Jason Kenney Strikes Again… Immigration Changes Gives Control Over Who Gets Into Canada To The Provinces And Business Owners

Maybe doctors who drive cabs would have been happier where they came from? We need laborers for specific tasks in every province, let us get them from our immigration strategy.

Canada’s Minister of  Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney, admits that his ancestors immigrated here and the process was great for them, but that was then and now is now.  Jason Kenney said that since then he and his political party find that Canada’s latest immigrants all too often end up being a burden on the Canadian economy in the first part of his speech and then by the end of his speech talks about how the immigrants that he has interacted with amazed him with their work ethic and how in fact these immigrants have become an inspiration to the Canadian work force and have in fact helped to up the level of the Canadian born worker in put effort, by example.

Thought:  Why is it that this government talks out of both sides of its mouth at the same time?  Why is that this Minister talks with a forked tongue?  The Conservative Government of Canada is constantly claiming to support the position on both sides of the issue, or coin if you will, depending on the day and how it works for them.  What used to be the same law for all is now changed to suit the occasion, or the whim of the strong, majority Conservative government led by Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  The old way of doing things was not perfect by a long shot, but at least it was imperfect for all equally.

Well the provinces and  business owners are now in charge of who gets to immigrate to Canada and who gets the fast track. When and where immigrants are settled will not depend on where their families are, or where they thought that they would like to live, but where big business and the provinces tells Jason Kenney and company where they need people.  Again the Conservatives are devoid of any human emotion in this decision.  It seems that the whole federal Conservative Party of Canada has been infected with the same disease as that lump of ice they call a leader, Stephen Harper. The disease that does not allow the man to think, act, or show emotion.  Jason Kenney did not stop there though, he went on to say that Canada’s help from its immigrants in the past was a myth and does not fit into the realities of today.

I do not know if all of what this government is trying to do is bad per say, but it has no heart in it; no feeling or empathy for people.  Stephen Harper talks about keeping up with our present standard of humanitarian refugee immigration help, but making how people are accepted fit an economic structure as the most important thing to consider when deciding their immigration fate, does not say much for the priority given this type of immigration and to me this makes no sense, but perhaps I missed something.

We have seen with the treatment of the Sri Lankan refugees where this government stands on this issue.  It was on this issue that they accused those refugees of unfairly jumping the waiting list of refugees , or the Que.  They claimed that this was unfair all the other refugees who have been waiting in refugee camps sometimes for over 10 years for their chance to immigrate to Canada. Our government asked these refugees to wait in deplorable and often dangerous conditions and they did, just so they could immigrate to Canada where they would be safe at last; so tell me how will erasing the list and having these people who have waited all of those years  as asked by this government, to start over be considered fair?

It would seem that people are just another commodity on the market according to Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper and the federal Conservative government of Canada.  The trade of humans is now going to be legal in Canada and there will be nothing humanitarian about it.  This government does not even care if you have already been waiting and did not jump the system, or the Que, they are going to toss your application in the trash if no business, or province needs or wants you and they feel that you will not be able to prosper here. Jason Kenney talked of doctors being forced to drive cabs to support their families was somehow hurting Canada’s economy in some way, but I do not see how.  We got tough supposedly on the trafficking of human beings in one bill and became traffickers of human beings with this one.

Jason Kenney went on to say that he was doing this to make sure that the people who were driving taxis instead of practicing medicine were no longer going to be allowed to immigrate here, as he was sure they would be happier where they were. In fact he inferred that they would no longer be stealing jobs from Canadians who really wanted and needed to be cab drivers and taking spots in the immigration process that could be used in other regions where Canadians needed to fill worker shortages of a specific nature, like industry and farming.  This I guess made Jason Kenney think that he was showing his compassionate side of himself and his government, but I do not see it that way.  I see it as the same old story, “When the federal Conservative Government of Canada steps in to help you, or your cause it will probably end up hurting you more than helping you, unless it is a money-making proposition”.

There are so many reasons that people immigrate and a lot of them have nothing to do about what type of work the person is looking for. For instance:

  • Family reunification
  • Flight from danger, oppression and persecution
  • Medical reasons, like climate
  • Love and marriage

All of these factors have been reasons to immigrate to Canada and valued equally when immigration officials considered a persons application to immigrate to this country pre Jason Kenney and Steven Harper.  Finding work, losing a job, getting back on your feet is part of life, along with love, marriage, finding success, or finding failure.  Jason Kenney can not legislate away a bad economy by incorporating a selective immigration process, but I do not think that this is what he is trying to do, or what Stephen Harper is trying to do either, but I do think that this is the smoke that hides an even darker side of this governments plans and it has nothing to do with our happiness, the happiness of the immigrants, or of the nation’s prosperity, “I think it has to do with the importing and exporting of people like they were cows,  sheep, horses, or other livestock needed to do a specific job, where and when they are needed”.

In the old days they would just open your mouth, check your reflexes and they did not call it an immigration policy, and nobody cared whether you wanted to immigrate or not.  They would go to jails get debtors,  rapists and people waiting to die and give them an opportunity at a fresh start after working slave like for an established sponsor for a predetermined amount of years, but this was supposed to be the uncivilized times and ways.

There was one thing that I liked out of this and it was the part about foreign  students, who once they have graduated will be eligible to work here for up to 2 years and if they hold down a job for one year they will be offered citizenship and will not have to leave the country apply for citizenship and wait.

There is a real danger here of course, because human beings are not predictable. Anytime you try to make a sure thing based on what human beings will do it is destined to fail, because we are not  cattle, pork bellies, or any other such entity without feeling, wants desires and needs.  We think, we feel and this makes us for the most part unpredictable and so this plan is destined to fail for obvious reasons. People will not stay put so the problem you think that you have fixed today in the labor shortage will recur within generations as people respond to pulls from the desire of their children to do something other than farm, or maybe seek to go to school, or fall in love.  This is at best a band-aid solution.  Western provinces find themselves without people to work farms because their children sought to do other things, live other places and no matter how many immigrants you force onto farms you can not guarantee that their children will want to do the same thing.  The day of passing on the family farm, or farming being a way of life for multiple generations is long gone. Farming is big business now and the government has allowed the family farmer to be squeezed out.  The little family farmer can no longer compete with the big guys so his children leave the farm and no amount of forced immigration positioning of  immigrant workers is going to fix the problem.

  This plan has nothing to do with making Canada a greater place, but it does have everything to do with ensuring that industry and large conglomerates have all the cheap contracted labor they can handle and need. I think that this strong, majority Conservative government means to do it via the immigration system, by ensuring that before you enter Canada they know exactly what you will be doing, for who and for how long before your application is accepted.  This will be all contracted, binding and breaking this contract will see you back in your native land.  This is selective, indentured immigration and a drop back in time.  This is not progressive law, this is regressive law, a return to a time when the lesser classes of people were chattel, belonging to the upper classes and the upper classes got  to do with the lower classes what they liked.  A time when a labourer remained a labourer for his life and his children inherited that fate never to rise above it. It did not work back then and it will not work now.

When the Sri Lankan refugees were arrested our government claimed that they were against fast tracking and stated that it was not fair to all of the people who had done the right thing the right way and have been waiting up to 10 years to get here.  With a stroke of a pen and the power of a majority government, Jason Kenney and Steven Harper are getting ready to tell the people who did all of the right things that it is just too bad, Canada is wiping out its application back log, so everyone must start over from scratch.  How is this fair and how does this help Canada?

My problem with Jason Kenney, this government and this law is that nothing is ever what it appears to be.  There is always a little more just around the corner and I fear that this is the case with these changes.  If we are ready to incorporate,  accept and live with a strictly indentured immigration system  in a feeble attempt to get workers where the provinces and businesses need them, what else is this government led by Stephen Harper capable of and willing to forego in terms of human rights and democracy to ensure Canada’s economic recovery?

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