Israel’s, Shimon Peres Visits Canada / What Is The Big Picture That The Harper Government Is Not Showing Canadians?

Well the president of Israel, Shimon Peres visits Canada,  is officially met by King Harper’s Governor General of Canada and puppet, David Johnston; is gushed over by  the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, acting much like a school boy meeting his movie star hero and defended ferociously by Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird against anyone who would dare to say a word against what he calls the only democratic country in the region, the only defender of gay and lesbian rights in the region and Canada’s best friend, Israel.

The Governor General, acknowledged the sharing of knowledge on all levels and on many things like education, technology and shared values. David Johnston welcomed the visit of Shimon Peres, calling his visit a sharing of ideas and the strengthening of Canada and Israel’s friendship. The Governor General talked of the things that the Jewish community in Canada have contributed to Canada’s success as a nation and mentioned a few names from a number of professions and even a fallen soldier.  David Johnston followed pretty much his the Conservative government of Canada’s script when it comes to talking about Israel and Canada in public and so when the president of Israel got his chance to speak it was no surprise that Canada got a big pat on the head for being a loyal friend, who sticks by Israel’s side no matter what?

Prime Minister Harper looked like a little child standing in awe of his movie star hero, stammering and talking about Canada being honored and always happy to receive high leveled dignitaries from Israel. Stephen Harper is not as adept in not showing his prideful side as his ministers and seemed to be as proud as a peacock and showing all of his feathers that the president of Israel and he would be chatting privately at a later time.  One gets the feeling with this visit and the visit earlier this year from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that something is up and it is not all about cultural exchange, or trading agreements, but maybe a little more than is being stated about security issues in that region, but like everything else that this government puts its hands on politically it becomes shrouded in secrecy, that leads to guessing, which leads to Canadians being left in the dark arguing amongst themselves, full of suspicion in all camps, without all the facts.

John Baird, displayed his total lack of diplomatic skills in his one-sided defense of all Israel has done in the past and anything it might do in the future.  When questioned on CPAC about his statements about Israel having no better friend than Canada he almost reverted back to the wild-eyed, snarled mouth, hissy fitting, John Baird of old in the House of Commons.  It was clear that he was going to tolerate no negative sentiment where Israel was concerned.  Every question put to him about Israel’s policies and actions in the middle east, brought out a defensive tirade that did not answer the questions, but instead asked questions about other nations policies and actions such as Iran and Syria.  There was an implied how dare people question anything that Israel done, or will have to do to maintain its existence. John Baird is at best no diplomat and has weakened Canada’s ability to negotiate, or help negotiate a peaceful diplomatic solution with his one-sided, we only see Israel’s side  speeches.  If I were the other side of this coin I would not be wanting to speak with Canada as long a John Baird was the one I had to talk to, he in my opinion has stressed his one-sided approach way too often while everyone else including Shimon Peres has tried to play that closeness and one-sidedness down.

WASHINGTON, May  5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada,” declared Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird at the AJC Global Forum.

“Our strong support for Israel is not  about politics at home, and certainly not about winning popularity contests at  the United Nations. Canada certainly has the  scars to show for it,” Baird said. “It’s about values.”

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The world in my opinion has become a very small  and closed, narrow-minded place; a place of clicks where terms like democratic rule, sharing our values and terrorist regime dictate everything in terms of foreign and domestic policy.  It was a club that I used to be able to say proudly that Canada had refused to join, up until the Conservative majority government led by Stephen Harper decided that they were not content negotiating with words and demanded their gun and cup of blood.  We as Canadians used to be able to travel the world without fear, because we were loved and considered a people who chose peaceful solutions to political problems, until the Conservative majority government led by Stephen Harper decided that only our values should be used and kept in the world and that all others change to ours voluntarily, or with a Canadian gun put to their head and labeled anyone different in thinking to us terrorists.

This visit of Shimon Peres, with all of its pomp and ceremony only shows this government’s in ability to look at both sides of the middle east conflict objectively. I think that this government is content to put all Canadians in danger all over the world to make a name for itself as the sole unconditional supporter of Israel and defender of Israel come hell or high water.  It is no longer a safe world for Canadians traveling around the globe we are now considered the enemy targets to be captured and ransomed, or even raped and killed, where we were considered a fair minded negotiator for peace and if not ally at least a justice seeking advisor.  Far worst though I think that the government is up to something when they say trade and security in the same sentence that usually means fighting and bloodshed for our armed forces.  I am not buying the we want peace and Canada is helping us bit, because I think I believe that John Baird is being honest when he says, that, “Israel has no greater friend in the world today than Canada”, but like most Canadians I would like to know exactly what that means, in Canadian soldiers live, blood and sweat.  I would also like to know the price tag of this friendship in dollars and cents and world’s opinion, since Stephen Harper, John Baird and the rest of the Conservative government of Canada either have no idea, or do not think it matters.

 I for one wish that I could trust Prime Minister Harper and his government and what they say is going on as fact, but is has become painfully common knowledge that this government only gives us the little picture and in the short-term.  It keeps the big picture and the long-term effects of its plans to itself and so a friendly visit and simple talks of trade and security in the short-term could end up with us taking military action on behalf of Israel in the long-term.  After all who could have guessed that this government who promised not to do certain things and has now done them would claim that they felt no need to tell us voters their long-term goals.  I just wish for once that we would be given the total picture from this government about its intentions on just one thing, but unfortunately this is not the way this government does business.

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