My Prostate Cancer Surgery Cancelled For Lack Of Hospital Bed, What Next?

Well if you have been following the saga of my first getting diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and the acceptance of it, the therapies and medical community‘s sense of it being not a priority when it comes to surgical procedures then you know that I am having a hard time getting the operation done now that it has been agreed upon by the family doctor that found it, the urologist that looked at the biopsies and recommended the surgery and referred me to the surgeon who after looking at everything and getting me to have an a MRI  concurred with the other 2 doctors and me, that the  surgical removal of the prostate was my best option.  The date is given for my operation (February 10th, 2012).

I am told that because I do manual labor for a living that I will not be able to work for at least 6 months after the operation and that I can not even lift a grocery bag for at least 30 days.  This has meant changing things around in my life a great deal and next to impossible to keep doing at the whim of the hospital.  I will come home with a bag for urine and have it on for a week.  Now you used to stay in the hospital for this time for obvious reasons but do to cuts, shortages of beds and support staff this is no longer happening, so home I go with a pee bag attached to my leg.

Well as you know from my last post titled, Chief Of Surgery Gives My Spot To Another Person / Why Mine? , my surgery was cancelled right after the last visit to my surgeon and I was told to get prepared for the surgery just in case there was something that caused the person who bumped me not to have their operation and I was pretty steamed about it and not so confident that my illness and need of medical attention was being given enough weight, or in other words my well-being and mental state were being trivialized.  Well I am not going to go over all of that again, but I will say this that things have taken a turn for the worst since then and here is why.

Yesterday, (February 9th,2012) at approximately 3pm I get a phone call from the hospital telling me that my surgery is back on again and that I should present myself to the hospital at 10 am (February 10th 2012).  I am relived, ecstatic and again prepare myself mentally and emotionally to get this operation done and over with so that I can get better and get back to my work and my social life, but in the back of my head I am not sure that it will happen.  I sleep with cell phone on high and my house phone next to the sofa, because unconsciously I am waiting for the phone call and the person on the other end of the phone to tell me that the operation is not going to happen.  No phone call comes.  I am hungry and thirsty not having been allowed to eat anything or drink even water since midnight, but I do not care because it is almost 7 am the time by which the hospital calls you if they intend to inform you of any changes to your operation.  I have resisted taking the last of my anti bacterial showers until this time, so as not to waste the sponge that they have given me to shower with, but it is 1 minute past 7 and no phone call so it is into the shower for me and off to the hospital.  It is 8:30 am,  my bag has been double checked I am waiting on my lift and my cell phone goes off, my heart starts to beat fast and my heart sinks; it is the dreaded unknown caller, this could only mean one thing the hospital.

I say hello and the fellow at the other end confirms my fears as he introduces himself as the nurse in the operating theater and goes on to say that I should not come into the hospital right away because my surgery this afternoon is not a sure thing.  They are not 100% sure that I will be operated on and do not want me to waste my time coming in for nothing.  I advised him that I was a diabetic and have now been without food or anything to drink for over 8 1/2 hours and counting to which he replied, “We know that, your doctor and I are working very hard to see that you are indeed operated on this afternoon, but I need you to keep fasting and not drinking anything.”  I tell him that I was called and confirmed just yesterday and he replies, “I know, but something has come up.”  We are working hard to give you an answer and will be calling you back and trying straighten this out asap.  It is now 10am no word from the hospital and it has been 10 hours for this diabetic without food or drink.  Perhaps if I am forced to eat something and break the fast I will solve their problem for them.  I see by what is happening that the only choices I have in things is to get as close to going into diabetic shock that I can get and hope that they call and say that it is a go.  Allow myself to go into diabetic shock waiting and get the call saying that it is off because forced or not I broke my fast.

None of the scenarios are good, but this is life in Canada for Canadians with the Stephen Harper led strong  majority Conservative government running this country, where economic strategies and philosophies hold a higher priority than peoples lives and well-being. To have this happen to you at all is bad, hard on the nerves and way too stressful for anyone fighting any serious disease to have to go through, but to go through it twice in just over 48 hours is torture beyond comprehension if it has not happened to you.  What is it this time I wonder that is delaying my surgery; is someone not able to check out of the hospital, did someone not show up for work, or did my case just lose its priority again?

If you are wondering why I am not naming the hospital, or the staff or doctor it is because it is not directly their fault.  I know the nurse that called dreads every time he or she has to make such a call, but they have a job to do and that is part of it.  I know that the surgeon and the staff are stand up people and are only working within the parameters that the hospital gives them and it must be hard to know that a patient needs an operation, recommend it, order it and then be unable to do it. I am sure that the hospitals would rather go back to a time when they could guarantee operating room time and shorter waiting times but have to work within a budget that is given to them by the provincial government and this is where I feel that the problem begins and ends with how our Canadian federal government sees health issues and services in relation to its people and the priority that it gives to health care in terms of what they think that voting Canadians want.

Mr. Harper and company think that you want to boast about how big your countries bank account is rather than literally live. Mr. Harper and company think that the mandate you and I gave him by virtue of his majority victory says I am yours to do with what you like, even if it means I must die.  Mr. Harper must be shown that he is wrong by Canadians from all walks of life getting together and exercising every legal venue open to us as citizens of this country to hamper his progress and slow down what he can do.  This must be done now, so that we do not have to waste the time, the effort and the money to undo and set right all that he and his wrecking crew have done to diminish and shame this country.  Mr. Harper sits like Nero on his throne but instead of playing a harp while Rome burns to the ground, he plays the piano and sings rock songs while he creates laws and destroys any semblance of democracy left on Parliament Hill. Is democracy still the backbone of what Canada used to stand for before his coming into power, or has the power of a majority rendered democracy moot.

If someone who you love is dying needlessly waiting for a treatment, or operation, or visit to a doctor, look to your federal government they are the ones changing the health care system, so that they no longer have to contribute fairly to the welfare of Canadian citizens. I feel that the changes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq are forcing on Canadians with the health care cuts and freezes are tantamount to committing mass murder and the unnecessary suffering of their people as surely as if they sprayed them with toxic chemicals, tortured them in prisons, dropped dirty bombs on them, because all of these things are slow painful ways to die used by governments with no feeling for their citizens.  The end results of all of these actions is death and to commit such actions on your citizens, or anyone else is considered a crime against humanity.  How many of us Canadians will be killed by this government’s dirty bomb that does not fall from the sky but oozes out of the House of Commons in the form of amendments to acts and new laws by this sadistic, divisive government?

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