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My Niece’s Tribute To The Memory Of Her Nana Awakens Memories For Me

If I had to answer what was my mother’s greatest quality I would have to say that she was the greatest teacher of life skills that I have ever known. There is nothing you can not achieve if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough was her motto, but there is no easy ride. Continue reading

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No Justice To Be Found In Pitt Meadows Rape Case… Justice System Fails Raped Girl While Laywers Worry About Future Of The Accused

Know this, that you are not the guilty one and you did all you could do within the law to bring these pigs, these rapists and protectors of rapists to justice and it is the system that has failed you. Do not ever doubt for one second that you were not the victim, because of what these lawyers and the system have put you through and the finding of the courts, because they are wrong and what they have done is not administer justice, but become part of your abuse. Continue reading

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The Canadian Government Through Vic Toews And Luc Portelance Would Like To Thank You For Smiling In Your Neighbor’s Face And Then Sticking A Knife In His Or Her Back

Is this guys life in danger if returned? That is not our problem is the answer from Vic Toews and Luc Portelance ( president of the CBSA), our job is to find them and get them out of Canada. We do not have to even know if there is a basis for the charge we only need the warrant we will let the guy work that out from his homeland. Continue reading

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Catchy Phrases, Empty Words And Meaningless Jargon … The Tools Of A Successful Canadian Government

I think that only a fool is willing to watch his family and love ones die from starvation, the elements and still give monies to a government hell-bent on making the rich richer and the poor dead. Continue reading

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The World Warns F-35 Jet Deal Free Falling Harper And Conservatives Remain Steadfast Best Deal For Canada

Remembering that Harper and his party refused to allow tenders on this project even though every expert in the field of procurement of this type said that not to was just fool hardy not to do so, is this government trying to give Canadians a false sense of security? I guess they are not liking the taste of their feet in their mouths. Continue reading

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My Prostate Cancer Surgery Cancelled For Lack Of Hospital Bed, What Next?

Mr. Harper and company think that you want to boast about how big your countries bank account is rather than literally live. Mr. Harper and company thinks that the mandate you and I gave him by virtue of his majority victory says I am yours to do with what you like even if it means I must die. Mr. Harper must be shown that he is wrong by Canadians from all walks of life getting together and exercising every legal venue open to us as citizens of this country to hamper his progress and slow down what he can do so that we do not have to waste the time and effort and money to undo and set right all that he and his wrecking crew have done to diminish and shame this country. Continue reading

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Chief Of Surgery Gives My Spot To Another Person / Why Mine?

Is this what the medical system has come to? In order for one person to get operated on another person must be bumped out of the operating room? Continue reading

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Honor Killing / Can We Say Not Here When Religious And Cultural Beliefs Are Used As A Defense For Murder?

I lay no claim to knowing why and what makes honor killing okay in the minds of some Muslims, who believe and carry through with this ideology and to be quite honest I do not really care why, I just want it to stop. This is one issue where I can not be swayed and will not tolerate any excuses. Child abuse and murder is just so wrong no matter by what authority, or by what reason the adult gives themselves as entitlement; I know this from personal experience. Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Says… Hoping To See Your Family United On Canadian Soil… Show Me The Color Of Your Money

The sign said: Seeking To Immigrate To Canada? Canada Wants And Needs You. Refugees, Poor People And People Without Skills Canada Can Use, Need Not Apply. Canada Does Not Want, Or Need You!! Continue reading

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