I Have A Brand New Baby Granddaughter To Spoil And Liam Becomes A Big Brother

Liam meets his little sister, Emily and I think his face says it all

Grandpa And Liam/A Love Story  2

Mom and Dad with their new baby girl Emily

My  brand new granddaughter arrived into this world on February 4th  2012  at 4:52 in the morning.  Little Emily weighed in at 8 pound 8 ounces sporting a full head of hair. It all began with an instant message at 1am from my daughter saying she was having cramps, but nothing to worry about she thought it was false labor.  I was getting the message because I was the designated baby sitter for Liam my grandson and buddy, her 2-year-old son. I thought nothing of it and went to sleep prepared if need be, but wanting to be fresh if I should get the call. My daughter told me that she would call when the contractions were 5 minutes apart and if she had to go to the hospital she would have her finance bring Liam over to the house on his way to the hospital.  My daughter did go to the hospital alone to check things out opting to leave Liam in his own bed in case she was right and it was a false alarm and like I said give us all time to do our assigned tasks.  At 4:30 my phone rang and it was my daughter’s finance telling me he was bringing Liam over and that my daughter was already 9 centimetres, or just about ready to deliver.

He arrived with Liam in tow and was out the door and in his car in a few minutes. Getting into the car he stated that my daughter had given birth alone, but was doing fine and so was baby Emily.  Liam was not a happy camper having been awaken out of his sleep and dressed quickly delivered to me with his father rushing out of the door.  Liam wanted to watch television and I wanted to go back to sleep, so we settled for television.

Liam lasted until noon and after lunch before he went down for a little snooze.  He kept asking where his mom and dad were and I explained it to him and told him that after his nap we would go to the hospital and he could see his mom and dad and his brand new little sister Emily.  He understood and drifted off to sleep without a hitch.  During his nap my daughter called and asked me to delay his coming until 4pm and so I did, but it was no easy task.  Liam an I played and watched television and then we played some more, but 4pm felt like it would never come.  Finally at the 100th time of Liam’s asking me if it was time to go, it indeed was and we waited for his dad.

It was a long wait but as you can see Liam is happy now

As we entered the room Liam broke free of me and bounded towards where his mother lay resting on the hospital bed.  Liam was not going to be denied his mom as he dodged by his paternal grandfather and grandmother as the latter held out his arms trying to slow him down.  Liam’s mom  leaned over and kissed him and asked him if he was being a good boy and how would he like to meet his baby  sister? Liam seemed to grow a little taller right then and there, nodding and saying little sister over and over as he was lifted and placed on the bd beside of his mother and introduced to baby Emily for the first time.

Grandpa loving it but nervous

I love babies, everything about them, their new baby smell, their strength in the face of their obvious weaknesses, but I am 203 pounds with the hands of a gorilla and their little size in my bigness has me always thinking that I will break them; so that it was tenderly and great nervousness that I held little Emily when my turn came to take a picture holding her in my arms.

As I sat there with the newest addition to my family nestling deeper into my chest I knew that I was indeed blessed and would not be facing old age alone. Emily brought the number of my grandchildren to 5.

Liam held his little sister, kissed her and had just enough time to eat a chocolate pudding cup before it was time for us to leave and let his mom get some rest.  Liam kissed everyone and said his goodbyes and left with me and his dad to go home to my house.  Well when we got to my house and he realised that he was staying over night, he was not a happy camper.  The night was tough and the next day even tougher, but 6pm did come and Liam’s dad arrived to pick up Liam so they could walk into their home as a complete little family. My heart swelled and I was proud of the love that was being shared and the way that little Liam was not being pushed to the side.  I am sure it would have been easier for mom and dad to go home first then for dad to return  for Liam later or the next day, but they chose to enter their home as a family and I thought that was such a small but wonderful thing to do and showed great love.

Emily looks me right in the eyes and steals my heart forever

Five days later I am sitting on my sofa watching television and the phone rings and it is my daughter on the other end of the phone.  Linda is telling me that Liam is a school and her, Shawn and the baby were out shopping, but they need a place where she can breast feed Emily and they were wondering if they could use my house as a refueling station.  I tell them to come right ahead and for the second time in as many days my precious little jewel is in my arms and I am in heaven.  Of course pictures are taken and this time I am treated to a real treat. As I am looking down into my granddaughter’s face, Emily opens up her eyes and we are bonded Grandpa to granddaughter forever and we both smile.   It was a short visit, but I know that my new job as the favorite babysitter and toy will go on for a long time to come.

this year my whole family will attend this annual picnic and I will introduce Emily to all of my friends.

I attended a reunion picnic last year for the community center and the elementary  school that I attended as a child.    Many of my friends brought their children and grandchildren to the picnic, but I opted to not do so, because one never knows what memories of the past will be brought out when people get the past intoxicated, by old friends and enemies alike.  The picnic was such a success that we decided to do it annually and so this year I will descend on the local park with my little army and tow.

If God is willing I will have the pleasure of being the favorite babysitter and toy for my great-grandchildren as well.

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