Catchy Phrases, Empty Words And Meaningless Jargon … The Tools Of A Successful Canadian Government

Why is it that being better than, is now okay and acceptable for politicians to say to their voters in Canada rather than being the best? I mean if you ask a Canadian politician anything these days like the state of our economy they swell up with pride and tell us that we are doing better than somebody else and the majority of us walk away feeling good about the fact that even though too many Canadians are living below the poverty line, can’t find jobs and are in danger of losing their pensions, that at least we are doing better than most other countries. There was a time when we as Canadians and our leaders boasted about being the best and their goals and ours was to be the best and that used to mean that our people had jobs to go to, everyone got a chance at a government-funded, or assisted education all the way through to the end of your education.  There used to be a time when our medical care was the best in the world bar none and we were proud of that accomplishment, but now we wait in long lines and die, but are reassured by our leaders that Canada’s medical care state is better than most, even with all of the cuts and the many more to come.  I understand the government trying to sell it, but my question is why are we citizens, us the voters buying it?

No matter what the problem, or the complaint from it’s citizens the answer to all of it is we in Canada should be happy with the little we have suffered and have to endure on a daily basis no matter what we have been used to in the past, or live with now, our standard of living is always better than another country’s. Canadians  adopt these catch phrases like they mean something. These statements seem to somehow reassure us that we are okay and need not be concerned about our future. Like we know the economy or  understand why the government is happy being better than the other guy when we are still suffering. My point is this, just like in advertising our government is confusing the truth with the half truth, the meaningless phrases; the lie within the truth and has said that just because we read into it wrong does not mean they are lying it means we misunderstood.

Take for example when McDonalds claimed that their hamburgers were made from 1oo% beef and we all assumed that it meant that the whole hamburger was made from 100% beef, but in the end under the weight of a legal challenge we discover that in fact that only a small percentage of the hamburger was 100% (maybe a little more than 2%) beef and the rest was meal worm and everything but beef.  McDonald’s defense was this, they claimed that they were not guilty of lying because the little percentage of beef in their hamburgers was in fact 100% beef and never claimed that their hamburger was made of totally 100% beef and would in the future clear up the misunderstanding between themselves and the patrons.  This is one of the many ways that I feel that all levels of Canadian  government are now using to manipulate and confuse their citizens.  Let us disclose the good in our policies and where it will do good and just leave out that only the rich will be able to participate in what we are offering, because like the pension plan scheme the average Canadian and the poor Canadian can not afford to get in because the minimum outlay is way too high and so yes they have offered a way to put savings in to your pension for all, but only the rich will be able to participate.

Love of one’s country is the other club used to hard sell you when a good lie will not suffice and it is a government favorite.  Everyone wants to be considered a patriot and everyone has been pushed, pulled and prodded by movies, news reels during war-time and the depression and media in general to believe that a good patriot is willing to forego the necessities of life, suffer great personal loss in order that the country succeeds.  A patriot will give up their children to die in wartime, a good patriot will give up their last dollar to support their government knowing that they will still not get enough to eat and cloth themselves, because a good patriot puts their government, their country ahead of everything.  The problem with this is that governments have taken this patriotic thumping and applied it to times when the country is not at war and made everyday living a testament to our patriotic will.  So that now we are expected to do without the things that we need to have a decent quality of life each and every day and to shut up and endure it or have our patriotism questioned as seen during the Wall Street Take Over Protest all over the world. To question is to be a non patriot and nothing will rally the poor of a nation to fight their fellow citizens and blindly do what the government asks, then to accuse the social activist of being unpatriotic.

Another catch phrase the government uses to manipulate us is,”We must do whatever is necessary to preserve our way of life”.  Ladies and gentlemen what exactly does this mean to you and to them? The government uses it everyday as an excuse to change immigration laws; to go to war with other nations;  to force workers back to work in legitimate strike situations and a whole bunch of other things that were never needed before to preserve our way of life and we eat it all up.  We turn on ourselves fighting to control others, fighting to be the dominant race, culture, language or religion of a country, like it means our children will eat better, live in better houses, get a better education, or any of the things that really matter in life.  Why have we become slaves to the slogan, to the advertizing jargon?

Canadians must learn to tighten their purse strings and start to take responsibility for their own futures says the government.  We must stop counting on the government to provide for our retirements and put money away.  I ask what money?  Federal income tax, provincial income tax, GST, PST and the added tax for unemployment insurance all coming off a pay check that has not seen a raise in ten years leading up to over 50% of the average worker’s pay and the government makes the statement to save.  Save we have  yet to pay our monthly living expenses, (rent, utility bills, phone cable, food, gas, credit cards and car note), all whose costs are sky rocketing, but the government feels that if we just try harder for the good of the country we can save.  Funny thing is that it is not until we find ourselves eating cat food or living on the street that we realize that we have indeed been conned and that the words while sounding good at the time are devoid of reality and good for only a few.

There are many more catchy phrases, slogans, and advertizing like jargon being tossed around by our politicians to do more, give more and to expect less from them, but I say when your belly grumbles you are hungry, when your temperature is 103 degrees you are sick and need to see a doctor, and when you have contributed your hard-earned tax dollars to support your country for all of your adult life when you get to be a senior citizen you should not have to worry about where you will live, if you will be able to afford to eat, and after all of your service to this country Canada you should never have to worry about being forced to go back to work for another ten years.

There used to be a phrase starving politician, but they fixed that for themselves and that phrase is now starving actor, starving artist, starving student, starving senior.  I do not think that being better than them means anything if your citizens still are living below the poverty line.  I do not give much for patriotism that forces people to hush while they are forced to agree to things that undermine their ability to share equally in the riches and assets of their country.  I think that only a fool is willing to watch his family and love ones die from starvation, the elements and still give monies to a government hell-bent on making the rich richer and the poor dead.

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  2. What we see on the cross is the positive meek human accepting Christ, and the harsh negitive one rejecting Christ. We see that spit in personalities among the human race. The meek one being persecuted by the harsh negative one. The harsh negitive one is against the furry, and zoosexual too.

    • archemdis says:

      Hopefully the meek will get a little relief before the final reckoning. Be well my friend and enjoy the rest of the day. Nice hearing from you!

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  4. Sounds like the devil in men speaking to me.

    • archemdis says:

      Good day Jonathan, you got it. Their daqy will come.

      • The thing is when that day comes it is their choice to dislike Gods light when it shines. All of that time while they were alive had the time to repent, and thus allow Gods spirit to fill their vessel to change them night to day of what they were.Then compassion will be given.Then they will value the intangible things, and not the physical things thinking they have to take take take from whoever they can not considering the human in a feverish attempt to get them.

      • archemdis says:

        God does warn about waiting until the last minute to repent and ask for forgiveness all are not as lucky as the criminal on the cross with Jesus.

      • What we see on the cross is the positive meek human accepting Christ, and the harsh negitive one rejecting Christ. We see that spit in personalities among the human race. The meek one beinmg persecuted by the harsh negative one. The harsh negitive one is against the furry, and zoosexual too.

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