Why Do Opposition Parties Bother To Go To Work On The Hill These Days?

Why Do Opposition Parties Bother To Go To Work On The Hill These Days?

Why do opposition parties bother to go to work on the Hill these days?  It is clear that in a majority government in Canada, that there is no need for an opposition party and that the government is under no obligation to debate anything, take into consideration anything that is debated by the opposition or any experts called, so what is the point?

If you’re controlling the government means you control the senate and all sitting committees by numbers, appoint all of the Supreme court of Canada justices, as well as all crown corporation heads, arms length government agency heads, what is the point of opposition parties showing up for work?

It would seem to me that Canada’s democratic system of governing is looking a lot like the regimes that it is so against.  Except for death camps and the vote, what rights do we that the Iranian people do not and with all of the sweeping powers being given to Canadian ministers of cabinet, how long will we it be before absolute power corrupts them absolutely?

A question was asked on a program on CPAC to 2 debaters and it went something like this,”Does becoming Prime Minister of Canada, change the person and make them corrupt, by the very nature of the position and all it entails and the power the person has at their disposal?  I listened to the debate and was astonished at just how much power Stephen Harper and all Canadian Prime Ministers enjoy and just how much power he is grabbing by giving it to his cabinet ministers who serve only at his pleasure and must do what he says regardless of how they feel, if they wish to remain in cabinet and even in caucus.

This is our system of government and in the past, at the end of the day it has always been not as bad as some, better than most and at the very least gave some semblance of caring for the people it was elected to serve, even with a majority status, but this is not the case anymore.

If and when a government places itself above the law, persecutes, punishes, silences and gets rid of all opposition to its way of doing things; takes upon itself to keep from parliament vital information needed to debate laws, to vote on contracts to be awarded, budgets to be implemented; defies the supreme court of Canada’s rulings, are we still living in a democracy, because we get to vote and how long before we lose that right living under a power-hungry Prime Minister, with a majority government who thinks that only they and their way is best for Canada and that the vote and debate process gets in the way of him or her getting things done?

I know some would say that the Canadian Charter of rights protects us, but does it really? Do any of the charters really mean anything if the leaders do not follow them? Governments in Canada on all levels have reached a state where the rights of its citizens are ignored, or replaced  everyday to allow for taking away the rights and privileges that Canadians were and are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so that a government can institute a policy, silence freedom of speech, take away self-expression, or anything else that it choses and with a majority government sitting, well you see what happens.  The extent of the power grab, the rights lost, are only determined by the arrogance, lust for power and will of the Prime Minister.  This Prime Minister has stated publicly that he does not see the Canadian Charter of Rights as important and in fact finds it a tool used too often to slow down, or hinder government business by environmentalists and the like and allows the courts too much say in the running of this country.

Why do we as Canadian citizens bother to vote for local MPs to send to Ottawa, when the MPs loyalty and service is to the Prime Minister and no matter how much they want to serve their constituents they are not free to vote their minds and consciences, but for the most part vote the party line, which is to say what the Prime Minister says?  This to me seems not in keeping with a democracy, but very much in keeping with a dictatorship, or monarchy.

I would say that we have not lived in a democracy in Canada for a long time if one can even define democracy and come up with something that makes any sense in terms of governance. I think we have been living on the very edge of democracy, not really having any say, or representation, but nothing happening radical enough, often enough to think that we need to act out and demand our rights.  Up to now although not much better than this government governments of the past have maintained a balance even it a majority to not be ignorant, or arrogant enough with enough of its citizens for the people of Canada to say we  do not feel we are living in a democracy.  There may have not been much for the poor, but there was always something, but the real problem I find is that we are living a lie in Canada and it becomes worse and more evident with a majority government.

I have asked what is the point to a few things in this post and the only answer I can think of is to give the appearance of doing the right thing to the people and to the world.  All of these summits like the G8, G20 that are held behind closed does, in private have served their purpose and their real agenda and it had nothing to do with helping the poor, or even furthering democracy in the world, like they promised and declared to the public.  They were to promote and discuss how to make happen what we are seeing in the world today and that is one people, one way of thinking and most importantly one way of doing business.  One set of laws for the world, one way of governing for all of the world, in short the realization of the dream of,” New World Order“, where what is good for the people of the country does not count as much as how it affects the business of the world; where economy trumps the needs of one’s citizens; where big business needs trumps social programs; where immigration is discouraged especially that of the refugee who upset the delicate balance of New World Order with their very dissention and search for a better life.

There is no need for the opposition parties to get work under a majority government in Canada, except to keep up appearances.  They are powerless and can only delay the inevitable.  I think they would be more influential in showing Canadians how little they can do and how much power the Prime Minister has by staying home and not allowing this farce to go on.  I mean do not vote, do not go to committees, go on strike, because they do not matter. Let the government make all of the decisions on its own and get the credit or the wrath because in truth they only use your negative vote against you.

I would suggest that it is time to stop the ability of the majority government as it stands today in Canada with all of the power that it gives the sitting government, or at the very least there should be a way for Canadians to remove a government majority or not from power without having to resort to what we see in other countries, like revolution, which happens as a direct result of people feeling that they have lots all rights, all say in how they are governed.

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