Does A Good Canadian Really Have To Take On The Traits Of The Three Monkeys?

I it true what they say that a good Canadian sees no evil,hears no evil and speaks no evil when it comes to the actions of  their government? I heard it argued once that Canadians are not apathetic when it comes to governmental injustice, they just do not know what to do to turn things around.  Are we all Oliver in the orphanage, being whipped denied food while our masters dine on only the best, helpless to change our fate, or are we simply socially irresponsible cowards, who allow and even participate in the injustices put to our fellow citizens hoping that to do so will somehow prevent the government from getting to us?  Or are we as a people deaf dumb and blind to the suffering and the pain of others caught up in the pursuit of our own happiness above all else and stepping on the bodies of the fallen to get ourselves to the top?  If we are none of the above how is it that so many of our fellow Canadians are without food, housing, education and the basic things considered to be basic necessities?

I say we are all of the above in varying degrees, or there would be an out cry ao loud that this government would not be able to continue on its tyrannical way taking out of our Canadian culture what is always has been to be a good Canadian.  We have stood by and watched this country be vilified by our leaders for being a peaceful nation as if it was a cowardly thing to want and seek peace through peaceful means.  We have stood by and allowed this government to divide this country’s people one against the other based on religious, racial and ethnic lines and said nothing.  We have allowed this government to seek to further the pain of our most fragile of citizens, we have heard them maligned and persecuted and done nothing, pretended not to see and when asked to help refused even to say what we have seen. Oh yes I would say that yes is the answer to al of the questions above for almost all Canadians and it is a shame.

We have somehow bought into the idea that a good Canadian does not make trouble for its government and does not speak against it government no matter what.  We must be blind because we can not see the pollution, see the trees dying from acid rain, or see the erratic weather swings, because I know we are not a stupid people, or a suicidal people so we must be blind.  We must be deaf because we can not hear the other 99% of the world who now understand and say that we must listen to the experts and change our ways now.  I know if we could hear we would not ignore these wise words and move to save the world and by doing so save ourselves from an inevitable extinction.  As Canadians we must also be crippled or unable to move because we sit on our behinds and do nothing while the world as we know it and loved it is torn down twisted and remade into some farcical giant sterile banking machine with as much humanity as an instant teller or an automatic voice message.  Yes I feel that today a good Canadian looks like the three monkeys, see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil and we are suffering and paying a high price for it in all ways.

How can we as Canadians sit back if we can see, hear and feel and ignore it when our government goes ahead with trade deals with countries that mistreat their people and violate the very standards that we helped establish in international law on human rights and freedoms?  Is it that money, or the promise of it is so important that doing a better job now where once there were blatant atrocities is okay to us now.  Child labor, unfair hiring and under paying is okay now because it is good for our economy? Do we actually believe that money is worth the weeping of mothers, for the jailing and the deaths of fathers, and the suffering of young children?  I would hope not and hope that this is just some kind of mas hypnotism that can not be sustained by this government on the Canadian people and that we will snap out of it before we inflict any more damage on our image internationally and the people of the guilty countries we are now chosing to embrace and thereby at credibility and our  support to their vile actions.

Finally if distance and the fact that they are not our problem is responsible and the cause of our apathy, then why do we suffer with the three monkey disease on domestic matters of human rights as well? We pretend it does not matter that we can not sustain our medical system; we try not to notice when the government puts an end to collective bargaining; we do not hear the pleas of mothers being forced to leave the country without their children, so I must assume tha Canadians have become deaf, dumb and blind , because not to care about anything except money is just not Canadian.

If one thing is true it is that we the Canadian citizen are allowing our government to do the, cruel thoughtless things that they are doing both at home and abroad without the slightest protest.  We have forgotten what is just; what is morally correct and what it is to be a real Canadian.  We need to find our way back to what made us who we were as a people not just a government, because what we have allowed ourselves to become is all that is bad in the world.  In Germany the people forgot who they were and look what happened while a whole country of people claimed not to know, about the atrocities, is this who we really wanted to become?

Vic Toews asked the question, “what makes a terrorist? What would make a citizen turn against his or her government and commit violent acts against said government?  I say that Canadians and Vic Toews need only look in the mirror to find the answer.  When a people of a country feel they have nowhere to go, and that they will have no relief from their suffering and that the government is not listening, or is listening but do not give a damn, the atmosphere and environment is prime for the breeding of governmental resentment and animosity and out of this environment will come your home-grown terrorists.  There I have solved the question for Vic Toews, maybe now he can put that ten million dollars to work helping a needy Canadian or two, instead of a study tha only requires him to see the evil, hear the evil and know that he is talking evil?

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