Montreal’s Anti Police Brutality Protest Turns Violent

This Montrealer has written about the heavy-handed tactics of the police and their acts of brutality.  I have even wrote about what I find to be a prejudice against the English-speaking, the racial minorities and police’s rush to draw and fire weapons before calling for back up or negotiating surrender, but when a certain segment of this city’s population behaves in the manner exhibited during the anti police brutality protest I feel compelled to put pen to paper and say what is on my mind.

What disgraceful behaviour, by a bunch of morons.  Smashing windows of innocent shop keepers who have done them no harm and for what? What did they prove, other than the city needs protection from them? I do not think that their actions will result in support from the shop keepers, the owners of the cars that were overturned, the police who they pelted with anything they could get their hands on, or the hard-working tax payers in this city who will have to pay for their inappropriate behavior.  So what was the point to this senseless violence and mayhem?

This adolescent, counter productive, senseless violence seems to be rearing its ugly head way too often in this city and unprovoked.  When we win hockey games we see it used by some as an excuse to break the law, to destroy what other people  have worked so hard to achieve and for what? The answer is to steal, to cause diversion so that these morons can lute and break the law.  These morons are only out done by the idiots who really went there to protest police brutality, but got caught up in the frenzy and started breaking the law to protect the crooks and vandals who were being arrested rightfully by the police.  With a full-scale riot in progress the scene is set for police action and the threat level to the officers, private property and the citizens of this community  demands action from the police to put the riotous behaviour down. With the support of the city, it’s citizens and now the media the calls goes out to put down the protest by any means necessary resulting in injuries to both guilty and innocent of wrong doing, violent and non violent protesters and even innocent bystanders and passers-by.

As riot squads move in and toxic sprays are used on the guilty and not guilty alike no one is thinking police brutality and there is little sympathy for the protesters, in fact there is a sense of anger being directed at the protest, the protesters, and the organizers of the protest.  If the cost to the city could be measured in overturned cars, broken store front windows and looting not to mention the police costs it would be bad enough, but the costs will not end here.

It will not end there because those looters and vandals will be seeking their day in court.  They will shout from the roof tops that they are innocent and did nothing to deserve the aggression that the police unleashed on them.  It will take weeks, months, even years to get to the bottom of it all and the cost for all of these trials and prosecutions will be born by us the tax payer, because a certain element of our population thought it would be cool to show up at a legitimate protest and use it as an opportunity to break the law for fun and for profit.

There is a mistaken impression out there that the police are there to be our friend, to be liked and unless we threaten them physically that we can spit on them, approach them threateningly, curse them to their faces and they should by law just stand there and take it; this is a falsehood.  They are not trained to be our friend, they are trained to approach us as the enemy, to be on alert at all times and to approach those that they are told are or could be breaking the law as suspicious at best and dangerous always. Every stone thrown at them from somewhere in the crowd, pulls the drawstring on the bow tight, every insult and push, nocks the arrow, until finally someone whether it be the police, or a protester / agitator pushes too hard and the situation erupts and people are being hurt, property is being damaged and nobody seems to be guilty of releasing the first arrow.

I am no stranger to protesting, marches and rallies; I grew up in an era that saw one every other day from everything from civil rights to the war in Vietnam, with every university campus boycotting, or protesting one thing or another.  With each protest, each march and every rally came the responsibility of the organizers to keep the protest safe for all and confined to the context of the law.  A protest trying to draw attention to a cause can not afford to have its message sabotaged and up staged by looters, vandals and thrill seekers.  So to have a rally, a protest to denounce the brutality of the police only to have acts of violence and breaking of the law come from your side makes your argument seem moot.

I think that the press coverage spoke to this point and proved that the only message that got out is that everyone was tired of this sort of thing happening.  The protest and the legitimate protesters got slammed in the media, slammed by the mayor and slammed by the citizens that will have to pay for the clean up. I remember leaders of civil rights protests telling all that no matter what happened, no matter what was done to them that anyone participating in the protest or march would do nothing violent and any who could not comply were not welcome.  They had their own security and the rules of the march were enforced by the protest security and in this manner the protest and the coverage of it stayed focussed and on point.

If you give the press the opportunity they will go for the riot, because it will sell more ads than a peaceful demonstration.  It is imperative that organizers of protest keep the protest within the law and weed out the trouble makers who would bring unwanted bad publicity to their cause.  The police are there to enforce the law and once it has been breached by one or a thousand they will move in and take whatever steps it takes to end the protest and this usually means a warning and then shortly followed by toxic sprays being sprayed,violence and arrests.

I think that protesters have to do a better job of separating themselves from the vandals, thieves and stone throwers if they want the support of their fellow citizens and the media focus kept on them and their cause.  It is not good enough to say that those people were not in our group. The protester must also remember that they are guaranteed the right to express their displeasure with the government, or workplace, but they have to do it in an orderly, peaceful way that does not violate any laws. I am not saying that the legitimate protestors were guilty of committing these senseless acts of violence and vandalism, but I am disappointed with organizers who seem unable to control their protests. It escapes me how one can march to end police brutality and every year have this type of behaviour become what is to be expected? I think if the organizers of this protest cannot get it together than this protest needs to end.

Having said all that I have said is wrong with the way protesting is happening today I think what we as Canadians are seeing is a growing frustration and lack of confidence with the governments of Canada at all three levels, federal, provincial and civic.  The cuts to services while taxes continue to rise does not help.  The over 10 year freeze to salaries in most jobs and pay cuts in the others; rents sky rocketing, gas prices off the charts and the general cost of living expenses paid out each month more than the average persons take home pay has the majority of people at wit’s end.  I think that the young people of Canada know that not one politician, not a single political party is willing to do what it would take to make things right for Canadians.  Oh they talk and they pass laws and amendments to laws and they throw a few poor people or fragile people in jail. But the political will to stand alone for what should be equality for all in all things is not there and so at least one protest a day and the cops are sent out to do their job.  Whether it is a cop pushes a student 1st that gets the riot started, or a bottle or rock hitting the riot cops shield that gets the riot started it could all be avoided if the government returned back to a time when the governments of Canada thought their job was to serve the best interests of their people and to fight for the best quality of life for its people.  When serving your people meant trying to make sure that everyone had a place to sleep at night out of the elements; that nobody especially a child went to bed hungry.  That every child had a chance to get an eduction equally as far as they wanted that education to go, back to a time when all levels of government worked to ensure that the quality of life of their citizens was the best in the world not settling for being better than most.  Russia has a vote to see who runs that country, but it is not a democracy and the governments of the so-called democratic states need to understand this.  If the only form of democracy is an election and then all democratic principles and laws are put on the shelf until the next election then what we are living is a lie, a sham an affront to democracy and you will get what you see in the streets today a frustrated, angry population that will do just about anything to get back at a government that they think does not care and is laughing in their face.

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13 Responses to Montreal’s Anti Police Brutality Protest Turns Violent

  1. The crusades, and witch hunts are orchestrated by Satan in the souls of egotistical, highminded humans oozing with a better than you attitude. They dress to look different than others in soft robs with specific colors, and patterns to separate themselves from others giving the illuton that they are on a higher plain. Satan loves illuton. They look holy in the way they dress, act, and talk, but have no loving truth in them no. They do not have the forgiving character of Jesus in them at all. Crusades, and witch hunt Humans go by the appearance of holiness, but do not having the power thereof. They pose like they are for God, but they were not acting like Jesus would act. The music sounds angelic, but teaches nothing. The word Servant is perverted by them to mean slave. Jesus is the servant of all of us. The greatest in the Kingdom of heaven will be the servant. Satan did not want us to know that truth.

    • archemdis says:

      I think we use the name Jesus in a lot of situations to put Christians above everybody else while doing the work of the devil as you put it. What you say used to have merit, but by your own admission has become so perverted, so manipulated that the devil’s work and Jesus’s work seem to be one in the same. All through history the Christian church has led as well as profited by manipulating and rewriting the word of God to suit its purposes. Its teachers, its priest raping children and when found out the church moving them and rewarding them with promotions, speaks to whose work is being done. The burying of the truth of the rapes, forced abortions and territorial grabs are still going strong as I write. Putting the souls of the victims at risk by threatening to excommunicate them if they press for justice outside of the church does not speak of Jesus’s work. The rules of all religions are just about the same the devil in all religion is man and that is why the solution to this perversion and the subsequent problems this creates is mans to fix.

      • The Christian church not doing the works of Jesus cannot be of Jesus. That is a church taking Christs name in vain. That is what swearing is. Don’t do the good works of Jesus, and how can Jesus be taught in whatever church for whoever to behold? We are the temple of God not a man made structure. Christianity is not a name associated with an idol. The whole concept that it is is a lie. Satan is in that idol being deviously deceptive mascaraing as Jesus fooling many.. That is what you are seeing. The humans not wanting to go along with the deception like yourself have God in you saying they are wrong with words that are not spoken.
        It has to be obvious that the devils work, and Christs work cannot be the same. The devil can in appearance be as bright as God, but does not have the character of God. Therefore not like Christ, but looks like Christ. That is what makes you do a double take.

        Because the Church was not representing Christ did not have Christ in them, and that precipitated the rewrites of scripture until we have 48 translations. When a misinterpretation begins it acts like a rolling snowball crushing humans as it rolls getting bigger, and bigger causing more, and more dammage calling it good looking white, and pure, but being evil.
        The Church having sex with children is a thing human animals will do. The rub comes is when those religions turn, and snap at humans like a snapping turtle biting other sexualities, and then turn around, and have their own kind of sex being divided against themselves.
        The turmoil in the catholic church is accruing because whatever is divided against its self cannot stand.
        Don’t see the work of Jesus, don’t see Jesus, it is that simple. Who fixes it is Christ in us. You have him in you not rejected by you.

  2. There was an incidence in the bible where a prophet convinced humans that had evil books to burn their own books. The same for the police. They have to realize they are the problem, and dissolve the police force on their own. Fighting it strengthens their resolve to maintain the statues quo.

    • archemdis says:

      Hey Jonathan, we cannot just lie this at the feet of the police, because they are not the only guilty people in this issue. Everyone needs to give up the violence if things are to get better. We are all just part and parcel of the problem and so must all do our part to end the senseless violence. Good talking to you and have a great day!

      • Police are a substitute for humans being like Jesus is.The devil is the one who wants to be the substitute. Have humans know this, and who in their right mind would want to consciously be on the devils side who is anti Christ?

      • archemdis says:

        Jewish people, Muslims, do not believe in Christ as their saviour, but I would not call this anti Christ and I do not think that Christians are without sin, so I say again that we all have to look to our humanity and stop the senseless violence. I think that the answer is to stop blaming the other guy and make a change in ourselves. You know do onto others as we would have done onto us?

      • To have sin is simply being in a body that dies. It shows by their actions that Jews, and Muslims don’t have Jesus as their savor. 90 kids were killed by Muslims because they thought their Emo hair cut was demonic. What they did was demonic, and therefore anti Christ,. The Jews not having Jesus as their savor is still making Jesus weep being anti Christ. Whoever has jails, and a legal system keeping it part of the statue quo are anti Christ. Be like Christ, and don’t be anti Christ. The soul needs to be saved in a body doomed to die.That body has sin in it that can never be extracted from it.

      • archemdis says:

        Just curious how do you explain the crusades; the witch hunts; slavery; the forced relocations of our First Nations people and the residential schools? I still say that the solution is in humanity getting more humane, but as I always say you are entitled to your opinion and I will have to live with mine. Have a great night and thanks for the comments.

      • Don’t be like Jesus, and be anti Christ. The Jews rely on the arm of man to engage in war thinking that is a good thing whenever their lightless body is threatened or retaliates for harm done giving evil for evil making Jesus cry. That is being anti Christ. The Muslims just recently killed 90 kids because they had what the Muslims thought was a demonic hair cut. If that is not being anti Christ, I don’t know what is. A military, and jails are by their nature anti Christ. Jails hold in bondage. Jesus frees. War kills, and jesus gives life. Both are apposed to each other. Police are connected to both.

      • archemdis says:

        So it is never us always them and in the end we all must pay the price. I simply cannot except this train of thought and I will hold onto myself control and the free will that God gave us all.

  3. It is simple.violence in the police being observed by the public with no one beholding Jesus. it has one out come, and it happened.

    • archemdis says:

      Violence begets violence so why protest maybe we should just take it on the chin? I think not. What I do think is that we as human beings we need to start taking responsibility for our own actions. I think God has shown us the way, but we have pretty much perverted that word until it has become synonymous with what we want and not what God wants. No Jonathan we will have to stop on our own.

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