Jason Kenney Says… Hoping To See Your Family United On Canadian Soil… Show Me The Color Of Your Money

No need to waste too much time on a debate, we have a strong mandate from the people

The  sign said: Seeking To Immigrate To Canada?  Canada Wants And Needs You.   Refugees, Poor People And People Without Skills Canada Can Use,  Need Not Apply. Canada Does Not Want, Or Need You!!

To listen to Jason Kenney,( Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (Canada) one would think that everyone that immigrated to Canada like his ancestors were rich and never posed a burden to the Canadian economy.  How many success stories originated out of people arriving in this country with little more than the clothing on their backs.  These new changes to the Canadian Immigration Act are a direct attack on certain types immigrants.  To say that certain types of request for immigration by a certain type of people or applicant will not even be entertained for 2 years in my book  shows the true intent of these changes.  This is easily one of the most racially directed and openly hostile attack on refugees of a certain persuasion and a certain financial class of people.  The Harper government along with Mr. Kenney, have out done themselves with this one and they claim that this is what you want as Canadians.  I wonder how many useful inventions will not happen, or will not happen in Canada because of the citizenship for cash laws the Harper government are forcing down our throats.  How many rags to riches stories will not be realised on Canadian soil which only help to bolster our economy, because the poor with everything to gain from hard work are not going to be allowed to immigrate here because they or their families can not put up the money needed for a bond against becoming dependent on the Canadian social system.  How will the love of Canada, the respect for Canadians be affected as we continue to drive away refugees or imprison them on their arrival indefinitely and at the end of the day deport them back to where they came from saying as the Minister loves to say, “Getting rid of them is the Government of Canada’s job and what happens to them at the other end is not a Canadian problem”?  People are not ink on as ledger when you blot them out or otherwise erase them from your sheet they are dead and no amount of re shuffling and saying you made an error will ever change the fact that they are dead and that you had a hand in killing them to save a few dollars so that you could say that Canada’s financial situation is the best in the world and the envy of the world.  The need to hear these things at the cost of your people ‘s suffering and your fellow mans suffering only satisfies the ego of our politicians.  They are not the visions of a Gandhi, a Mother Theresa, or a Pope John Paul.  I think that our Prime Minister and his government are lost on a sea of greed with no port of call in site.

What bothers me the most is the casual manner in which those of us who have family and loved ones waiting to reunite with us on Canadian soil,  are being told that our parents siblings and relatives will not be allowed to even apply for a minimum of 2 years unless they possess a job skill that we as Canadians need filled, or we can put up a bond up front to prove that they will not become a medical burden on Canada’s economy.  So mom, dad, grandparents etc. are out.   This has no impact on the rich and should allow for family members of the rich drug lords with no criminal records to enter as they will have the money to post this type of bond.  This should allow members of organised crime families with no record to be fast tracked as they also too have this type of money to post a bond.

Who will be punished once again is the hard-working Canadian who due to this economic crisis brought on by the mismanagement of tax payer dollars, by allowing big business big tax breaks and turning a blind eye while they screw thousands of hard-working Canadians out of their pensions leaving the average Canadian living from pay check to pay check and not able to pay this new security bond for every member of their family to immigrate to Canada.    Canadians who have never been in trouble in their lives will be affected, because working every day, paying their bills, saving for their children’s education and keeping a roof over their families head the honest way takes most of their money and paying their taxes takes the rest.  There are already measures in place that prevent new immigrants from becoming a burden on Canada financially through asking for social aid, so I would suggest that this is something else. This is a direct assault on the poor immigrant like the care givers and the farmers, the fisherman and the unskilled laborer and the refugee.  When asked in committee if in 2 years the government would guarantee that the ban would be lifted the Minister said he could guarantee only that the government would look at lifting the ban on certain applications, not quite the yes was it and not quite what the average Canadian citizen is being told?

What I do not get is why we are ignoring the success stories that have come through immigration.  The people who came here with no money and achieved great things with no help from the government.  We brag about the success in Australia’s immigration strategy even though for years we know that it was not about economic growth that immigration was reduced to certain people it was to keep out undesirable races.  Only white people were allowed to immigrate to Australia, Asians and Blacks were not allowed and those who did manage to get there illegally were treated horribly.  Is this what the goal of the Harper led Conservative Government of Canada is seeking?  Is Harper and Jason Kenney right that this is what thousands of Canadians are telling them every day that we want to introduce as Canadian immigration policy? Are we going to introduce a system whereby we can control what race becomes and remains the dominant race in financial matters, government representation, religion and culture? I just have to ask it so here goes,”Is all of this about leading Canada into an era of  racial superiority for one race and one culture? Is Stephen Harper and his government sliding down the slippery bigotry road and into an apartheid state?  The Jim Crowe laws of late would suggest so. The shining example of countries they wish Canada to emulate would suggest so.  The down playing of multiculturalism would suggest so.  I say if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck then it is a duck.

Now I am not trying to start a stampede, but the next thing to go is going to be your duo citizen ship right, or privileges if you will.  I would wager that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and  Jason Kenney, ( Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (Canada) will first remove duo citizenship and force people to reapply to become Canadian citizens and the use this strategy to rid themselves of first anyone with a criminal record and then those it considers undesirable with a lesser criminal record such as political activists with criminal records for repeated civil disobedience.  What must be remembered is this is a government that is not transparent ever.  This government has never totally told the truth about what it in tends to do and how far it intends to take an issue.  We have went from changing the Immigration Act to protect refugees from unscrupulous people smugglers and the protection of importing terrorists to now ethnic cleansing and getting rid of what Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government feel is a shifting and the loss of this countries so-called European heritage and culture.

Our government under Stephen Harper fears that this countries European racial, religious and cultural roots are being over taken by other cultures due to immigration and need to be stabilized and this is the sole reason I believe that he and his government are changing Canadian immigration laws in this manner with this much haste and with none of very little public or governmental debate.  To this end this government has begone the dirty little business of restricting who can come here indefinitely and for some has imposed a 2 year ban, that could either be extended or withdrawn after the scheduled time.  This fall just short of creating a closed to some, but opened to others immigration policy that in my opinion is wrong, unfair and directed at the poor and the non-European applicants looking to enter Canada and a back door attack non refugees from certain countries. Unfortunately for Canadians this government will never come out and say the truth of the matter like Australia does, or South Africa used to, because they do not have the guts and because most Canadians would be up in arms, so they lie and talk about things most Canadians will get behind like the need to bring down the debt and how these foreigners are negatively impacting our economic recovery.  this government offers no proof to their assertions, as always.  It is only giving a minimal time for debate as always.  It is laughing in the face of democracy, the Canadian way and therefore at Canadians as always.

Thought:  As seen in Quebec if a government of the day changes enough, by way of  making new law  it is so costly to change that the people will oppose doing it even though it is the right thing to do and will give them back their rights.  Case in point the language laws, “Imagine if every time a new government came to power in Quebec they changed the law to suit their ideology how costly that could become?   The same businesses that cried foul when the had to change them unfairly in the first place would cry foul at the expense of having to change them back.  the cost in legal fees would be staggering so government  and the people say too much at stake forget it learn to live with it and move on.  This is what the Harper led Conservative government is doing in my opinion. It is totally non democratic and totally disregards what  the majority of Canadians want, but proves once again in yet another area of government that this is the Harper way of running this country.  I govern and you be quiet, if you do not like what I am doing too bad vote me out in the next election, but it will cost you a lot to change all that we have done. Be advised until then you will do as I say, because this is the power that you gave to me when you elected a strong, stable, majority Conservative government.

Seeking To Immigrate To Canada? Canada Wants And Needs You. Refugees, Poor People And People Without Skills Canada Can Use, Need Not Apply. Canada Does Not Want, Or Need You!!

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