Does Changing Only The Laws Of Canada Mean A Better Life For Canadians?… I Think Not

Why Not Make Child Pornography Illegal In All Of Its Forms And Go After The People Posting It And Hosting It As Well As The People Using It ? Why Not End Poverty And Homelessness

I wish I could say bravo finally going to get tough action on kiddy porn good stuff, but why just the porn addict?  I mean when we fight the war on drugs we target the user, the pushers the dealers and the importers, exporters and the growers, so why in the case of child pornography are we only interested in getting IP numbers of the users and not getting rid of child pornography at every level?  This cut off the demand and there will be no reason for kiddy porn makers to make their product approach is asinine and naive at best, but this is the approach to this crime that our lord protector Vic Toews is intent on pursuing. This law is not about getting anything done for children by protecting them from this type of abuse, this is about gaining control of the internet and taking away another chip of your right to privacy without legal ground, or court approval, or judicial oversight.

Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart wants judicial oversight and hefty fines for breaches of the data the federal government wants to collect without benefit of warrant

The country’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart says there are very serious concerns to gathering a persons private information without a warrant and that this type of action indeed violates a persons rights under Canadian law, but this is yet again one of the Federal Conservative Party’s no need for serious debate forced passage of legislation.  No need for debate; no need for consultation; no need for listening to advice; no need to follow the law and definitely no need to care what the Canadian people think about the whole idea and process.  I hope at the end of the day one of the by products of this new infringements on the rights of Canadians at the very least makes some children safer, but I think that this new law will accomplish less, because the law does nothing to the providers of such filth except to enlist their help in tracking the kiddy porn addict.  The government by giving the providers a free pass have in fact become partners with these people and so like in the war against drugs where it is illegal to be caught with a coke spoon, little baggies used to package drugs and other articles considered drug paraphernalia, it turns a blind eye to the little shops called head shops who sell these products to its citizens.  The providers will keep providing the kiddy porn thereby ensuring that there will always be a fresh supply of sick addicts for the government to prosecute.  this is just a little screwed up if you ask me.

  The Mayor  and the city of Montreal have decided that they will fine homeless people for sleeping in parks and if they can not pay they will be thrown in jail.  Their argument is that this must be done to stop the selling of drugs and the prostitution going on in the same parks at night.  One might ask why not just arrest those actually selling and buying drugs and those prostituting themselves along with those buying sex and leave the poor homeless people alone?  I mean where exactly does they expect them to go?  We know that there are not enough beds available and none are going to be coming anytime in the near future with all governments at all levels claiming no money due to the poor state of the economy.  Is putting them all in jail the governments answer to sheltering and feeding the homeless?  Is this solution and the best better for the economy then building shelters and supporting on the street help?  I do not think so, but obviously, the Mayor and the city of Montreal does. To me this is just another example of stupid by laws that do not reflect the needs of the people they are intended to protect.  If the homeless are such an eyesore and embarrassment to the city and the province and country then why not get them off the streets and into shelters or low-cost housing instead of forcing them into jail with fines they will not be able to pay?  Shame on you Mayor of Montreal and indeed all city officials  and all who would allow this travestry of justice to continue.

Beware Canadians!! Brother Vic Toews looking down on us from high and into our every private thought, desire and action

The new law that puts mandatory minimum sentences when dealing with children who commit serious offences will not help to prevent crime and if one looks at who made the law we begin to realize that was not the intent of the Harper led majority government.  Right or wrong, which every side of the ballot you fall on I am certain that we all no that incarcerating teenagers in prisons for a long time only churns out hardened adult criminals.  We know for one thing that these young people will get no help from the institution when it comes to rehabilitation, because there is nothing in the bills forcing government or the penal system at any level to do so.  As long as we use our prisons for young people as storing houses and a chance to keep them off of our streets then we are just putting them in a school; to learn how to become better at committing crimes.  If this is what we continue to do we should build a prison a year in every city and town, because we are going to have to house a lot of children and adult criminals in a very short time.  Yes we have a problem and it starts with the lack of rehabilitation efforts in the children’s justice system since it was first decided that the government was better at handling the punishment of children then their parents.  Children are often abused in the system, not helped, but the head of the Canadian Gestapo, Vic Toews has stated that he does not care about the rights of children, or adults and just wants them off of the streets for a while so that law-abiding citizens can breath easy for a time.  Vic Toews never answers what is going to happen when they get out though, because the old walrus does not care, he knows that he will no longer be of this earth when the fruits of his labor germinate, are eaten and fed back into the circle of life as little children taught to fear and mistrust the law and the law makers.  We cannot change our quality of life with laws, we must take away the need the reasons that everyday children and adults turn to a life of crime. We must realise that no matter what the Harper government or any other government say that real children go hungry every day; real parents cannot find work and therefore have no legal way to provide for their families and in this environment criminals are born, grow to adulthood and create the next generation.  Real crime prevention is to do something to erase poverty and put everyone that can to work for a decent pay, or wage that pays for the necessities in life and a little pleasure, leaving them no reason to be criminal. Only then when the government has solved these issues should they be considering mandatory minimum sentencing for anyone.

We are left with is the government using the new laws to silence the people and squash the democratic process by making it illegal for its citizens to gather in groups voice their displeasure in a public way. Prime example the eviction of peaceful Occupy Montreal protesters from the park in Montreal's financial district.

What are we left with in the world of laws and politics and Canadian rights? I say we are left with very little and losing more rights everyday to a governments who have decided to lead us by making more laws and taking away the rights that were once guaranteed us by law with laws that are illegal, but they think are ideologically correct, but devoid of reality and not in touch with Canadians wants or needs.  There are enough laws in place what we are lacking is enough police presence, or a seriousness taken for these types of offences by the entire justice system.   What is the point of having all of these watch dog people like the Privacy Commissioner, the Auditor General and the like if they are ignored and powerless?  It would seem that it is an expensive scam that all governments in Canada use right now to dupe Canadians into thinking that there is some sort of oversight into what they are doing and to legitimise their wrong doings.  I say this because when the government and the watchdog agree the watchdog is praised and quoted, but when the watch dog does not agree with the government they are called ill-informed, out of step with what Canadians think and ridiculed publicly.  Why waste the money on their salaries and all the support staff salaries as well as all of the effort and supplies,  that go into their reports, if these people have no real authority?

The legal ending by the crown in the gang rape in B.C. with a stay of prosecution by the crown, being the best the system could do in the case, I think speaks to the lack of importance given to these types of prosecutions. The unwillingness of the Conservative government, led by Stephen Harper to put monies into crime prevention programs and rehabilitation, contenting itself with the warehousing of young and older criminals for short time results. the government can make all the laws that they want to, but when the will to enforce them is not there and the tools are not given to the authorities to the job done, the government is just blowing smoke and grandstanding, but this as always is just my personal opinion.

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  1. When all of the vain names are taken away all we have is productive sex, and non productive sex. The names, and they are many divided us giving the illusion of us, and them. Clothing gives the same illusion. Humans should no longer let the illusion of words, and clothing divide us. Division is the catalyst the blasting cap for war. History should tell us that.


    • archemdis says:

      Nice words, but it would seem that we are already divided and the government has found great power within the division. How would you change what is now to what it should be?


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