Honor Killing / Can We Say Not Here When Religious And Cultural Beliefs Are Used As A Defense For Murder?

The I brought you into this world and I will take you out way of parenting is just wrong. To kill your disobedient child for honor is murder in the first degree.

I understand morality and us as parents wanting our children to grow up with it. I understand following ones religion and feeling the need for our children to find salvation after death in our faith, but I could never see killing my child if she did go against my beliefs, or for any other reason.  I read the stories and talked to people about this and still I wonder what could make a person so frustrated, so angry that they would come to the conclusion that if the child chose to continue to disobey that it was their duty to remove them from the face of this earth, not symbolically, but in actuality by their own hands.

I wonder why this honor killing is only directed towards the female in the family and is mistaken as protecting the children.  Where is the honor in murdering anyone especially your own child?  Men are supposed to keep unto themselves, or only to their wives also, but I know for a fact that I have seen these same men who would beat and put their daughters to death visiting places of ill repute, having affairs and although their actions might be frowned upon and maybe get them shunned, they are never put to death by their spouses or other family members for being guilty of immorality.

I know every Muslim will start to quote me their scriptures right about now and say that a good Muslim man does not commit such a sin and to that I would say neither would a good Muslim woman, so what is the point? Why the discrepancy when it comes to the severity of the punishment? Why the punishment at all? For whom and for what reason is there a need to murder ones loved ones? Is the family’s pride, or standing in the community so important that it takes priority over the life of the child, or wife?   My problem with the honor killing thing is that it is murder pure and simple; murder of another human being for no other reason but failure to recognize:

  •  1st that it is wrong to impose ones will on another by force
  •  2nd that they have a right of choice
  •  3rd that no one person owns another
  • 4th  that finally that if no other reason will mean anything, it is illegal to murder people in Canada.

The it is okay where I come from defense and it is a part of my culture defense in this case does not work for me, because murder is murder to me and there can be no justification for it at any time, or for any reason.  Once we allow this type of defense no child, wife , or female will be safe from abuse, and total domination from the males in her family and  will be living in constant fear  for their lives.

I am a champion for multiculturalism, but this is taking it way too far and the people committing these crimes are a prime example of what the government of Canada under Stephen Harper and his hatchet men Jason Kenney and Vic Toews  are holding up to the Canadian public as evidence that this type of immigrant, (Muslim) are more trouble than they are worth and that all Muslims should not be allowed easy access  into Canada.  I know this not to be true, but when the defense is made by these defendants and their lawyers and then experts in Muslim practices  give testimony trying to add weight to this defense, then it becomes unclear who is for honor killings and who is not. When no one in the Muslim community is willing to stand up and say that no one has the right to kill ones child or spouse for immorality and that it is no ones duty to commit murder, then I have a problem with this community that sits muted by men wishing to maintain power over the females in their families by archaic practices and rituals.  How does one distinguish between those who belive in this type of killing and those that do not when the unchallenged claim is that the right of  men to dominate and have total control of the females in their family that they have the right by God and their practices to put an offending daughter, or wife to death for disobeying and dishonoring the family and that they somehow are not guilty when they beat and kill their children and wives? This kind of behaviour, support for it whether openly or behind closed doors,  makes a strong case for declaring ones religious and cultural beliefs to be treated like contraband at the immigration check in counter, along with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and things are not native to Canada.

Now this might sound bad or insensitive, but in this case I do not care about Muslim culture as it pertains to what a man can do to children, sister, or wife where he came from, or within his religion wherever he happens to be, because in Canada it is illegal and I believe it should be illegal to mistreat anyone especially women and children in this manner all over the world without exception. Trial defense pleas of not guilty due to cultural and religious beliefs should be stricken from the acceptable defense strategy hand book, like the I was so depressed defense of Guy Turcotte, because if all of us chose to act on what we believe instead of what is against the law a lot of us will not be waking up in the morning, especially if we feel there is a good chance of getting away with the murder on these grounds.

The worst part though is that this type of behaviour although not an everyday occurrence in the news media does encourage a false impression of all Muslims and their religion.  It does make other Canadians feel that Muslims in this case seek not to blend in with Canadian culture and laws, but are choosing to put themselves above Canadian law, using culture and the right to freedom of religion as a defense.  I think that if your need to follow your cultural and religious beliefs will violate the countries laws such as murder than you should seriously consider before immigrating to that country if that country is right for you.

Having been an abused child I will not accept any premise by which a parent has the right to abuse a child let alone murder them.  When I hear the isolated story I am automatically wondering how much of this is happening behind closed doors and is not being brought out into the light because of fear, or isolation? How many women and children who are not in a position to take care of themselves, because the men have total control financially and religiously just silently endure the abuse.  I lay no claim to knowing why and what makes honor killing okay in the minds of  some Muslims, who believe and carry through with this ideology and to be quite honest I do not really care why, I just want it to stop.  This is one issue where I can not be swayed and will not tolerate any excuses.  Child abuse and murder is just so wrong no matter by what authority, or by what reason  the adult gives themselves as entitlement; I know this from personal experience.

I belive that the practice of Honor killing is wrong and those committing it should be shown no mercy and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I think when chosing to immigrate to a country you most look into its laws and practices and chose a country based on what it stands for and whether or not these laws run against what your religious or cultural needs are and whether or not you can follow them and stay true to your religion and beliefs.  Most countries like Canada have a few racists and bigots, but on the whole are generally accepting and tolerant of all religious and cultural  beliefs and differences, unless your religious and cultural beliefs start to violate the core values, laws and order already established in Canada.  In other words you are free to do and practice your religion, some idiots may demand that your women take of their face scarves, but Canada will not permit the murdering of women and children under any circumstances and those that do should expect to go to jail and at the end of it all be deported back to where they came from.  It is time for Canadians of all stripes to stand together and fight those who would murder their children and seek to totally dominate the females in their families, because it is wrong.

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6 Responses to Honor Killing / Can We Say Not Here When Religious And Cultural Beliefs Are Used As A Defense For Murder?

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  3. Archemdis,

    Actually I can agree with you.
    I don’t understand how people can kill their sibling and put that as “honor killing”. I called it mental sickness.

    If you sibling put a gun in your head, then you kill him as an act of defense. I can understand that, but for “socializing with boys and defying the family’s strict rules on dress code, phone and Internet.”

    This guy have book hell ticket with direct access. Here I can see certain thing.
    1) Fanatic;
    2) Stupidity;
    3) He dont know how to teach manner to his family and blame to his family. Soooo stupid. This total loser.


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing you views on what can not be an easy subject for you. You sir are a great testement and example to those looking to understand and learn what your religion and culture are all about. God Bless you and your family and have a great day!!!


  4. Whoever kills their child because they don’t go alone with their beliefs are demonic from the get go. Why can’t humans behold Jesus, and see that killing is not good period?


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Artie,
      If I had the answer to that I would bottle it then put it into a serum, draw it up into a syringe and give it out for free with every doctors check up. Have a great day!!!


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