Harper Says It Is Never Me / The Liberal’s Made Phone Calls PBO Can’t Count And We Accept The Auditor General’s Recommendations

Harper Government Scandals And Bad Decisions Part One

The list of foul deeds and total disregard for the law, democracy and what Canadian people think and want, seems endless and new things keep surfacing daily like stinking gas bubbles in a cess pool.

The Harper government has made so many bad decisions and is being accused of so many things that this writer will just write about them as they come to mind. It is hard to keep them chronologically straight, because they start as far back as the 1st year they took office, get covered up and do not surface again for years when they are exposed in Auditor General of Canada audits and reports, Parliamentary Budget Officer reports, or some news agency exposes them like the CBC.  The list of foul deeds and total disregard for the law, democracy and what Canadian people think and want, seems endless and new things keep surfacing daily like stinking gas bubbles in a cess pool.

 I think that this government is at best what they claim to be fighting around the world against and that is a Lawless Regime that does not govern using democratic principles, could care less about the health and welfare of its people and demonstrates a dangerous trait of punishing businesses, colleagues political institutions and anything, or anyone they consider not on their side, with political, financial sanctions e.g.  Veterans Affairs Canada, the CBC, Canada Post workers, Air Canada workers.  This government keeps saying that the water that they swim in is pristine and their government is not a polluted river, but fail to explain why dead rotting fish keep ending up on their beach daily.

Ok Stephen Harper and company, you think that Canadians are going to believe that the “robo calls” made during the last election harassing opposition party followers and directing them to phony wrong polling stations was done by the Liberals?  To hear member after member of the Conservative Party of Canada stand up in the house and rehash the Sponsorship Scandal, as if that were somehow advancing their point was a marvel in dirty misleading politicking and unworthy of any political party and politician.

There was no mention that this party has the dubious honor of the only government in the history of Canada and the entire Commonwealth to fall, because it was found guilty of intentionally misleading the House of Commons.  Now I know certain Canadians said so what that is what politicians do and voted for these rip off artist anyway, but it is not a good thing for politics and the Conservative Party Of Canada should not be bringing attention to anyone else’s dirty hands, since theirs are far from clean.

Then there is always the millions of dollars given to Tony Clement‘s riding by Tony Clement and the spending figures  that just did not make sense in the whole summit affair, which the government refused to give up the details for either in the budgeting planning, or after spending of it. Even here instead of being able to deny doing it, they just seem to say that they were keeping with the tradition of opposition parties of wasting money and buying votes in failing ridings.  This is not exactly what one would expect from a government who is quick to remember the scandals and short comings of opposition parties.

Now they are being accused by Canadians of stealing the last election with “Robo Calls” telling people that their polling station was changed, that the polling station times were changed and all of the other dirty little tricks that used to be done by silly over zealous private citizens.  I like you, can not prove that they have actually done this thing yet, but I do believe that they are handling the situation wrong, by trying to shift the blame onto the victim of the crime. Kind of like the rapist claiming after the rape that the other person wanted it, or somehow responsible for it happening.

Well now the Conservatives are blaming a young aid and making him their scape goat and doing their level best to say that the Liberals are in fact the guilty party.  A member of the Harper cabinet stated on the house floor that they knew that the Liberals were guilty of fraud in the last election and called on the Liberals to confess to elections Canada and the Canadian people and to cooperate with elections Canada by turning over all of the same information in their data base as the Conservative’s were compelled to do in a show of cooperation.

Aside from their normal arrogance this party and its leadership are becoming out right bad government by:

  • Making ill-informed decisions and costing Canadians real dollars it wasted efforts in a time when no country can afford to waste money.
  • Forcing through laws and amendments to laws without adequate debate in the house, chosing to rely on their majority status rather than get consensus.
  • Making a mockery of Canadian law and democracy, thereby making the average Canadian voter wonder why bother to vote at all.
  • Ruining Canada’s once good name as a  trusted negotiator for peace, a safe haven for the persecuted of the world and a speaker for the voiceless when they could not be heard.
  • Turning their backs on the most fragile of our nation, the poor, the homeless, the seniors and the sick
  • Removing the right to strike and going pro business (postal strike, Air Canada) using the economic crisis as an excuse

There is nothing transparent with this federal government, everything that this Conservative Government of Canada does is under the radar, consulting only those who take their position and not even bothering to hear the other side of things.  The government in my opinion is guilty of lying to its people in this issue and in just about everything that it says and does and this vote fraud is I fear just the tip of the iceberg. There are ripples in the strong, majority, Conservative government’s illusion and through them one can see the real ugly face of this government.

I guess my biggest problem with this government is that it refuses to seek,  take, or even listen to advice of  anyone who will not support their point of view.  Some where in Prime Minister Harper’s head is stuck a notion that if you listen and take advice from an opposing point of view you are giving up your ability to lead the country.  This is this government’s achiles heal, its greatest weakness and I think that it will not change for them, because this government thinks that it is their greatest strength.  The Conservative Government of Canada, thinks this so much that they are gloating strutting while their popularity with the Canadian public continues to drop.  I think that this party forgot the lesson taught to it when Canadians got rid of a then cocky Brian Mulroney, another Canadian Conservative Party leader who said, “If they don’t like what I am doing with the country they can vote me out in the next election”.  I do not recall how many seats in the house that they were left with at the end of that election, but I know it was not many.

Now I will finish with the F-35 bomber, the jet that needed no public tender to purchase; the only jet that met the specifications for what the Canadian Armed Forces needed to be at its best and safest for our pilots.  The Harper government has been cited by the Auditor General of Canada, for knowingly misleading parliament and the Canadian people again with false figures about the cost per jet. They misled parliament, put the parliamentary budget officer’s reputation on the line, when they knew he was right and they were wrong.  Figures that the Harper government knew were way under what the cost of the jet’s actually cost and they did it during an election, misleading voters into voting for them and making the tellers of the truth look like liars, when in fact the biggest liar out there at election time was Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

I know the other side says, so what we can argue figures until we are blue in the face and no side will ever come out the clear winner, but I say that a scandal a day and repeated discoveries of misleading the Canadian people can not be ignored. This is a government who got tossed from governing this country when it was found out that they intentionally misled parliament, have learned nothing from the experience and continue to mislead parliament and the Canadian people to this day. I guess they feel that they got away with it once so they can get away with it any time they like and perhaps with the way Canadian voters rewarded the Harper government by electing them to another term in office after they lied to parliament and Canadians, they have grounds for their assumptions, but I think that even they have gone too far, once too often.

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