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Saturday arrived and believe it or not I was ready to go to my grandson Liam’s 3rd birthday party, if I wasn’t excited, I was willing and so when 12 noon rolled around I called my cab and was out the door.  I was prepared to be the toy, entertain and help out where needed, but I was not prepared for what happened.  The birthday party started at noon and by time I got there, there were already about 20 children there of various ages with as many adults.  The party was held at the local Lawn Bowling Club and the bar was open.  There was a table with sandwich meats, deviled eggs, french bread rolls, chips, several types of fruit,  fruit juices and sodas for the Liam’s guests to eat.  The only person missing was my ex-wife and I can not say that I was sad, we are not on speaking terms these days, but I was determined to be adult enough not to argue at Liam’s birthday party.

I entered the door and said hello to Liam’s paternal grandparents, two down to earth people who I liked the first time we met and their family.  Liam spotted me and was standing in front of me before I could get my coat off, looking for his hug and kisses.  I bent down picked him up, hugged and kissed him and waited for him to ask me to do something like play, or come with him, but it did not happen.  The moment I put him on the floor he was off like a rabbit, back to the table that he and his friends from his daycare class were sharing.  By the time the shock of it all wore off that Liam, did not need me to entertain him, Liam was happily playing with his friends, my daughter was kissing me hello and telling me how Liam was completely toilette trained and was no longer asking for his pacifier.  Liam had become a big boy overnight.  I was so proud of Liam, but a sad feeling passed over me at the same time, as I realized that the times that Liam would need to play with his Grandpa on the floor would soon be a thing of the past and that for all of my complaining about it I would miss those times like I miss them with all of the grandchildren before him.

Sensing my sadness I was sat down in a chair by my daughter and given my youngest grandchild, Liam’s sister, Emily to hold.  I was delighted as Emily looked up into my eyes, snuggled into my chest and fell asleep. I wonder now if all of the whining on my part is a defense mechanism which prepares me for the inevitable time when those little kids grow up and do not need you like they did when they were little and you are replaced by friends their own age and games and toys that do not require your participation?  In any event I just sat there half afraid to move not wanting Emily to wake up and watching Liam having so much fun with his friends and other members of the family and I was glad for him.

The guy who was giving the reptile show showed up and ask everyone who wanted to see the show to please sit down on the floor in a circle and stay back a good 2 feet and he would begin the show.  Liam was to be his helper because it was his birthday and he would get to touch everything first as well.  I liked the show and so did most of the adults, but I thought it was a little too old the youngest of children and a little scary for a few of them and it was made longer with the adults all wanting to hold and pet the specimens and asking the handler all sorts of questions.

The reptile show lost the first half of the children to fright as the handler pulled out his first exhibit  a huge spider. It crawled on him and when he offered the once eager to be his assistant Liam, Liam declined to participate. The Scorpion was met with the same fascination as the spider, but with the same fear as well, the only takers for holding and touching were the adults.

This ended the part of the show for the arachnids and the next exhibit brought laughter and screams of delight from Liam and all of the children as the handler produced a small turtle.  Turtle it’s a turtle Liam squealed with delight and was up in a flash eager to hold and touch the turtle.  The tortoise was met with the same joy and enthusiasm as the turtle and the show went on with a small snake, a horny lizard.

All through the show there was a loud noise coming from one of the animal containers and when ask which one of the 2 remaining  containers Liam wanted to see opened 1st Liam picked the noisy one.  Well to all of the children’s delight the handler brought out a young alligator. Liam really got excited by this creature, wanting to pet and hold this reptile like it was a puppy or a kitten. Liam was so captivated by this creature that he decided to let the creature sit on him for a picture and I was happy for the birthday boy.

Last but not least was the grand finale and when the handler pulled out this large snake.  A python I think it was. The hall went quiet, half of the children went to do something else and the few that remained just stared open-mouthed at the handler as he allowed the snake to wrap around him.  I have shown the snake in a picture in the slide show at the end of this post on the floor with children touching it just so you could get a little idea of just how large he was in comparison to them and he is considered small in the wild.

There was one brave little girl at the party, who was game to touch everything and allowed the snake to wrap itself around her, but she was the lone child to do so.  The show was over an hour-long and the children of Liam’s age kept losing interest and most of the commentary was above their understanding and so they drifted in and out and at some points had to be made to stay put, but all in all there was a little something for every age group and taste and level of bravery and the show went without a hitch.

After the show it was time for the birthday cake, the singing of happy birthday and time for Liam to blow out the candles.  That too went without a hitch until after Liam blew out the candles, he dipped his head towards the cake and took a bite out of it.  Everyone laughed so before his mom could grab the cake he leaned in and took another bite.  Liam smiles with cake on his forehead, nose and chin and asked to open his gifts.

Cars, clothing and cash were the gifts of choice and Liam opened gift after gift with the same enthusiasm and joy from the 1st gift to the last.  I had been there for 3 hours took a lot of pictures and not been called upon one time to play.  When it was time to go Liam hugged and kissed me a ran back to play with his little friends and all was as it should be. I am glad that I went and I know now that I will of course go to the next one and the one after that, because deep down inside I know I do not have to go, I want to go, because they are the memories that will sustain me through my old age as my grandchildren grow older and no longer need a toy, or a baby sitter.

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