The World Warns F-35 Jet Deal Free Falling Harper And Conservatives Remain Steadfast Best Deal For Canada

What is happening to the Harper government’s midas touch?  It would seem all that glittered was not really gold and deals like the F-35 jet are proving to be not so sure a thing, not so good a deal and even the capabilities of the F-35 jet has come into question, or under fire.  When the maker and seller of a weapon such as the F-35 jet decides it is time for their country to have a plan B in order to ensure that it’s air force is not left flying obsolete fighter planes due to   cost over runs for the project and anticipated delays because of  cuts to its funding from the country who was offering the jet to its allies, should Canada and that means Stephen Harper and crew be doing like wise?  I  think that they should.  Every other country in the group involved in this joint venture does, so why does Stephen Harper and his Defense Minister  say no way, full steam ahead.  Is it possible King Harper has made that poor a deal behind closed doors and there is no way out for him and therefore us?

Remembering that Harper and his party refused to allow tenders on this project even though every expert in the field of procurement of this type said that not to do so was just fool hardy, is this an attempt to cover up a major blunder? I would guess that they are not liking the taste of their feet in their mouths right about now.   Is it embarrassment, is it foolish pride, is it this man’s inability to admit that he has indeed made an error that keeps Canada looking like the only idiot in the world thinking that this is a good deal, or is their some dirty little secret that we do not know of.  I don’t know, pay offs, kick backs, enquiring minds want to know?

We have in the past bought other people’s garbage to out fit our armed forces like the submarines that barely floated from the United Kingdom, but nothing the size of this has ever been given to a company outside, or within Canada without the bidding process that ensures a fair price, because of the competition. Why with so much at stake riding on the purchase of a new jet fighter both from a military stand point and in these tough economic times did the Harper government decide to grand stand and force the approval of this deal for the first time in Canadian history without competition?  I for one want to know why. Is this government this arrogant, or are they just that stupid and unable to do anything right? Is this government going to continue to bury their mistakes under the rug until the lump causes some one to trip and look under it discovering all of the hidden bad deals?

One must wonder will we again not be able to supply our armed forces with up to date fire power in the air because we did not have a plan B?  I am beginning to wonder what this Prime Minister agreed to do for the Chinese that he is not telling any of us?  In all seriousness our troops will be in trouble at sea, in the air and on the ground if this purchase is allowed to go through in its present form with its many problems coming out into the light everyday not just by Canadian watchdogs, but by experts all over the world, governments all over the world and the military all over the world.  Some major concerns being ignored by this government are:

  1. That the delays that the  production will cause will make the F-35 jet that Canada is buying out dated before or shortly after we get them.  We are buying the jets that we already have, because they can not communicate with any troops but ours and are obsolete. The fear is that by the time we get the new one we will still be in the same situation and all of the technology on board the new F-35 Fighter Jet will be different then the new series of jets the rest of our allies have decided to wait.  Solutions to the problem are (A) To follow our allies and the United States lead and buy fewer of the F-35 fighter jets.  (B) Wait for a newer model. (C) Open up tenders and get competitive bidding. (D) Buy a jet from someone else. (E) Buy a newer model from the same source.  I suggest though that to do nothing is fool hardy and shows this government’s inability to lead this country and that it is too ambitious, too egotistical and too full of pride to admit to making an error and if not stopped will have all of our young men and women who are serving in the armed forces at risk of death not because the enemy is stronger, but because they were too full of arrogance to take sound advice, from experts and allies and other Canadian politicians and adopt a plan B.
  2. With our allies cutting their orders there is a real fear that the already over the orignal estimate F-35 Fighter Jet could escalate even further costing the Canadian tax payer even more money.  Seniors of this country are being told that they will have to work up to 10 years longer in some cases before they can retire and qualify for pension, because there is no money, so where will this money come from to pay for the F-35 Fighter Jets, or is our senior’s retirement pensions footing the bill?  Why is this government willing to blindly continue on with this deal no matter the price while it forces by law Canadian seniors to continue working past the accepted retirement time?
  3. The United States has lost faith in this project and its many delays and now it’s questionable capabilities and has cut funding to the F-35 Fighter Jet Project and is looking into a plan B, but this has not swayed the head strong Harper government though who insist on buying this F-35 Fighter jet, who insist that this is the best buy for Canada even if they are the only country in the Alliance once again to be using it making it impossible for our pilots to communicate with their counterparts from other allied nations.

I will stop here but do you see the dangers to the our troops first of all and most importantly with this type of arrogance that is the trade mark of this Harper led Conservative majority government.  They are putting the lives of our children at risk so they do not have to admit to Canadians that they have been wrong, or to perhaps hide the secret of a bad deal, or some wrong doing.  Our quality of life, our time of rest from the toil of work is now being delayed so that we can pay for this mistake of Stephen Harper and his Conservative government.  Wake up Canada if Stephen Harper is not capable of admitting when he has made a mistake he can not fix it and hundreds if not thousands of our young men and women will be put in unnecessary danger and face unwarranted possibility of death while we the Canadian tax payer are forced to foot the bill to the tune of billions of dollars and the loss of the quality of life we used to enjoy .  Is it not time to tell Harper and company no more to their arrogance and prideful ways, by any legal venue that we can, while we can before that is taken option away from us too with yet another change to yet another law?

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