Is There Not One Political Party, One Politician, One Level Of Government, That Canadians Can Put Their Trust In?

Stephen Harper Is not alone

Let us review our government’s actions on all levels shall we, because I believe except for the level of ignorance and arrogance displayed there is not much difference between any of them.  All of the various levels of government claim to have our best interests at heart and want what is best for us, but I can not see it.

Education is supposed to be one of the things that all levels of government agree is good for all Canadians, yet on all levels of the government it is not a priority to have all Canadians educated.  The price of a government loan to go to school keeps young Canadians in debt until they are old Canadians.  The government tracks down and takes money due from student loans without mercy, like a loan shark.  They seize personal belongings, send bailiffs to your door and whether you are employed or not will attach your debt to your pension.

Let us see governments are supposed to be transparent, but what government is, be they provincial, federal, or civic you get information on a need to know basis.  This year alone every level government has told us the voter that we do not need to know about the state of the infrastructure in Quebec such as the bridges in Montreal.  The latest to say it was the federal government when it refused earlier this week to release the report on the bridges, but before them the provincial Liberal said we the voter were too stupid to understand the engineering terms found in a report and too lazy to get help in understanding them.  On the municipal level the mayor would rather paint squares on the corners so bikers not obeying the rules of the road and staying in a lane where their path meets with regular traffic, then hire building inspectors,  fill pot holes and fix our sewage system.  Just lately the Mayor decided that he alone would decide what structures needed to be fixed first and it had nothing to do with fixing or making the Champlain Bridge safer, or replacing it all together.  Whether it is Jean Charest, Stephen Harper, or Gérald Tremblay not one of them are doing anything that amounts to a better Canada, or for a better life for Canadians.

Let us take a look at the federal Conservative Party to start, because they are ruling this country, not governing it democratically.  Yes they got their majority through a democratic process, but the democracy died the day after the election was won.  It is clear and was stated on the day of their one year anniversary, by Prime Minister Harper and any member of his cabinet that could get a camera on themselves that they intend to continue to put the state of the Canadian economy before the needs and right of Canadian people.  Changes to the Canadian pension plan, Environmental laws    Peter Van Loan said that on CPAC that if Canadians don’t like what his government is doing to them, or on behalf of them they will have ample time in the future to show their discontent in upcoming elections.  It seems to be almost a curse for the Federal Conservative Party to attain a majority government, because every time they do they seem to get drunk on the power and so big-headed that they feel they are bigger than the electorate.  Brian Mulroney‘s was a case in point of the arrogance and a government’s inability to adjust to the fact that although they had attained a majority in government they could not just do as they like to their citizens and not pay a political price for it.  In fact Peter Van Loan made the same statement about voters not having a choice in what his government was doing as Brian Mulroney.

Provincially what do we have, governments taking transfer payments and not providing services to their citizens.  Infrastructure, education, medical care all going down the toilet and all we get at the taxpayer end is long waiting times in emergency rooms, cancelled operation dates, because of a lack of space and staff.  We have fights over language, closing down protests and arguing the validity and the need to stay in confederation taking priority over desperately needed repairs to bridges that are ready to fall down and overpasses to highways that have already killed people, but the call to Ottawa for more money goes on.  When it is a governments way to fix homelessness by fining the homeless and putting them in jail, or allowing it to happen in its cities, instead of building homeless shelters, or low-income housing, I would say that all the provincial governments are failing their citizens as well.

The governing of our cities is no better than our governance in 2 other levels of Canadian government. I do not know about you but I do not remember when I felt that any level of Canadian government was really concerned about what I felt, or I got the sense that they really gave a damn whether they were connected to the needs or the will of the people they are supposed to be serving.  In hard economic times why do we see bikes over people in Montreal?  I believe it is good to see people riding bikes instead of driving cars, but what about the people sleeping on the street and going to bed hungry.  What about our lack of police presence because there is supposedly no money? What about not being able to pick up the snow because there is no money in the budget? What about bricks falling off of buildings and killing people, because there are not enough building inspectors, inspecting buildings? Do all of these things always have to take a back seat to accommodate a city mayor’s vision for your city?  If the government was functioning properly the answer in my opinion should be no.

It is not just one level of government or one political party that is responsible for the suffering of Canadians, it is all of them. They all blame each other for their short comings, while Canadians die from malnutrition and the elements, waiting for an operation that can not wait and all of the other things that are not a priority no matter what political party is in office and no matter what level of government that it is, that you are looking at.  I think that we as Canadian citizens need to forget party lines and get together and demand our right to transparency, honesty and some respect.  All governments  at all levels in Canada fashion themselves as monarchies rather than governments of the people; there to serve the people not rule over them and this in my opinion must change, before things get any better.

Let us recap if any of this written below is true, do you think that you are getting the services that you are entitled to as a Canadian citizen?

The Federal Government is seated in Ottawa and is headed by the Governor General of Canada on the advice of the Prime Minister. Its responsibilities include:

  • defence,
  • criminal law,
  • employment insurance,
  • postal service,
  • census,
  • copyrights,
  • trade regulation,
  • external relations,
  • money and banking,
  • transportation,
  • citizenship, and
  • Indian affairs.

The Constitution also specifies that every issue not mentioned as belonging to the provincial or territorial governments comes under the power of the Federal Government.

 In general, provincial and territorial responsibilities include:

  • property and civil rights,
  • administration of justice,
  • natural resources and the      environment,
  • education,
  • health, and
  • welfare.

Towns, Townships, and Municipalities and are headed by a Mayor. Their responsibilities vary from location to location but generally include:

  • water
  • sewage,
  • waste collection,
  • public transit,
  • land use planning,
  • libraries,
  • emergency services,
  • animal control, and

economic development

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