Harper’s Immigration Law Targets American Women And Other Non Landed Imigrant Mother’s Divorced From Canadian Dead Beat Dads

Well I am not surprised at anything that this government does and neither should any Canadian Whether you voted for the Conservative Party of Canada, or not. I said it before the last election, during it and after it if you elect a  government that was removed from office because they lied and misinformed parliament, which means they lied and misled you and I, then what did you expect, once Harper and company got into office again and with a majority government to boot.  Harper said and I quote,”When we get finished with Canada no one will recognize it”.  Just because some of us did not believe that he would do it does not mean that he did not say it; just because some of us thought that the scandals, lying and this party’s lack of transparency did not matter, that did not mean that it didn’t and so as the power the Prime Minister grows with every law that seems to give his cabinet ministers absolute power over everything the people being caught in the net grows larger.  I believe absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I know the agenda to be what they have always sought to do because no matter how they lied and tried to cover it up I was at a golf tournament, before the Harper government‘s first victory  in Montreal where they spelled it out in full to anyone who would listen.

The tournament was held at a course called, Golf Atlantide and at first was supposed to be just a small affair for the Conservative members of one local and their families, but as other ridings heard of it they wanted to be a part of it because it was an election year. It was not long before the whole city and all the ridings were wanting in and when that happened so did Ottawa.  as you can imagine the conversation at the 19th hole was about what they were going to do when they won, what they believed in and what they didn’t.  The only problem for them is that in Montreal, Conservative and Liberal voters may not agree politically, but we do have beer together, play golf together and sometimes share the same house and bed, so at that tournament were members of other political stripes like me, listening and remembering everything that was said and so it is no surprise to me who heard and witness this plan for change for Canada first hand and should not be for you who I shared it with in a post , no several posts, some time ago.

The latest victim of this governments omnibus budget bill is going to be a group of divorced mother’s who had once been married to Canadian men, have custody of children, but for one reason or another did not apply for citizenship, have custody of their children and can not now come forward because they fear that under Canada’s new immigration act they will be deported without their children, or forced to leave their Canadian children here with either non  supportive husbands, or remain in Canada, not be allowed to work , or get social assistance and be totally dependant on the good will of the community. I think that this type of government generated fear  and total disregard for women and the imbalance and injustice that these unthought out laws are causing these women is just so wrong.  Since the story of the BC woman you would have expected that this Harper government would have made it clear that this was not what the law had intended and moved to create a safety zone by which these women could feel safe that they could come forward get the status corrected without fear of deportation, but this was not to be the case.

The Cabinet minister simply voiced his concern or lack of it through his secretary which is becoming the norm for the government and urged the BC woman to come forward because, he understood that other women have succeeded in getting their status corrected with little problem, but he was offering up no guarantees.  We seen this in the Paula Ortiz case that this government does not feel anything is wrong in forcing families apart.  This government does not care about women.  The women in this government seem more interested in wearing the best clothes and competing for best looking MP then getting anything done for women.  For example, why were there no tough new laws rammed through to help this BC woman’s  and thousands like her in Canada to ensure that dead beat dads pay their child support and spousal support so that these women and children would not have to prostitute themselves to support their children, or burden the economy by asking for assistance as the Harper government sees such requests?  this is happening to these women because this like a million other things have not been discussed, so no one seen this coming.  Even the USA gives grace periods, a well advertised time when illegals are given the opportunity to declare themselves and given the assurance that unless they be deemed  a threat to the USA they will be given a chance to become American citizens.  Any burden that these women and their children cause to Canada and tax paying Canadians is brought about by dead beat Canadian fathers who now that they are divorced from their foreign wives refuse to pay child and spousal support for long periods of time with little by way of punishment coming via the court, or the government.  My question still remains why before a Canadian can marry someone from another country are they not made to agree to support them as long as that person remains in Canada and to support the children of the marriage with threat of seizure of business and personal wealth until such time as their obligations to ex-wife and children are met?

So what we have are housewives with children of Canadian men who were covered under their husbands Canadian citizenship as long as they were married and had no way of knowing that they would not be together for the rest of their lives, so formalizing their own status as Canadians did not seem important. Now suffering a loss of the husband, ending up with custody of Canadian born children with no way to support them, because the husband is defaulting on his payments this government does not go after him it denies the woman any help financially and now threatens to throw her out of the country because her new marital status make her an illegal alien. Probably here with no family but him and his she is left with two options be deported and leave her kids behind with a father who up to now could not be bothered to support his children, or force them to leave with her and cost them all that they have come to have like friends, school and their country.  This is not justice, but this is what happens when an idealistic government does not listen; does not take the time to consider the impact its laws are having on all people; is what happens when money and economics are put ahead of social programs and people.

Did the Harper government intend to target these women? I would think probably not, but does it matter in the end if they do not alter their laws to protect them? This is what happens when we alter and tip the balance of decency the wrong way; this is what happens when a person or a group of people think they and they alone have all the answers to everything that ails a country and they need not hear from anyone else.  The innocent; the forgotten; the not thought about will always end up paying for the mistakes of the egotistical; the people with history to make and a legacy to leave behind.  From breaking legal  strikes, to the scrapping of everything Liberal they are now attacking divorced mothers and women not born here and they were not even aware of the fact that they were doing it and now that they know they show no hurry to fix this mistake.  I have asked this question in just about every post, “If the government is capable and willing to separate these mothers from their children, or let it happen, what will they not do and does it matter to them as long as it does not affect the economy negatively?”  What a weapon men will have over their wives, stay with me or get deported; do as I say or get deported; ask for too much in spousal support and child support and I will get you deported.  Did the Harper government intend to target these women? I would think probably not, but does it matter in the end if they do not alter their laws to protect them?

Is this just another issue that we as good Canadians are going to just allow to happen, or is somebody, anybody going to step up to the plate and demand that these ladies who have already suffered so much  be left alone and given help to support themselves and there families?

CBC.ca News – Mom can’t leave Canada with children, or stay either

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