No Justice To Be Found In Pitt Meadows Rape Case… Justice System Fails Raped Girl While Laywers Worry About Future Of The Accused

A young woman, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, the alleged victim of a rape at a rave party in 2010, reads a statement during a news conference in Pitt Meadows, B.C., on Wednesday February 22, 2012. On Tuesday, Crown prosecutors dropped charges against a 19-year-old, the only man accused of sexual assault in the incident. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

The stayed verdict in the rape case for the Vancouver girl is a prime example of the kind of  justice  rape victims get when they seek justice within the law in this country.  The lawyer for the boy who claims that his client was in fact the injured party, because of the RCMP giving a statement saying that his client was being charged with rape that he did take part in blows me away.   I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters and let me tell you this that I have up to this point in my changed life, kept a vow not to use violence to solve my problems and deferred to the law and the courts to settle disputes, but after today I do not think that my faith in the law and people is as strong as it was.  I am at a point now where I freely acknowledge that the law does not work for rape victims, or any other type of abuse victims, be they child, or spouse.  People watched, filmed and participated in the rape of this young lady and then posted it on the internet for all to see and the case is said to be lacking evidence, what a statement for justice in Canada.  I know in my heart if anyone did a fraction of this crime to my child, that their loved ones would be advising them to confess to their crimes and be repentant and the lawyers of these boys would not be talking on television about how these young punks, these criminals were somehow going to have to suffer all of their lives for having their names linked to rape and holding press conferences claiming their innocence.

In the time of justice before so-called law and order came to the land there would have been no need for a police report, or a trial, because if you raped someone’s sister,  or mother their family would have killed the rapist, or died trying.  We say that this is not the best type of justice and it is uncivilized, but at the end of the day there was justice for the real victim and real punishment for the guilty party.  In my day not so long ago if you beat up a member of someone’s family, or abused their children, or women, the whole family would extract a penalty from your hide and would not stop until you understood and all understood that your behaviour would not be tolerated, this also was deemed uncivilized and best left in the hands of the police and the courts and look where we have come with all of our civilized ways and methods.  I am a father and a grandfather and a human being who has done a lot of wrong things and have been punished for them, I did not always like it, but I can say that justice was meted out.  This new form of justice that allows for this type of verdict and legal non action tells me that there is no justice for these victims in these situations and that maybe the old type of justice was better and more efficient in the long run.  Maybe it was a better deterrent to know that despite the fact that a lawyer could get you off on a legal technicality, you would face the justice meted out by that person’s family.

I am a father and a grandfather that would gladly spend the rest of my life behind bars for exacting justice on the person, or persons that would do something like this to my children, grandchildren, or any other member of my family.  I think that this is where the rapidly rising number of these insane verdicts and crown decisions are taking fathers, mothers, brothers and family members back to.  They are taking us back to a time when these young men would have never dared to do such a despicable thing such as they did and hoped to get away without any kind of punishment; back to a time when the crowd would not have sat by and watched and posted pictures and videos of the rape on the internet, because the person’s family would have sought them out and showed them the error of their ways. There would have been no need for a trial because those boys would have been hunted down and dealt with; no need to force the police, or the crown to do their jobs, because justice would have been served.

I was repeatedly abused as a child, but I would not come forward, because most of the adults in my life had become my abusers, so I know how this young lady must be feeling, because she did everything right, everything that was asked of her to get justice and the system failed her and made her out to be a liar while at the same time making her rapist the victims.  My heart goes out to her, because I know what a lonely, scary place that is to be in from personal experience.  There is not enough evidence to win, so why bother wasting the money to get this girl justice; she will forget being gang raped in time, but I know better; she will never get over it, this I can promise you, because I never did and I did not have her courage to come forward, I suffered in silence.

Those who sit in silence and know what you saw and will not come forward I promise you this, “One day you will answer for your cowardly, sick behaviour.”  This is something that will not go away and you will carry your shame and your cowardice with you forever and it will hurt you in ways you do not fully understand right now.  You will not be able to look at yourself in the mirror in time, because age has a way of doing that as we get eaten up by our growing sense of what is right and wrong.  Heaven forbid, but if such a crime is perpetrated against someone you love you will want to see justice, but what will you be able to say, knowing that you stood by and filmed this disgusting behavior and made no attempt to stop it, or help this young girl before, or after she was brutally gang raped.  You are lucky the law chose not to force you to do your civic and moral duty.  It could have been anyone of you instead of her and now that those who have done this are free to do it again, it could still be anyone of you in the future, or one of your children, or family members, or friends.  I hope not, but it is never too late to do the right thing and I would urge you to do so, before your life becomes consumed with guilt and fear.  Guilt for being there and doing nothing and for then having the temerity to post it on the internet like it was some kind of joke and fear of it happening again to you, or someone you love because your lack of courage and sense of right and wrong has let rapists go free to attack again.

The guys who did this must feel that they have gotten away with something and are probably feeling pretty cocky right now, but they have violated someone in the worst possible way.  What will eat away at them, is that the people at the rave  know that they are rapists and although their peers have not come forward, everyone who was there knows what these guys are capable of and will never forget it, or let them forget it.  This thing that they have done will taint everything in their lives, because they have not paid for the crime.  They have done something unspeakable to this young lady and then compounded it by saying that it was somehow her fault that she knew what was happening and wanted it to happen, injuring her more after the rape.   What will they tell their children when they ask about what happened, because they will find out, things do have away of coming back and as you know nothing is ever truly gone from the internet?  What will they tell their children about going to raves and parties and how unsafe they can be? Will they tell them that it is because rapists like them attend them that raves are not safe?  What will they do to shake off the stigma of being  known rapists that the staid verdict can not erase? Will they now sue the girl you raped claiming deformation of character?  These are only a few of the things that will never go away for them, because stayed does not mean innocent. Who in their right mind will want to get married and have children with a rapist? What parent in their right mind would let you be alone with their daughter?  Their life long sentence has begun and their future is indeed a gloomy one and a lonely one and I wish for them a long and healthy life.

The message the justice system has just sent out to all who would commit this type of crime is that even if caught on film raping someone you can be set free, because the crown may not think that they can win.  The question that will set you free is, do you believe me, or your lying eyes?  The courts and its officers continue to create an environment for abuse of our fellow-man with  lawyers who seek solely to get their clients off and have no code of ethics where guilty and innocence is concerned.  There is a long forgotten rule of law that compels an officer of the court to seek truth and justice and forbids them to knowingly tell, or advise their clients to tell a lie to the court.  They are supposed to be seeking justice for their clients within the context of the law, not using lies and legal trickery to get their clients off scot-free.  What we have seen in this case and far too many others is the defense lawyers adding to the suffering of victims knowing that their clients are indeed guilty as charged and lying through their teeth.  They are not fighting for reduced sentencing, or what they think a fair just punishment for a crime committed, but instead  they are fighting for a not guilty verdict and this in my opinion has them lying to the court and breaking their oath as an officer of the court.

If we are to save our babies from the Pitt Meadow girl's fate a new attitude must be adopted by our government and justice system today!

If people continue to find that they can find no justice within the law they will find it outside of the law and I do not think that this is where we really want to go.  I think that it is time for the law to become honest and stop turning the victims into the criminals with fast talking defense lawyers who are willing to twist the truth, destroy the victim of the crime, knowing they can get away with it under the non caring eyes of judges and the whole judicial system.  The law does not work because there is no honor left in it, nothing is personal; it is all just business, just another day in the office. What of this young woman‘s life? What of her quality of life, sexually, mentally and socially?  This case is a travesty of justice and the whole legal system should be ashamed of themselves. From the police to the crown and to the judges who handed down the community service and probation punishments you have made yourselves as guilty of raping the next child as the perpetrators of the crime, for you have made it legal and given case precedence and mapped out the escape route  from justice for rapists in this country. Where is the justice for this young women? How will you people of Pitt Meadows ever feel safe that these young men will not rape your child next?  Why did the parents of all of these boys involved in this rape force them to do the right thing? Why did the parents of the children that did the posting of the pictures and videos compel their children to come forward and give evidence? Why did a whole community turn their backs and bury their heads in the sand when it came to putting these rapists where they belonged and in a place where they could be helped by doctors?  Only the citizens of Pitt Meadows knows the answers to these questions and it is they who will have to wrestle with them for eternity.

My heart goes out to this young lady at this time and I know how she feels from experience. Know this, that you are not the guilty one and you did all you could do within the law to bring these pigs, these rapists and protectors of rapists to justice and it is the system that has failed you. Do not ever doubt for one second that you were not the victim, because of what these lawyers and the system have put you through and the finding of the courts, because they are wrong and what they have done is not administer justice, but become part of your abuse.  I hope you use your experience to fight this type of appalling treatment of us the abused.  It is sad but we the abused are our only line of defense against our abusers.  The saddest part of what is going on is that as I type so many children are getting raped, so many wives are getting beat and so many perpetrators of these crimes are either getting off scot-free, or are getting punishments of community service and writing a sorry note to people like you and I.  Your case and so many like it keep sending the wrong type of signal to people committing these types of crimes. I will say to you now that I am so sorry that you had to go through this and I hope that you will find the strength and the courage not to let this system break you as it has broken so many that have been put through this before you and please remember you did nothing to warrant this attack on you and remember always what the legal system forgot, you were the victim and they were the criminals.

Food For Thought: When a riotous mob damaged private property and businesses in Vancouver after a hockey game the crowd took pictures of the riotous mob and vandals turning over police cars, breaking windows and looting.  The police and government went after those thugs determined to put an end to this senseless destruction of property and loss of monies with the full force of the law and with an attitude that the justice system could not afford to fail and in so doing brought most of the thugs to justice.  This is not what happened for this child who was  gang raped and we should be asking ourselves why and is all that happened after that hockey game mean more than the raping of this child that could be your daughter, or one of my grandchildren? I asked this because with all of the same sort of evidence before it the crown could not put together a case for her and it really has me wondering why not and the priority level this case was given when it came to gathering evidence, in other words seeing that this case would get to trial and  justice was met?  It would seem that the only people that wanted this case to go to trial was the girl who was raped and her family, while community, police, government and justice system hopes it will just fade from our memories and quietly go away.

No problem bringing these thugs to justice. I guess loss of money trumps rape when bringing criminals to justice in Canada

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4 Responses to No Justice To Be Found In Pitt Meadows Rape Case… Justice System Fails Raped Girl While Laywers Worry About Future Of The Accused

  1. Showing concern for the accused is a good thing. God is concerned for all of us., That is why he came down from above in the first place.


    • archemdis says:

      Is God just a God to the guilty, to the accused and if he is a God to the victim as well where is the equality of that love if they the accused get to go free and the injured get nothing but the suffering? I always thought the lord came to save our souls from eternal damnation and that mans laws were made to make the world livable until that time came.


  2. It is good that the charges were dropped. Men who shine no light should judge themselves. What is done whether it is good or bad will be judged by one being when he says one again let there be light.


    • archemdis says:

      I can not agree with you this time Jonathan. Did not God demand punishment for crime? What good is the law if everything can wait until judgement day when we face our God? You surprised me with this statement and I do not surprise easily. I guess you have a reason for your opinion and you are entitled to it, but getting away with rape for one minute never mind until when God returns to pass judgement is not an acceptable solution for me and hopefully not for too many others, as far as I am concered. Have a nice day and thanks for sharing your opinion.


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