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Harper’s Immigration Law Targets American Women And Other Non Landed Imigrant Mother’s Divorced From Canadian Dead Beat Dads

If the government is capable and willing to separate these mothers from their children, or let it happen, what will they not do and does it matter to them as long as it does not affect the economy negatively?” Continue reading

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Telling An Aging Love One That They Must Go Into A Home

What does it matter if the economy recovers and that our economy is the envy of the rest of the world if to maintain it we must abandon all that makes us human beings? Continue reading

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Canada Pension Plan Nothing But Another Shell Game

I will survive this as I have survived everything else that the governments of Canada have thrown at me, but the question still remains for me and all Canadians why do we have to? Where is our money and if there were bad investments, or negligence ,of the fund why not just say it? Are you not as sick as I am to hear this government tell us now that we must do more and that somehow we have not done what is necessary to prepare for our retirement. The average person is taxed to the point where there is nothing left to save for a rainy day, everything cost so much; the price of everything is sky rocketing, like rent, utilities, food and fuel and we are told to save more. I do not know how you feel, but I am tired of paying into government programs that are no more than a shells game.
Continue reading

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Striking Students In Quebec A Menace To Society And A Danger To All Including Themselves

With the blocking of bridges, the endangering of innocent people lives; innocent men, women and children; babies to seniors all put in danger when smoke bombs were ignited in the metros, bricks and rocks were placed on metro rails. Is stopping a tuition hike worth one human life? I do not think so, so what was the point. Continue reading

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Why Do Opposition Parties Bother To Go To Work On The Hill These Days?

I listened to the debate and was astonished at just how much power Stephen Harper and all Canadian Prime Ministers enjoy and just how much power he is grabbing by giving it to his cabinet ministers who serve only at his pleasure and must do what he says regardless of how they feel if they wish to remain in cabinet and even in caucus. Continue reading

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Not funny, But An Amusing Story Considering Who The Inquisitors Are And What The Fuss Is All About

With his party members behaviour of late one would think he might have kept his criticism to the point and as low-key as possible, but he just kept calling her ability to do her job in question for taking the trip on tax payer dollars. I can understand his urgency to try and deflect the attention away from his own party’s misdoing, but maybe he should try explaing and these things to Bev Oda and seeing that this repeat offender get he just punishment for doing the same thing. Continue reading

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Israel’s, Shimon Peres Visits Canada / What Is The Big Picture That The Harper Government Is Not Showing Canadians?

Far worst though I think that the government is up to something when they say trade and security in the same sentence that usually means fighting and bloodshed for our armed forces. I am not buying the we want peace and Canada is helping us bit, because I think I belive that John Baird is being honest when he says, that, “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada.” Continue reading

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Is There Not One Political Party, One Politician, One Level Of Government, That Canadians Can Put Their Trust In?

All of the various levels of government claim to have our best interests at heart and want what is best for us, but I can not see it Continue reading

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Telling Your Child You Never Loved Them

Oh moms will go to court and fight for custody out of a sense of doing what is right or they feel obligated to do so, or want to look right to their family, friends and the rest of society, but it is not a burden of love. It is at this point that the mom thinks that the child owes them for their sacrifice and when the child is not suitably grateful they deem the child selfish and we see the story of my daughter and her mom come into play. Continue reading

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Black Baseball Player Arrested In USA For Name Calling

I want and I think that all persecuted people want the same protection from hate under the law as the Jewish people have in America. I want a name put to the crime and the crime of anti-Semitism stricken from the law, because under the new definition of hate crimes, anti semitic behaviour will be dealt with in the same manner and considered the same as any other action, or verbal onslaught considered racist, and hateful; using the guidelines by which we in determining anti semitic behaviour today. Continue reading

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