The Canadian Government Through Vic Toews And Luc Portelance Would Like To Thank You For Smiling In Your Neighbor’s Face And Then Sticking A Knife In His Or Her Back


If it was not for the need of the Harper Cabinet Ministers need to give interviews and stay in the public eye some things that they do would slip right by me, because they are becoming  so normal to hear from this government one hardly takes notice of them and except for the press gallery only the most shocking of their statements on what Canada and Canadians are in store for next will make the headlines and therefore most Canadians will never know until it is too late that the Harper government and his henchmen who seek to eliminate the rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens,  have altered Canadian law once again to accomplish their mission to have Canada and Canadians serving the government instead of the government having to serve its people and country.  In other words get more like the Americans that they love so much and have us, “Asking not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country.”  I am sure that no person in Canada wants war crime collaborators, or criminals who have committed crimes against humanity living in Canada illegally, but what constitutes this is changing everyday with this government.  It seems all another country has to do is say that guy did this or that and we want him and he is rounded up and sent back.  Is this guys life in danger  if returned? That is not our problem is the answer from  Vic Toews and Luc Portelance ( president of the CBSA), our job is to find them and get them out of Canada.  We do not have to even know if there is a basis for the charge, we only need the warrant, we will let the guy work that out from his homeland.

In keeping with this trend of  altering the law to achieve its goals as far as immigration is concerned, Safety Minister Vic Toews has expanded his immigration act yet again and Canada’s spy on your neighbor web page to include not just war criminals wanted, or convicted of crimes against humanity as it stated would only be hunted down in this manner by his new act when the Harper government proposed it and passed it into law.  where he put out the picture, name and all of the persons private information in the papers, on the web and asked every Canadian to help find these people and help to have them removed from Canada.  Some of us did not like it, but some of us rationalised that these people were either wanted or were guilty of war crimes so it was okay to deny these people their full rights under the old law and fast track them back to where they hailed from.  this list will now be composed of people not wanted for anything like a war crime in fact no crime at all save one, the real target of all of this from the start, the illegal alien and the refugee..

Right after achieving this little miracle Vic Toews very quietly altered the law just a little bit further and decided to expand the list just a little bit further and say that you only had to be in tis country illegally to make this list and again some of us said wait a minute we know we want to have strong borders, but we thought that this law was about stopping terrorism and keeping out of Canada war criminals and people considered dangerous to our national security, but we were never told that we would be using this tactic to have Canadians spying on their neighbors and having women like Paula Ortiz found and deported leaving behind or being forced to leave her husband, as well as make the choice of whether to take her children with her, or leave them in Canada.  this little, but very significant change in the law never made the headlines and went virtually unnoticed by anyone not really affected by this turn of events.  If there was coverage it was on the last page of the paper, but never made the radio, television and was certainly not front and center on the web and so the Harper government altered yet again how we seek remedy for those who have broken Canadian law, in this case our immigration law.

Now today the Safety Minister stood yet again in front of the cameras to inform Canadians that he is so pleased with the cooperation that his government spy on your neighbor web site has gotten to date from Canadian citizens rushing to do their part to keep Canada safe by helping to find nine war criminals living in Canada like that old soldier who was following orders and was nothing more than a soldier standing guard at a concentration camp being wheeled into custody some time back to be deported.  What threat was he to Canada again or was it just that the government did not want his type in Canada?  Some of then asked where is this all going now; who is next and what is the governments real agenda with this immigration business?

Well Vic Toews and his  president in charge of the CBSA, answered that question today in two ways.  First he announced yet another way to get on the deportation fast track list and it amounted to get into trouble with the law and you will be deported without the due process given to Canadian citizens, be wanted in another country for what the Harper government considers a serious crime, although in true Harper government form he did not feel he should say exactly what that meant.

The worst part though is that now there is no limit as Vic Toews sees it and now wishes to have two separate set of laws for people in Canada, one for Canadians born in Canada and another for those who immigrate here legally, but get into serious problems with the law and those who are here illegally grouping the last two groups together. We are starting to see that this government wants the power to remove any immigrant it wants or finds undesirable not a threat to security, not terrorist affiliates, but anyone who under the guise of ineligible because of reasons unknown to be removed from Canada without due process of Canadian jurisprudence and this is my opinion is wrong and very dangerous.

With environmentalists being called radicals and wall street protesters being arrested how many of them could some crazy harper follow with power have removed from this country.  Are you an immigrant that speaks out against Harper policies, could you be the next to go?  Maybe they will expand the list again Vic Toews and Luc Portelance definitely left the door opened to going another step and looking at other people to target.  We all want safe borders but is this really the way we want to go, witch hunting and turning neighbor against neighbor?

Vic Toews says thank you, but now that you understand that this government must stop at noting to root out terrorist and people that break the laws of this country it is your turn to have your rights violated and to this end he intends to give police the authority by law to track your e-mails, your goings and comings on the internet, your cell phone calls in and out, get your address and any other information it needs without a warrant.  The warrant will be needed if the police decide to actually read the information it gathers and when pressed said that the police would not destroy the evidence once it collected it whether they use it or not bu store it in a file.  I think that this sounds like a registry that we just got rid of because the Conservatives said that it violated the rights of law-abiding citizens, by amassing private information without cause or warrant; in other words without judicial oversight.

The problem as I see it is that this government is seeking to take away the rights of its citizens using the power of its majority standing in the House of Commons, government committees and the Senate, to force changes by law that it knows no Canadian would agree to, or accept.  It has rushed through all of these things without sufficient debate and therefore without using the normally followed channels of democracy used in Canada since its birth as a democratic nation.  In doing so this government has pushed forward with its idea of what Canada should be, instead of safe keeping what Canada was; what Canada stands for instead of what Canada has always stood for.  I feel that in this way this government led by Stephen Harper has not only fallen out of step with what Canadians want and need, but have betrayed Canadians and divided Canada at every turn pitting Canadian against Canadian, making for an environment of mistrust and confusion in a troubled time, that should be seeing Canadians acting as one people and pulling together.

This government  promotes hate, division and mistrust.  It promotes fear and asks its people to spy on one another not seen in a country since Nazi Germany, when Hitler demanded that children turn in their parents and Germans to turn in fellow Germans.  Vic Toews and Luc Portelance would have you believe that it is part of your patriotic duty to engage in this type of action against your neighbor, but I say that it is rubbish and very bad for the country.  In closing I would like to say that this is only the tip of the iceberg, this government will push forward in its efforts to take the power that should belong in the hands of its citizens and take it for themselves, if we Canadian citizens do not band together in an effort to slow down their tyranny and willful ignoring of democracy and the democratic process in every legal forum open to us while there is still an avenue left available.  Remember this, all opposition parties are screaming foul right now, but once the government succeeds in taking away your rights and powers none of the opposition parties will give the power back to you without the threat of losing your vote.

Step one as I see it is to block this government’s progress with legal challenges, refusals to pay taxes, and protests of every legal kind.(phone calls to MPs, blocking switch boards, written protest by mail and computer, in numbers they can’t ignore and marches and rallies so loud that they cannot pretend they do not hear) Finally at election time vote these idiots out of office and continue to make it political suicide for the politician who would seek to alienate us, ignore us and take away our rights guaranteed to us under The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Of Canada and would ask one Canadian to turn on another Canadian and spy on each other.  Wake up Canada it is time to act and start acting like Canadians again and stand firmly against this governments tyranny.

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3 Responses to The Canadian Government Through Vic Toews And Luc Portelance Would Like To Thank You For Smiling In Your Neighbor’s Face And Then Sticking A Knife In His Or Her Back

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  2. Canada is woefully ignorant that they are a criminal to God just because they die killing life God made. By looking at a human as less than they are automatically take the side of the one Adam, and Eve4 took the side of when man fell.. That is when we acquired what is known as an ass hole. The Canadian government is showing that to all. The Canadian government is not saving souls especially their own . They do not have perfect love fearing. That fearing is making the lives of humans worse, and worse. The Canadian government is seeking a vain thing. Have the Canadian Government seek things that no law can be made against like what is described in Galatians 5; 22-23, kjv ,and humans will be better for it. When Jesus said Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is Gods means when we give to whoever what God gave to us we are giving to God that is in whoever back to God that made it. That was Jesus telling us to not use money, and to give the money to the one who had his image on it. Gods image is in us. Therefore giving what is Gods to God is giving the free gifts God gave to us to each other as freely as God gave them to us.

    Canada does not know that the wisdom – law of men is foolish. The foolish one does not consider the eternal consequences of not being like Jesus is condemning humans.

    Canada by taking their eyes off of Jesus, and his character are reverting back to the dark ages, and like that of Sodom, and Gomorrah by encouraging humans to rushing the door of humans.

    Canada’s government does not have giving love. All things God made gives.

    To spy on one another is why the sodomites wanted the strangers to been Known. That we may know themA parallel is occurring in Canada, and in the world. If humans do not want to emulate those doomed humans it would be wise to cast fear away, and trust the almighty to save their soul no matter what comes their way. That will lift a burden off of the shoulders of many.

    The government is not humble. They are greedy like the tree in the wizard of oz throwing fruit like a human throws stones.


    • archemdis says:

      Good morning Jonathan, I simply wish that all should know what is going on. I seek to inform and to share what I feel and leave to others to decide their fate. I wish that no one will be able to say I did not know, I never heard about that, or if I had only known I would have fought against it. I would like to believe that most people once they are told and shown that this type of greed and injustice is all consuming and once the weak and the fragile of society are subdued and conquered the government will turn on them as well and take what the powerful and strong have hoarded and kept greedily onto themselves. This government to me is like a black hole in space, as it moves over something, or that something is drawn into it, no matter what it is, it is seen no more. There is no evidence that it is dead or alive, it just ceases to exist any longer in this time, this space and this reality. Have a great day Jonathan!


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