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Post Prostate Removal Blues / The Road To Recovery

The operation is painless and only Tylenol is required to ease some discomfort. I would say that the most difficult time of all of this is will be the catheter and the urinary incontinence. I can say that I have found that if you follow the few basic rules and instructions given to you that you will come through this journey with minimal pain and recovery time. Please note that because there is very little or no pain there is a tendency for the patient to think they are healed more than they are and do more than they should during recovery leading to post operation complications resulting in longer recovery times and pain. Continue reading

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Archemdis Goes To Day Two Of Student Protest In Montreal

If I were a politician especially Premier Jean Charest and Stephen Harper I think that with over 100,000 potential voters mad enough to come together and protest against something I was responsible for doing, I would be concerned at the political fallout and do something to change things for them. Continue reading

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Montreal’s Anti Police Brutality Protest Turns Violent

What disgraceful behaviour, by a bunch of morons. Smashing windows of innocent shop keepers who have done them no harm and for what? What did they prove, other than the city needs protection from them? Continue reading

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I Have A Brand New Baby Granddaughter To Spoil And Liam Becomes A Big Brother

As I sat there with the newest addition to my family nestling deeper into my chest I knew that I was indeed blessed and would not be facing old age alone. Emily brought the number of my grandchildren to 5. Continue reading

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Quebec’s North River Regional Park / All Of The Wonder That Is Nature With All Of Its Raw Power

I would have no problem recommending this as a must do, must see for all of the family park to visit. I could think of no better way to enjoy a walk, see nature and get a little fresh air, than to visit Quebec’s, North River Regional Park. Continue reading

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Montreal And Boroughs To Get Tough On Beggars And Homeless

The street beggar and the homeless person are more of an embarrassment and a living visual testimony that things are not right in this city. this province and indeed this country and fining them fines they can not pay will not stop the problems that drive them into the street to beg, to sleep and to live in the first place Continue reading

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Jason Kenney Strikes Again… Immigration Changes Gives Control Over Who Gets Into Canada To The Provinces And Business Owners

This government does not even care if you have already been waiting and did not jump the system, they are going to toss your application in the trash if no business wants you and they feel that you will not be able to prosper here. Continue reading

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Does Changing Only The Laws Of Canada Mean A Better Life For Canadians?… I Think Not

What are we left with in the world of laws and politics and Canadian rights? I say we are left with very little and losing more rights everyday to a government who has decided to lead us by making more laws and taking away the rights that were once guaranteed us by law with laws that are illegal and ideologically correct, but devoid of reality and not in touch with Canadians. Continue reading

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Stealing Children To Hurt Spouse Could Make Spouse The Hero And You The Bad Guy

Do yourself a favor if you are planning to steal a child in this manner, Please, just do not do it. Instead of trying to make the other look bad, do things that make you look good. Make special memories of your own so that when you are talking to your child you do not have to say the other parent was a loser, but can remember that you were not and the great memories that you share with your child. Continue reading

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Ottawa Home Of The Winterlude… The Longest Skating Rink In The World… And The Record Holder For The Most Anti Government Protests In A City Block

I went to see the Winterlude with its ice sculptures and the Rideau Canal skating rink and ended up seeing so much more and learning a great deal about what is not being done by this government and what needs to be done by Canadian people. I enjoyed my day in Ottawa and learned a great deal. There is definitely something for everyone in Ottawa and never a dull moment. Continue reading

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