Keystone Pipeline Deal Postponed by Americans… Harper Tells Obama Canada Is Mine To Pollute As I See Fit … Harper Off To China… Vows To Make New Best Friend

With thousands of miles of pipeline laid with hundreds to thousands of joints connecting them we are being told that it is not possible to have a leak and there is no possibility of an environmental catastrophe like in the Gulf Coast oil spill?

I tell you every time I think I have bead on this Harper led Conservative government they do something new.  Are we to understand that Mr. Harper bulldozed through the Keystone  Oil Project without being sure the USA would even accept it?  It would seem that Prime Minister Harper has the wrong President in power in the USA .  Under George W. Bush this pipeline would have been accepted the same way that under George W. Bush, Halliburton was given the okay to do what it did to get at the gas underground destroying the environment wherever they went.  Thousands of Americans left with water that could be set on fire with a match as it came out of their faucets in their homes. Children being born sick, bo wild life for miles and affected Americans with no legal recourse.  George W. Bush changed the laws to exempt big companies like Halliburton from having to follow the laws concerning clean air and water as well, but the oil spill that nearly wiped out a coastline and killed wild life that could not be contained started a change in the way the USA policy makers looked at the possibility of uncontrollable man-made disasters that were avoidable if you did not create an environment where such inevitable disasters could flourish.  The answer was so easy, “If you can not be sure that it is environmentally friendly and will stay that way, do not do it.  Prove you are 100% safe and have a plan to fix whatever could go wrong before it destroys lives and the area, or we will not allow you to do it.”  sound reasonable thinking in my opinion, but by Stephen Harper’s reaction to the Keystone Pipeline postponement and later comment to President Barack Obama shows that he thinks that the USA is wrong on this one.   George W. Bush thought that global warming, acid rain and all ecological and environmental concerns were highly exaggerated and without sufficient scientific proof.

With Barrack Obama  in power it would seem that the Prime Minister is not so eager to become another state in the Union.  From Harper’s position on Israel and the entire Middle East situation, the Harper government‘s position and lack of compassion in his belt-tightening strategy where social programs are concerned, to Harper’s  position   concerning environmental issues it would seem that Harper and his strong, majority Conservative government has guessed wrong about the USA’s direction in just about everything and seems to be at odds with a neighbor and trading partner that they have stated that Canada can not do without and is back peddling now and trying to look tough instead of wrong and embarrassed.  How is it possible that one leader, one political party could be so wrong about so many things?  Is the Harper government that ill-informed when it comes to making important policy decisions about what is best for Canada, or do they just chose not to accept good advice, because they think it is a sign of weakness, or that they risk losing a little of their new-found power.  I for one think that they are drunk with power and are stumbling around causing all sorts of trouble in their drunken stupor.

Is this the same Prime Minister who was just telling Canadians that the USA was our top trading partner and that we could ill afford to cross them, or lose their patronage?  Was this not the administration that kept answering we will of course take the stance with our neighbors to the south? Is this not the same Prime Minister that stood by while the USA forced our hand on soft wood lumber and extracted a deal in the end to get 5 billion dollars cut of what they owed and a promise to deliver unto them 60% of our oil, leaving Canadians to take a loss in the repayment of tariffs unjustly charged by the USA and ordered to give back by the world court?  My goodness going to China to sell our oil, who would have thought it possible of this regime.  My my how things have changed.  I remember when Jean Chretien suggested opening up the markets in China, what a stink was made by the hypocrites that are running down their now licking their wounds.

Now personally I think that this is what the Prime Minister and his government have become famous for the idea that the best plan of action is to go forward with no planning at all.  To exercise power and flex political muscle just to see what happens and if it works pout great, but if it fails so what it was never really a strategy going , or leading anywhere specific.  USA says no to pipeline give the oil to China.  I say trade with whom you like I have always said so but this was not the words of this government before the USA decided not to go forward with the Keystone Pipeline.  Now one might say good for the Prime Minister and his government it is about time we looked elsewhere, but I say they are pouting, they are throwing a temper tantrum like spoiled children who did not get their way.

Why was it so urgent to rile up Canadians over a deal that was not a sure thing?  Why did we not have a plan “B” in place or have other buyers for the oil already on board?  How many other deals of this nature costing billions of dollars are going through and being initiated on a we may take it in the end basis by the USA?  Why did we ignore the Americans when they said all the way through this thing that they saw problems when it came to our environmental safety guaranties?  Whether they find a buyer for the oil is not the problem for me right now, the problem for me right now is why and how could we commit to a project of this size and magnitude based solely on a trading partner who has repeatedly told us that they might not be able to go through with the plan because it violated their environmental laws?  Is this the action of a responsible government?

The solution to the problem is my other problem?  We tell the USA that we will not be bullied into creating a safe environment by them or anyone else and Canada is ours to screw up anywhere, anytime and anyway we like and if they insist on trying to force us to save ourselves that we are sure that we can find another county to sell our dirty oil to.  In fact we will go to one of the biggest polluters in the world for a starter.  We do not care about their record on labor, we don’t care about them being one of the biggest human rights  abusers in the world, we just care about them buying our oil and allowing us to stick our tongues out at the USA.  This is our solution as a nation to another nation backing out of a deal that they think will inevitably be a danger to the environment.  I think that this is just another example of Steven Harper‘s unwillingness to listen to common sense, his inflexibility on major issues and his ignorance when it comes to the science of environmental issues, or anything that is not based on the almighty dollar.

The midas touch in the end turned out to be a curse not a blessing King Harper

I asked the question of the young conservatives sitting at my table talking casually about letting the planet die because it would not happen in their life time, What good is all of the money, all of the power if it is going to kill the earth that we are living on and therefore our grandchildren? Their answer was as smug as their leaders in cabinet, who cares, not our problem , we will be long gone.  We have went in 6 short years from a respected nation who saw the need to form and organization of nations whose goal was to reduce the amounts of carbons we spew into our air that falls back to earth causing destruction of our environment and our peoples health to a nation with its head in the sand about such issues, no longer a member of the organization it started and a laughing-stock to all who respect science.  Harper is like a king midas, if he could he would turn all to gold forgetting that you can not wear it, breath it, smell it drink it, eat it.  It will not love you back, it will not give you comfort.  So as Canada becomes rich we lose or give up our honor, our credibility, the respect, love and admiration fo the world to amass wealth.  Harper is willing to lose our wetlands forests rivers and wildlife for the love of money. When there is nothing left and the pipeline springs a leak or two what will this government say to the people?  We could not have known?  We were just trying to balance the budget? We did it all for you?

 This is a wake up call Canada Stephen Harper has no plan except to boldly go where no man has gone before in Canadian history and it is all bad.  Whether or not he thinks that he is doing the right thing for Canada now becomes moot because he has proven that he has no compassion for anything.  I have seen people not care about the future, animals and nature, but care about their fellow-man and vice versa, but I have never before  seen a group of people ( Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada) who care about nothing but themselves and the here and now.  Politically motivated or not I must tip my hat to the Americans on this one.  The world needs another pipeline like this one like we need another environmental disaster; we don’t.  Wake up Stephen Harper and company, you are going the wrong way on every major issue including this one.

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