Canada Pension Plan Nothing But Another Shell Game

I am sitting here in my office / spare bedroom thinking about my retirement and what life will be like until I die and I smile, because being just a hard – working man, not rich, but not really poor has toughened me.  The time that I spent on the street first in gangs, followed by selling stolen goods, drugs and just about anything that was illegal to sell, has taught me that nothing last for ever and what goes up eventually comes down. I listen to the government rhetoric and realize quickly that if they had not gone into politics they would have been pimps, whores and hustlers, because their methods are the same, heartless, cruel and just business and never personal.  By this I mean that everything is done to make more money, money is the bottom line.  This is how things play out on the streets and this is our governments modus operandi.

When the federal government decided to get into the pension business and changed the acts and laws of the land to force every working Canadian and their employers to pay into a federally controlled pension plan they made a bad business decision, based on trying to help the increasing number of seniors who were found to be living below the poverty line live just above it.  It was a decision based on caring about the work force and about people who after working and paying taxes all of their lives and paying into private pension plans were all to often living in squalor, because their pensions were not adequate and did not take into account the ever rising costs of inflation, or were mismanaged by private insurers and employers and simply were not there the way that they should have been; like Nortel?

The key word though is mandatory, or compulsory, meaning no choice, but to comply and so the government took over private businesses’s cash cow of the moment raking in the funds from businesses and employees alike and investing them in other things not related to pensions and not always wisely, until we get to where we are today for the tax paying Canadians; still screwed but just by a different crook, or con man.  We hear phrases like, the non sustainability of the Canada pension plan is due to seniors living longer, but we knew that, it is not a sudden change, so why did the Canada Pension Plan not change with the times.  It did not change with the times because the money was not being invested in our retirement, making interest and growing like the nest egg that it should have been for all Canadians.

None of this will hurt me though, because I was raised on little and have been back there many times.  I have no mortgage, no fancy cars, boats, or toys and so little will change for me as I grow older. I will not even get depressed for I am used to being lied to by the government and denied the things that everyone should have, because I was born poor and through some fault of my own and that of both the provincial and federal government and the way that society deals with its poor, not much hass changed for me in this regard and it has made me a survivor.

It is the middle class of people, the not filthy rich small to medium business owner operator that  I feel sorry for; the men and women who work for these companies at good salaries, because they and their families will feel the pain.  Struggling to keep the businesses afloat, the jobs open while the government bleeds them for pension dollars it has no intention of paying out in the end, will be tough for them because this fight is not the fight they are used to.  This kind of reminds me of when the government decided to make it next to impossible to get unemployment insurance, so that they could save money. I remember because I was going to quit my job because my boss was an abusive idiot and he just stood there laughing telling me that if I quit I would be penalized by the government and possibly be denied my claim all together.  I did not believe him because I had paid my unemployment insurance payments for years and never made a claim and after all I was never given a choice of paying in or not.  I did quit and I was penalized an extra 4 weeks of uninsurable claim.  It was a bad time for the working man then at the mercy of every employer who had the blessing and aid of the government to make getting unemployment as tough as possible  So many people who had been forced into paying for this time in their lives and were counting on the money that should have been provided for them were being made to wait and go on welfare to make ends meet.  This is exactly the type of impersonal dealing with the hardships of Canadians who have contributed to a government program  all of their lives, that this government is utilizing with its Act To Amend Te Pension Plan.

I ask you why can the government sustain everything to do with war, like the jets, submarines, helicopters without concern for the economic crisis, but can not sustain one thing that has to do with making life, easier, more fulfilling and less trying for its citizens, like medic care, veterans benefits and just about all other social programs?  Why is there money for jails, but not for shelters and low-cost housing?  I have been a mover by profession and have not been affected by this law, because I was born in the right year, but I do not want to be a mover until I am 67, I am 57 years old and my back is saying quit now.  I wonder who they are talking about when they said that I as a Canadian will want to work another 2 years, when I was looking to retire 5 years ago.

I will survive this as I have survived everything else that the governments of Canada have thrown at me, but the question still remains for me and all Canadians why do we have to?  Where is our money and if there were bad investments, or negligence of the fund why not just say it?  Are you not as sick as I am to hear this government tell us now that we must do more and that somehow we have not done what was necessary to prepare for our retirement.  The average person is taxed to the point where there is nothing left to save for a rainy day, everything cost so much; the price of everything is sky rocketing, like rent, utilities, food and fuel and we are told to save more.  I do not know how you feel, but I am tired of paying into government programs that are no more than a shell game.

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