What Is Steven Harper’s And The Conservative Party Of Canada’s Real Agenda?

When the smoke clears and the final mirror has been cracked, what is it that the Conservative Party of Canada led by Steven Harper, really want? Is it power; is it to hold on to power, or is it to change Canada in a way so completely, so fundamentally by changing our laws, that it would be too costly time wise, financially and politically, that no one would want to go there, thereby assuring itself that even in its inevitable defeat that all but the most damaging alterations will be fixed and set right leaving, the lesser and the most politically challenging and dangerous ones to remain, even ignored?  I ask you to consider, what is the real meaning of their intentions once you discard the spin?

I told you in a post long ago that I attended a golf tournament before the Conservatives led by Steven Harper won their 1st election.  Mr. Harper was not in attendance, but those who were there spelled out to the letter what is going on right now when they gave their speeches after the game and openly sat around drinking cocktails, before and after the game, openly discussing their opinions on the economy and how best to fix it, environmental issues and how they did not matter, because they would not be alive when things got really bad and how poor people and people out of work should lose their right to vote like prisoners in jail do, since they were not tax payers.

 I will ask Canadians that believe in this man, in this government, with all that has come to light of this government’s actions can we as Canadians still chalk up all of the reports by 2 different Auditor Generals, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, who this government vilified to be just opposition party sour grapes.  Even now faced with the never-ending list of facts revealing this government’s illegalities, irregularities and irresponsible actions, are we as Canadians still willing to conclude that all that is found out, and reported on television should be  considered just rumors, mud-slinging and innuendo? How can an honest person still conclude that  the opposition parties are making wild accusations against the government in power, the Harper led Conservative, majority government when the starting of everyday brings us yet another mistake, or misrepresentation of the facts, or numbers and the closing of each day seems to tell of yet another large group of Canadians who will lose their jobs directly from this government’s policies?

When as a government you say that you are going to cut thousands of jobs from the public service department and a lot of them if not most of them from frontline positions, but say that the public will not be affected, is this naive, a lack of understanding, or willful ignorance. In my opinion it does not take a genius to see that if there are back logs now when dealing with the public service sector that cutting positions will not help the situation.  It may allow for Mr. Harper to say hey look we saved millions here and there, but it does not address the people who are being put out of work, the lack of quality in the serving of the people this government has pledged to serve.

 I think that the question of this government’s committment to this country and Canadians has been put to the question, because it has none.  I think that this government’s integrity has been put in question, because it shows none and has  proved itself a liar and a back stabber, with an insatiable thirst for power and glory, that forces it to override and abandon anything and anyone that tries to stand in its way.  This is not a question of what is good for Canada, or Canadians, but more an exercise by this government to change Canada forever and to inflict its will on Canadians. This government has decided that it will change Canada enough so that even when they are not governing the country the country will be the way they wanted it or governments replacing them will spend all of their time trying to change all of the hundreds and thousands of amendments to bills and laws and the replacing of laws that it would take more than one session of being a majority government to do.  It is a sick twisted way of seeing that whatever you want as a government and do is irrevocable and it is in no way to be considered democratic.  The only thing that is democratic in Canada right now is that we did have an election, everything after the election done by this government has been  done by the will of a minority representing the desire of a few without care of other points of view and without real meaningful debate.

 I used to think that all this party wanted was to stay in power and that was the driving motivation behind all that they did, but that was a red herring, but there was something more sinister lurking just below the surface and at first I missed it.  I think that the Harper government knew that they were not going to last long as the governing party once the truth about their intentions became clear and out in the open.  Harper knew it in the last election and threw caution to the wind and begged Canadians for a majority government, knowing that this was the only way he could change Canada forever and see that his plans for Canada were accomplished in full.  This time around re-election after this term given a majority government was not even an issue.  In his 1st term in office Steven Harper and his crew set the tone, using every dirty trick and lie, going as far as sacrificing his own members of cabinet and throwing junior members of his caucus to the wolves. Loss of jobs, human suffering are not his goals they are just the byproducts of the way he thinks.  His vision is of a prosperous Canada without poverty and that means getting rid of the poor.  The only problem with that is he thinks that all he has to do is say that there are no more poor and everything is fine and it is so. Steven Harper’s actions indicate that is answer to joblessness and poverty is to make poverty and being out of work so bad that a man in a wheel chair would crawl to work and beg to be allowed to work in construction.  I think also that in the future if you are without a job Mr. Harper would like you to pack up your rags and family and move out of Canada, or perhaps kill yourself and take your family with you thereby sparing your country and real Canadians the expense of having to support you. As we see the government handing out 19,200  pink slips to its federal public service employees, cracking down and legislating the end of legal strikes by workers, forcing the end of political rallies and subverting democracy on the whole in Canada, it must now become clear to even the most staunchest of Harper groupies that he is not who you thought he was and that he has sold out Canada and Canadians.

The country is in chaos, there are massive lay offs, job cuts happening all over this country due to this government’s actions.  There are more strikes and demonstrations everyday from every segment of the population and this government continues to  try and convince us that we are almost there if we can just do a little more. Why would a government who claims to want every Canadian to have a job and be contributing members of Canadian society be responsible for cutting more jobs than anyone or any other reason in this country.  The government is one of the key reasons for people being out of work these days.  One can understand business failure causing people to lose their jobs, but the government getting rid of 19,200 public service workers in a time of back logs and waiting lists?  I guess this guy just does not get it and I do not think that anyone else gets it either anymore.  There was a time when if you were fortunate enough to land a government job, you kept it and could make a career of it, but not anymore, because Harper and company want to balance the books and hide their over the top spending on jets and gazebos.  Mark my words Harper knows his days are numbered in fact I think that he knew his days were numbered from the start and that is why we see the determination and the almost fanatical push to get all that needs to be done according to him and his party right now without proper debate and in spite of the political fallout he knows has to and will be paid, when voters get to have their say at the next federal election.

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