government.time to say enough is enough if we live in Canada we are Canadian regardless of color or race if he can’t except the fact then he has to find other sources to fill the hole they Have dug.all I have to say is let it be it is what it is and move forward not backwards!


    • archemdis says:

      I think that you are right. Now if we can only convince Harper and his henchmen and women we will be half way there. The other half of the way is changing how the everyday Canadian sees as their duty to stand up for all injustices not just the ones that affect their lives and that of their love ones. Have a great day Wilfred and thank you for taking the time to comment.


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