Do We Know Who We Are Voting For, Or Are Canadians Making Ill Informed Decisions

After listening to comments made on CPAC, by Canadian citizens young and old, native to this country and newly arrived, after the New Democratic Party of Canada chose their new leader, I was left saddened at how little Canadians knew about Canadian politics and Canadian politicians.  I mean there was your normal I don’t like Stephen Harper stuff and I think that the Conservatives have got the economy under control, but when asked specific questions about Thomas Mulcair, or Green Party leader May, most of the commentors could only offer up guesses to the questions being asked.  I was amazed that most people asked could not name the four parties sitting in the House Of Commons, or name all of their leaders.  This left me to ask the question about how Canadians chose who they are going to vote for and is it really an informed decision, or is it something else?

Are Canadians still voting a certain way because that is the way their family has always voted? Is the personal information about a person wishing to be the leader of this country or represent this country in an official capacity important and if it is why do so few Canadians taking the time to find out about them?  Like how many different parties has the politician aligned himself with and does switching allegiances make the politician open-minded, fickle, or a glory hound?  The question I guess is if you do not even know who the other party leaders are, how are you making an informed choice and chosing the best option out there. Or is saying that I always buy Conservative, the same as saying I always buy a Dodge, so do not bother to show me anything else?

What I do know is that we use our vote to punish rather than to get what it is we need in a government, this is clear in the total destruction of the Liberal Party of Canada over the Sponsorship Scandal and Canadian voters inability to get by it.  This is the only reason that the Harper Government sits in office today.  The government of the day is not strong enough to get elected by a majority of Canadians so it relies on keeping the anger the people felt against the Liberals alive.  Even as they were thrown from government proven to have lied in the House Of Commons and found guilty of misleading the Canadian people they played don’t forget what the Liberals did and stole an election, because Canadians went to the polls angry and voted for Jack Layton and the NDP instead of the Liberals.  Good for the NDP; great for the Conservative party of Canada; bad for the Bloc Québécois and bad for Canadians and Canada now suffering the greatest lack of democracy ever witnessed in Canadian government, in Canadian history and all because we thought we were punishing the Liberal Party of Canada and not ourselves.

We have proved as Canadians that what makes us angry is not what our politicians do, but how their wrong doing is made known to us and who it is that is telling us that we should be angry.  We elected a government for a 2nd term in office and gave them a majority government knowing that they told lies to us over and over; knowing that they were not being transparent, knowing that their party members were committing illegal acts and in some cases violating procedure at best like Jeffers and Oda.  We elected a Prime Minister after knowing he had allowed a convicted felon into his inner circle as one of his chief advisors, so I guess the real question is should be what is it that the Canadian voter finds important that their politicians be, if it is not honest, law-abiding, open and transparent people?

In Quebec we had a majority of voters in the province vote for a political party’s leader, not even noticing that some of the politicians for the party were not even actively campaigning.  They had never met these politicians who they voted for and did not seem to care that some of them were not even from the province and had no idea of their ridings concerns or needs.  All that seemed to matter to them was that they were not Liberal and not Bloc Québécois and that to me is rolling the dice and irresponsible usage of your voting privilege.

In Montreal we have a mayor who keeps getting re-elected no matter how many scandals plague his party and no matter how badly he runs the city.  People are so convinced that all politicians are corrupt that honesty is not expected and anyone appearing to be too honest becomes suspect.  We the voter begin to have our doubts about this seemingly honest fellow or gal, because we feel they must be hiding, because we have been taught from experience that there is no such thing as an honest politician and anyone claiming to no matter how good their tract record, either has no chance of winning, by virtue of not having the right qualifications for the job, by being the only honest person in a liars game, or has to be the biggest liar of all time with not even enough honesty to admit that they are a liar and that kind of liar is just too much for a Canadian voter to vote for..

  Why is it that the modern-day politician decides to become a politician in the first place?  In the past one might have been able to suggest that they wanted to serve their country and the people of it, but I thing we can all agree that service of any kind to anybody but themselves is the furthest thing from their minds, bar none.  Is it the fat pensions and the hefty raises that they assure for themselves that no other person in Canada is entitled to that drives them into politics? Are they all just control freaks living out some life long fantasy?  They all seem like sadist to me seeing how much pain and hardship and suffering they can inflict on the Canadian people, before they are forced to stop.

All I know is that most Canadians have no idea who they are voting for on a professional level or a personal level and most could care less.  I think that Canadians for the most part use their vote to punish, or to maintain a family tradition.  I also think that what was expected of a politician, like to serve the people, to be honest, trust worthy and law-abiding has been reversed and all that Canadians expect from their politicians is the worst and so when they act poorly it ceases to matter as Canadians say so what they are politicians and they are all the same. Canadians have backed themselves into a no win situation where fear of shadows and the boogeyman dictate policy and where we are governed as if we were in a permanent state of war.  Nothing will change for the better if we expect nothing better, or do not even bother to find out who each politician that runs for office truly is as a man or woman and vote accordingly.  If a man or woman lied, cheated, or showed themselves not to care about democracy all through their career, chances are that they will do more of the same more easily with the more power they are given and I say that we do not give them our vote because they happen to be with the right political party, but vote for the person who has demonstrated through the way they live and work to have the ideals and the ways that we do and will have no problem leading or governing the way we wish to be governed.

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