Chief Of Surgery Gives My Spot To Another Person / Why Mine?

Jim Flaherty and Leona Aglukkaq (Minister of Finance and Minister of Health) are two of the many Federal Conservative politicians working hard to see that you get nothing in the way of health benefits, or anything else for your tax dollars

Note: It is important to realize that prostate cancer, if left untreated, can cause both erectile dysfunction and incontinence, as well as death.

I have waited patiently after meeting with doctors and decided that surgery is the best way to go for my illness, I have done all of the pre operation testing required, I have had the final meeting with my surgeon and it is two days before my scheduled surgery, I have cancelled all of my work assignments as I was told to do, set up my convalescence as required so that all I have to worry about is a medical complication from the surgery itself and then that afternoon I get a call from my surgeon telling me, not asking me if I would mind, but telling me that my slot in the operating room has been given to someone else that needs it more than me, because what I have “prostate cancer” is less life threatening than the other person who needs heart surgery.   How would this make you feel, what of your needs, your stress and why you? Why did the head of surgery suddenly decide that my case, my operation was the one to be canceled out of all the surgeries happening that day? That is what happened to me the other day when I was called by my surgeon and told that the operation room I was supposed to be in on Friday morning February the 10th had been given to another patient and that they could not even give me another date right away but maybe sometime in March.  My first reaction was shock, because I had left my doctor just an hour ago.  I was stunned and my confidence that I was actually getting the best treatment dropped a whole bunch.  I was now being told that I could be observed and that my cancer was a slow one, so that it was not so bad having the operation delayed, but not once did anyone give me a choice, or confirm a new date.  I had the impression that this could happen to me indefinitely, until my cancer did indeed become life threatening requiring immediate surgery and this I could not and can not deal with.  I could not help but wonder how many times would the chief of surgery expect me to switch my whole life around only to have the operation canceled the day of the surgery. I could not help saying to myself on what was the decision based to cancel my surgery without even the offer of a new operation date and why me?

I am not a mean-spirited person and asked would I consider giving up my slot for another date very soon in order to save a life I would have said for sure, but not to be asked and then to be told no one knows when my next operation date would be had shattered my faith in the medical system and tweaked my curiosity on just how this person, the chief of surgery makes this decision of who gets to go and who gets bumped.  Is this a game of cards where hearts trump cancer and cancer trumps ears nose and throat surgery?  Is all of this just a roll of the dice? Then the other dirty little thoughts start to happen and my blood pressure goes through the roof.  Did someone buy my spot in the operating room?  Did someone know someone is this why my surgery is no longer important? Is someone in a higher station in life applying pressure to take my place? Is a new wing or machine being built with my giving up my place? Probably not, but this is what goes through my mind when I go from a priority to a non priority in only a couple of hours with nothing in my medical history changing one little bit.  I have been made to feel like the guy who shows up to the emergency ward with a splinter and instead of sending him to a clinic, or taking it out right away the staff just keeps him waiting and taking all of the more serious cases ahead of him, but all the while telling him they will see to him soon.  Understandable, but not fair and not the only solution.

The most aggravating  part though is that I have to do all of the things to prep and be ready in case the person needing the operating room cancels and my surgery is back on.  There is a 50% chance that this could happen says the chief of surgery according to my surgeon, because of the complications and all that is involved with heart operations.  So I will take the pre operation  laxatives and totally clean out my system, eat only clear liquids and fast in the morning not taking my diabetic medicine and sit with my bag packed waiting to get a call that the other guy did not make it.  I will arrive at the hospital a basket case, all nerves on edge and go into surgery totally stressed out.  The other scenario is that I will get the call saying your out of luck and we will be in touch soon, which means I will have lost a months wages for nothing and go back to the stress of waiting, but this time with the added stress of knowing that just because I have been given an operation date and that nothing for me has changed to alter the decision to operate that it does no mean that I will necessarily be operated on when the date comes.

A woman I know told me that her hysterectomy was cancelled 3 times before it happened.  I can not imagine this happening to me and I am ready to just pack it in and wait to see what happens if it is left alone.  The stress for one thing can not be good for me, wondering when this new God, the chief of surgery will again decide to cancel me out for another month or maybe longer.  Maybe the best bet is just to observe it and watch it slowly spread, while losing the quality of my life, but remain not in danger of dying.  Am I selfish to have wanted it to have been my decision to cancel my surgery? Am I selfish to want this cancer out of me and have the same chance at a healthy, normal life as the person who bumped me out of my spot? Am I selfish to ask what about me, how will this affect me, why me? Am I selfish to worry about my cancer spreading and causing me more of a problem now due to the cancellation of my surgery?

Note: It is important to realize that prostate cancer, if left untreated, can cause both erectile dysfunction and incontinence, as well as death.

Now maybe to the chief of surgery this is an acceptable trade-off for someone elses life being saved and maybe it is, but are we only to be operated now when it is too late to save the quality of life and only enough time to save the life?  Does finding out that you have a disease early now become a hinderance in the speedy treatment of it and therefore make it moot?  Does the fact that you are not dying make your treatment not a priority in the eye’s of the hospital and the chief of surgery?  In both cases that of mine and the person’s who bumped me we are not talking cosmetic surgery, or elective surgery and although I am in no danger of dying tomorrow how many bumps will I be made to endure?

I guess the hardest part for me and the most stressful is that I know now that there is no limit to the amount of times that I can be bumped in this manner until my situation becomes as desperate as the person who is getting the nod.  I think that I was given the best advice by my surgeon when we met and we decided together that the best plan of attacking my cancer was to get it out of me right away before it spread, or escaped the prostate.  I hold no ill will towards the person who will get my spot and wish him or her God speed. I do however feel a deep sense of anger and betrayal to the hospital and the chief of surgery who like a raffle, or perhaps picking a name out of a hat has made me feel that my life and the quality of it were of no importance in coming to this decision.  I was feeling good about my prognosis, but now I just do not know what will happen and everything is up in the air. I do not feel like I am a priority to the hospital right now, or my well-being or state of mind is  very important to the people handling my medical situation right now and this in time will have a negative impact on my health, if has not already.

I hope somewhere out there a chief of staff or surgery gets to read this, because the damage they do to people in this type of situation is real and not reversible.  I have never felt this unsure, nervous, left out and totally helpless in my life and I feel let down by the medical profession.  This is not the state of mind from which I should be dealing with my cancer.  With no other choice I will wait and see what happens on Friday and then after that.  Even if I have the surgery to have been put through this without choice is just wrong and unfair to me, my family, the people I work for and those depending on me.  I am not a rich man and can not afford to just keep taking month after month off.  Is this what the medical system has come to? In order for one person to get operated on another person must be bumped out of the operating room? I sure hope when I get to go that it is not at the expense of someone else.

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq force this country and Canadians into a time where Medicare will be no more, or cover virtually nothing due to monetary cuts and freezes forcing the provinces to cut back on what they are able to offer to their citizens, to hospitals and medical institutions, one must wonder about having to buy that operating room time and personnel.  There are shortages now not enough equipment, surgical staff, supporting staff  for life-sustaining operations. Think about it people are dying at home waiting to see a specialist after they have been given a referral by their family doctor. After seeing the specialist and being told that they need an operation they are dying at home and in the hospital waiting for the operation they need to save their lives and it is for no other reason then the lack of money. Money that Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq say we just do not have to put into the system if we are to balance the budget and become economically sound as a country.  How is this going to insure that you and me and all Canadians will get the medical care that we need when we are not getting it right now?  The rich have never suffered when it came to getting medical help and neither have politicians.

Note:  As stated in the article, What if my NHS surgery or operation is cancelled at  the last-minute

There are many non-clinical reasons for hospitals cancelling operations, such as:

  • no beds are available on the ward
  • no critical care beds are available
  • staff is not available, such as the surgeon, anaesthetist or operating theatre staff
  • an emergency case had to take priority in the operating theatre
  • operations took longer than expected so the list of operations over-ran
  • some equipment isn’t working
  • there has been an administrative error

How does the government giving the provinces less funding and support  help to remedy these facts and save the unnecessary suffering and deaths of Canadians?

 I wonder if we passed a law that brought their salaries down to what an average Canadian makes in a year instead of the $100,000. plus that they make would they be so keen to make these cuts.  Remember this while you are waiting to die, Prime Minister Harper always finds money for war, bigger guns, jets, helicopters, and monies to sustain never-ending military operations all over the world, with never a mention of our struggling economy.  If you look at it clearly we are dying waiting for medical care because this government under Stephen Harper, sees it as more important and more of a priority to kill people thousands of miles away than to heal its own people right here in Canada.

Note: It is important to realize that prostate cancer, if left untreated, can cause both erectile dysfunction and incontinence, as well as death.

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5 Responses to Chief Of Surgery Gives My Spot To Another Person / Why Mine?

  1. D.I.D. says:

    Arche, its been a while.

    So sorry to hear about your current predicament. Condolences, and hopefully you will get the treatment you need, as well as the poor fellow whom needs a heart transplant.

    It is frustrating to hear that the government is wasting money on nonsense while things like this are doubtless playing out across the country. And of course their rediculous pensions are for whatever reason off limits.

    Get well soon, Arche!


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you so much and I know in my heart that the other person should have the spot, but there should be no need for one to suffer for the other. I wish the other person well, I just think once again it is time for change and people need to be put first; life before death.


  2. archie i totaly agree with you ,
    the part that gets me more , is the waste spending of our money , like you mentioned.
    people before profits , let them live like normal people and drop them from important
    surgery dates, and see how they like it .
    or if by some reason one of there loved ones got there date move unexpectedly.
    the old saying, good for the goose is good for the gander……..ME


    • archemdis says:

      you heard it first Vic, they called yesterday and gave me a time and everything for today and just when I was leaving to go to the hospital they cancelled my surgery for lack of a bed for my recovery from the operating room. Harper really has it going on lol. No chance until March. Have a great day Vic!!


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