Montreal And Boroughs To Get Tough On Beggars And Homeless

The borough comprises all of downtown Montreal, Old Montreal and the Old Port, the Centre-Sud area, most of Mount Royal Park, Saint Helen’s Island, and Île Notre-Dame. It is bordered by the city of Westmount (along Atwater Street) to the west and the boroughs of Le Sud-Ouest (along the Ville-Marie Autoroute, Guy and Notre-Dame streets, and the Bonaventure Autoroute) to the southwest, Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (along the CP rail lines) to the east, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal (along Sherbrooke, University streets, and Pine and Park avenues) to the northeast, and Outremont and Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (along the border of Mount Royal Park) to the north. It is bounded on the south by the Saint Lawrence River. It has a population of 78,876 and an area of 14.49 km².

Ville Marie Borough and the city of Montreal council are proof that just because a person has an education and an office, does not guarantee a person that they are automatically excluded from being in the horse’s ass club. This bureaucratic, grand standing fools have in this Montrealers‘ opinion shown that they are willing to attack anything and do anything to get the spot light on themselves. Mayors seem to believe in the old adage that says, “Any press is better than no press at all” and so they have embarked on a one man mission to garner all the bad press that they can, as if all the good ideas are gone and they have no choice but to settle for the bad.

Montrealers have been hit with the fallout of the economic crisis like everyone else in Canada and in fact throughout the world. This borough has been racked with the construction that has hindered local business for over a year. Streets are open holes, it is impossible to park and the stress on residents has been tremendous, but our mayor offers nothing to help anyone..

This is a genius mayor in agreement with many city council persons, who have decided that the answer to helping the homeless people and the street beggars in the Ville Marie Borough and throughout the city of Montreal is to go after them using usually ignored by-laws to harass, fine and eventually imprison the most fragile of their communities. It makes no sense to arrest the homeless no matter what these city councilors and this mayor state as good reason for going after them like, “There are drug pushers and prostitutes in the parks as well at night after the parks are officially closed applying their trade where the homeless sleep, so we have to stop everyone from sleeping there at night.” I say, “Let the police do their job and arrest the dope sellers and the prostitutes working in the parks and leave the homeless people with nowhere else to go, alone”..

Now only a heartless oaf like the Mayor and an ignorant city council would not see, or perhaps would not care that the homeless and the beggars have no way to pay the fines and the only possible result of their orders is for these people to eventually be thrown in jail. The other thing is that these people will go where at night? I will tell you where, they will go to other boroughs, down into the metros, into buildings housing instant banking machines. They will seek shelter in front of stores, over ventilation vents and on the property of churches and people will demand that something be done about the eye sore, the mess and instead of help the city will keep the homeless walking a never-ending walk, never sleeping until eventually overcome by disease and exhaustion they fall down dead. This will be part of the Mayor’s legacy, if he continues with his mad plan.

Still not convinced that this is a mayor and even the council persons seeking the job have gone mad? Then let us look at what he and they intend to do for the people and businesses of this borough, who have been suffering with lack of parking hurting local businesses and frustrating the hell out of residents. Well they have decided to not allow cars in the borough and turn it into a walk through only zone and if commuters do not like it, it is just too bad and they will just have to go another way. What I am talking about is that this borough just happens to be a direct route in and out of the downtown core of Montreal. This borough sees large volumes of traffic from one if not more of the most commonly used bridges on and off the Island of Montreal.

Montreal has suffered and the city’s residents have suffered because the mayors of this city have for a long time put the city’s budget towards their vision of what would be good for the city. Money spent on making the Botanical Gardens 2nd to none; money spent on giving this city a bicycle path system crossing the city 2nd to none and so during these years’ things that needed to be done, just did not get done.

Our sewage pipes and the system itself is so bad that workers are afraid to go into them and the whole system is being replaced pipe by outdated rotten pipe and is causing a traffic nightmare. Buildings not being inspected causing death and injury from falling debris; every major access bridge linking the Island of Montreal to its southern shore is in need of or under repair, closed at certain times, because all who use them are taking their lives into their hands. Almost all of the overpasses leading off and on our highways are structurally weak and have already caused the deaths of unsuspecting travelers by falling debris and total collapse and this grand standing mayor seeks to add more stress to an already stressed out situation. What is the Mayor thinking about, this Montealer would like to know, because it has nothing to do with the greater good of this city or its citizens? Making the area or certain spots in it walking or biking zones could be a good idea, but I contend that it is not a good time to add more detours to this city of endless detours already in place.  With councilors and ex mayors resigning amid scandals of lining their pockets with kickbacks from a corrupt construction industry, it is small wonder why the civic powers that be wish to deflect the attention away from their schemes and put the blame and shame for the poor state of this city on the homeless and the street beggars.

The Mayor is not a bad man; he is just a politician and as such feels compelled to do what gets him noticed, to pretend he is doing something for the people of his city. A few residents, or shop owners in his borough may even like what he is doing, but this does not make what he is doing right or good for the majority of the borough residents. The extra hardship to the city’s traffic system and the people forced to use it on their already stressful commute back and forth to work daily is just too ridiculous and foolhardy to even contemplate. Is it prudent, or even wise to apply even more pressure to an already over taxed and overburdened city with this type of grandstanding for private career gain, for a legacy project? Is it morally right to go after the most fragile of citizens, the people on the bottom of the barrel and deny them a place to sleep at night knowing that there are not enough shelters and safe places for these people to sleep, just to say you are doing something? Well there you have it another mayor with a vision, which does not include more shelters, food banks, or any help for the most fragile of this city. Yet another mayor who has put his personal ambitions ahead of being a champion for the homeless and poor and he is not even offering a park with beautiful flowers at the end of the day. Unfortunately I believe the Mayor is nothing more than a self-promoting, glory seeking, politician, who cares little about the needs of his city, his borough, or their residents..

One would hope that 1 mayor; one civic party would have a vision for Montreal that would see the city and its people whole. The streets are disgusting in every borough of Montreal. While pouring endless dollars into things like Man And His World, The Montreal Summer Olympics, The Olympic Stadium, The Botanical Gardens, 50 kilometers and more of bicycle paths, there was never enough money to do the upkeep and maintain the city’s infrastructure and help its people in a real way that eased their burdens. Cut inspectors for buildings, roads and overpasses. Fill potholes in the street until all that remains is a disgusting bumpy mess that we have today and when new ones pop up repeat the process. When it comes to snow removal, garbage pick-up, cut back on the services and raise taxes to maintain the new low-level of services offered.

My point is this, “Unfortunately This Mayor, is not the exception to the rule, he is just another mayor in a long list of mayors of Montreal who have put their vision of what this city should be ahead of their city, their borough and their citizens.    He has built great bicycle paths along the Saint Lawrence River, but have you ever notice the stench in the air as you walk, bike or drive your car along the scenic route through the city? That is the smell of the sewage and the dead rotting fish washing up onto the entire shoreline and gathering in what could be beach coves if not for the pollution. Instead of being something to be proud of proud to show visitors to the city, we have to be ashamed of our city, because it stinks.

 Lastly the street beggar and the homeless person are more of an embarrassment and a living visual testimony that things are not right in this city. this province and indeed this country and fining them fines they cannot pay will not stop the problems that drive them into the street to beg, to sleep and to live in the first place. A real Mayor would be helping to solve the everyday hardships of his citizens and the problems that plague his citizens and do something to ease the hardship and suffering they are facing every day instead adding to the suffering of his most fragile of citizens and adding to their grief.

 Does Changing Only The Laws Of Canada Mean A Better Life For Canadians?… I Think Not (

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  1. The majority of the people involved with helping this cause had a history of substance abuse and a high percentage of those people came from the Downtown East side

    The Servants of Hope is a non profit charity that has been helping the people of Vancouver’s downtown east side for the past 6 years. Alongside hot meals and warm coats they serve up a sense of hope and a chance at a new life. Below is a video link from Christmas 2012 over one hundred people came together to feed the homeless and do outreach we served over one thousand people that night


    • archemdis says:

      I wish you and your organization well and continued success. I salute your efforts and thank you so much for sharing your link. I will of course post it on my site for all to see and go to. Thanks again and good night.


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