Black Baseball Player Arrested In USA For Name Calling

Detroit Tigers Left Fielder Delmon Young Arrested Friday

This is not just about Delmon Young it is about all of the Delmon Youngs found all over the world in every race, religion and ethnicity and I am not excluding the Jewish race in this statement. Human and civil rights can not be given to just the individual, one race of people, or one religion, but must be given to all and respected by all, leaving none above the other if it is to be just. Freedom of expression therefore can not be twisted to allow what is considered hate for one to utter, be okay for another to post on the net, or make light of on the radio.  Let all be equal under the law and apply the law equally for all and we are on the way to living in peace and harmony.  It is equally important that those who write the laws, enact them and are entrusted to ensure that the law is upheld, do not do so thinking that they are above it, or the cause of equality and freedom of oppression is doomed before it even gets started and we will always be left with the chaos we see today, leading to the stupidity of yesterday with the whole Damon Young affair.

The Canadian government at one time boasted about having the great Canadian mosaic (multiculturalism), when it described the racial, cultural and religious make up of its population.    Now we hear the shameful words from Prime Minister Harper and his government, that they feel it necessary to preserve our country’s true racial, cultural and religious integrity, by forcing new immigrants to give up their customs and become not so different from our European culture and ways, or more simply put, blend in. Leaders all over the world are saying if you need to wear this don’t immigrate here; If you need to pray to your God, do not immigrate here; if you have immigrated here and you do not want to be like us, go back where you came from. I say this is too bad and that we may be better at keeping our racist ways under cover, or in the closet out of sight, but in reality this country is as guilty as any, when it comes to fueling the fire that creates the environment in which the Damon Youngs of the world are born.  How can the people of the world be expected to act better if their leaders are leading them and encouraging them to be racially, religiously and culturally intolerant? Canada is no better than Delmon Young and I feel a shift from a country that once pushed tolerance and respected all the differences in its people, to a country that is a breeding ground for people who think and act like Damon Young with government approval; only there is no anti law to protect the offended. I for one think all should read this, Multiculturalism in Canada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, because this is about a time when Canadians of all cultures colours and religions were considered under law equal and having the same rights. A time when Canadians tried their best to be the best human beings they could be, because its government led by example and did not govern by dividing its country against itself, but by trying to unite its country as one people by law.  It is this set of laws that the Harper government is trying to change, in order to  bring us back to a time, when one race, culture, and religion in this country was considered superior over all others and holding sway over all others and doing so from a legally.  Is this truly where we want to go as Canadians?

Multiculturalism in Canada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I do not care who it is, or what the circumstances are, if you are drunk and making a public nuisance of yourself you should be arrested and charged accordingly, but this is where I draw the line, because if we start arresting and charging everyone who says anything racist against a Jewish person, then we must apply this action to everything considered racist, or hateful to anyone and in all circumstances, so that every citizen gets equal justice under the law  and I do not think that we have enough jails and the cost would be staggering.  Is it illegal to call anybody a name  like, nigger, spick, greaser, rag head, camel jockey, or is it just the Anti Semitic names and references that bothers us in America so much  that they and they alone can be considered a crime of hate instead of ignorant and not very nice to do; better to be ignored by the person being offended, rather than be acknowledged and letting the offender know that he got to you.

Dr. Laura Schlesinger, said Nigger  to a Black woman over the airwaves approximately 9 times, for millions of listeners to hear and not one charge was ever filed against her; she was never arrested and in fact she was hailed as a hero by some in high places.  When Blacks complained they were told things like,”Toughen up, Black’s call themselves that all the time, get over it nigger does not mean what it used to”, so I ask what could this Black baseball player have said to get himself arrested for a hate crime?  These types ignorant charges are the type of thing that gets my blood boiling and makes me want to scream,”What about us the Blacks, the Muslims, the Mexicans and all the other people who get called disparaging names every day; get told to go back where we come from every day, what constitutes a crime of hate for us?

I am not saying that Delmon Young was right to do so in fact I think that he is an ignorant ass and a disgrace to black people everywhere. He has proved himself to be these things by his actions that day and in the past.  Delmon Young does and says things consistent with the behaviour and intelligence of a spoilt child when it does not get its way, throwing things and having temper tantrums, but does any of what he has done constitute a hate crime and if so why does the same rule not apply to him, in reverse.  We all know that the other person could have called Delmon Young  a nigger until he was blue in the face and not one charge would have been laid stronger them making a public nuisance of themselves, or disturbing the peace.

What I am getting at is that we live in a time where governments are openly targeting certain races of people, certain religious groups and committing all manner of atrocities against them daily, if not hourly and are openly encouraging their populations to single these same people out, but no one seems to care, or hear anything wrong until it happens to a Jewish person.  The funny thing is that I think that the baseball player is wrong if he said the things that he said and I hope he gets punished for it, but if he does then there needs to be a change in the law and a new word created that covers everyone and not just the Jewish race.

I want and I think that all persecuted people want the same protection from hate under the law as the Jewish people have in America.  I want a name put to the crime and the crime of anti-Semitism stricken from the law, because under the new definition of  hate crimes, anti semitic behaviour will be dealt with in the same manner and considered the same as any other action, or verbal onslaught considered racist, and hateful; using the guidelines by which we now using to determine anti semitic behaviour today.

All my life even to this day I have been told that slavery of the black race was a bad thing.  The world acknowledges that it should never have happened.  The world even acknowledges that it can not even begin to calculate the number of my ancestors died at sea due to illness, or got tossed overboard alive in chains, but we have no name for these brutal acts and it is not a crime to deny that the enslavement of Blacks ever happened.

My ancestors were literally worked to death without pay we know who did it, but no charges were ever laid against anyone, or made to pay restitution.  My ancestors were beaten, raped and sold; families broken up and we were considered chattel, but we are told, “Sorry that was then, look how far you have come, forget the past”, as if this is compensation enough for the horrors that my people faced and the suffering that they have endured.  No I do not condone what Delmon Young did, or said, but I am looking for the same justice to be applied to all people, of all races, creeds and ethnicities.  The very use of the words Anti Semitic, or Holocaust some how makes the Jewish suffering greater than the suffering of any other people ever and I just do not believe that to be true.  If Jewish people are to suffer no more, be it by violence, written word, or spoken and to do so is to be punishable by law, than I want that protection too for all people.

The North American Indians who have suffered beyond all others, who have lost everything, but their will to live, stolen from them have yet to be compensated for their losses.  All other people talk about being almost wiped off the face of the earth, but there is tribe of American Indians that were wiped out in their entirety and not one person has done a day in jail, or charged with hate crimes for their loss and continued suffering.  What happened to these people was not attempted genocide, but genocide and yet the only people who it is a crime to voice the denial of their plight is the jews and the denial of the Holocaust and I just do not understand why. Oh I know the reasons given and I agree with them, but I do not understand why the law only applies to the Jewish religion, the State of Israel and the Jewish race?

Definition of ANTI-SEMITISM

: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.

Why would this ideology be applied to everyone and a new name made to cover all people discriminated against as a religious, ethnic, or racial group? Instead of creating a word and then laws that by their very definition and penalties, puts the dislike of Jews above the dislike of anyone else and begs for a protection of one race above and beyond that of all other races.  All of the rest of the races save the Jewish race are expected to forgive and forget the past; take an insulting disparaging remark from whence it comes.  My God people the KKK are still holding rallies, marching openly and white supremacy is still alive and well in America. People are arming themselves along the USA / Mexican border and we arrest an intoxicated black man in New York City, charge him with a hate crime for shouting Anti Semitic statements?

The election that saw Barrack Obama showed this double standard best when Hillary Clinton said she was going after the poor, white, uneducated voters and her message to them was, “He, Barrack Obama is not like us, he does not understand us”, now just what was she trying to say? The disparaging pictures, quotes about him and his family, never saw anyone arrested and charged.  These are all things that everyone else in the world are supposed to hear and get over without charges being laid by the police, there is not even a law for it and I want to know why not for me? Why just for them?

I understand that Delmon Young has apologized for his for is actions and his statements and he is deeply remorseful as he should be, but it does not solve the question, or the problem of the hate crime charge and that the hate crime charge was dropped before he went to court does not answer why it was there at the time of the arrest. At best this is a solution that best suits the day and a real solution for all the rest of us will have to wait until tomorrow, or until a non celebrity utters what is considered a hate crime, due to its ani-semitic nature and gets tested in a court of law.

The only way that true justice will be seen and the need for words like Anti-Semitic, and Anti Semitism will be no longer needed is when as countries, governments and the people of the world, we all stand together and say no more; we will tolerate no more racial intolerance, no more religious intolerance from any one person directed at, or against another person, or group at anytime, or in any place.  Further more, anyone found to be in  violation of the law, whether it be, in word, print or deed, will be dealt with in accordance to and to the fullest extent of the law.  This is just my idea of a better solution if we are going to insist on solving peoples hates and fears and ignorance with laws.

Note: Nothing on what was actually said by Delmon Young, or the other person, which I find strange, when such a serious charge being leveled at one side of an action that involved 2 or more people.  What actually caused Damon Young to tackle the other guy? Could it have been another racial slur, not given as much weight as say an Anti Semitic one? I could not tell you, because in all the reports that I have read to date, do not say.   I do not think it matters, because someone out there should have used a little common sense and 2 wrongs do not make a right, but I would have liked to know the whole story, not the half story that got printed and televised and covered in the media.

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