Does The Political Make Up Of Quebec Support Terrorists And Terrorism, As Long As They Are Both Home Grown?

I have avoided writing this post, because I believe in the freedom of expression and the right to protest.  I also believe that it is important for our young people to address the problems of the world, fight to make things right and stand up for what they believe in.  I believe that our young people should get involved, have the courage to voice their opinions and take on the government or establishment to ensure that they are heard and so I reiterate that I was indeed hesitant to write this post, because what I would suggest if taken seriously would alter the lives of these young people forever.

I said some time ago in another post that these young people were starting to act like terrorists and not just a group of mostly non violent protesters, with a few hot heads doing a few crazy things with the possibility of having potentially dangerous outcomes.  For some reason the political realities of Quebec allow for this violent behaviour and the Parti Québécois under the leadership of Pauline Marois has decided to say to these young people,” We stand behind you students and if you vote for us in the next election we will give you what you are fighting for today, even if what you are doing is wrong, illegal and a danger to the citizens of Quebec.”

What was once a protest to stop some rather small tuition hikes, has morphed into what is fast becoming a group of  well organised students committing in my opinion violent acts against innocent citizens who have done nothing to deserve this treatment to force the government of Quebec to bow to their movement’s demands.  We as a population may have differed in opinion as to whether their fight was justified, but I think that everyone at first thought that the non violent protests were their right and so we gritted our collective teeth, put up with the traffic delays and gave these protesting students our support in their effort to voice their opinion to a government that they thought was not listening to them and treating them unfairly.

Even when the first stone was thrown off an overpass and into the traffic below, most of us wanted to believe that it was the act of a few fringe fanatics possibly not even student just out to take advantage of a peaceful strike to do stupid senseless dangerous things and so we allowed what most of us thought was a for the most part a peaceful demonstration to continue.  It became clear to me however that in the end the protest had lost the support of the English students and that it was the French students who were the main force behind this fight to stop tuition hikes, that was now  metamorphosized into something far larger and broader, very well-organized and very dangerous.  After Pauline Marois made her support for the students known and her offer to support their wishes known, every disgruntled union and their workers decided to take up Marois offer and lend support to these students.  We now have a group of well-organized, people who know exactly what they are doing using and hiding behind a group of  naive students who think they are fighting for justice and still in control of their protest to commit violent acts against an innocent civilian population and the legal government that holds office in  Quebec and this in my humble opinion changes this protest from a fight to be heard to a well-organized group of terrorist committing well thought out acts of terror against the citizens of Quebec, from within an organized group of terrorist cells.

I question the actions of  the Liberal  government, led by Jean Charest in the handling of this matter.  It would seem to me that he has allowed his fear of losing the next election to take priority over governing this province and allowed these students to hold this province hostage.  At a time when this province and indeed the rest of the country can ill afford to waste money he has allowed these students to cost this province untold amounts of money in police protection, stopping people from getting to work, sabotaging public transport, stopping local small business from conducting business and now stopping or making citizens from attending events like the Grand Prix, Jazz Festival which bring millions of needed revenue to the city and the province, under the guise of stopping miniscule tuition hikes by comparison to the tuition hikes monetary value.

The charges to these students caught doing these acts of terror has been rather mild; disturbing the peace and such and I think that it is indeed time to start calling these people what they are and charging them accordingly with sentences in jail time reflecting the seriousness and gravity of their crimes. The definition of terrorism and terrorist acts seems to be clear when dealing with certain people, so why is it not the same for all people.  When you notify a sitting government that your intention is to hold the citizens of this country hostage by disrupting public transit in a way that is dangerous to the public and intend to cause those citizens to be injured or killed, this is an admitted act of terror, or am I missing something?  When you storm school classes and beat up innocent students for going to class, in my opinion this is a wanton act of terror and should not be tolerated and dealt with, with more than lip service, or have I missed something?

So worried was this government that the religious habits of Muslim women of wearing their veils could be dangerous that they were denied the right to wear them in Quebec schools and public office buildings when dealing with government organizations and yet we see nothing been done to stop a very real threat to the citizens of Quebec from a student protest that has turned into a potentially dangerous, well-organized terrorist group designed to bring Quebec to its knees.  That it has the support of the Parti Québécois and Pauline Marois, makes it deadly.

Vic Toews, Public Safety Minister, and Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, make an announcement related to terrorism research funding during a press conference in the foyer of the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Vic Toews, Public Safety Minister, and Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, make an announcement related to terrorism research funding during a press conference in the foyer of the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. (Sean Kilpatrick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

This group has made its intentions clear to the government of Quebec and Canada that it intends to bring down the government and hold its citizens hostage until it gets what it wants and it is no longer about tuition fee freezes as its new name indicates.  These people are already guilty of terrorising the people of Montreal and are openly threatening to continue to do so and we just add more police to the patrols and ask the strikers to please behave, ignoring what they have become and how dangerous they are.  I think it is time for the Canadian federal government to step in and end this madness and realize that it is dealing with a terrorist threat from within and that its citizens are in real danger and are being terrorized.  New laws mean nothing if they are not upheld.

I would suggest that these protesters, turned terrorists face terrorist charges and all that this statement implies until this protest is brought back under control and conducted once again in a legal manner and the senseless acts of terror against the citizens of Montreal and Quebec cease and desist.    I think that violent offenders should be tried under the anti terrorist rules and sentenced accordingly.  I think that this organization should be put on the terrorist watch list, their actions and travel restricted and their group disbanded their bank accounts frozen and it be made illegal to be a part of the group with jail and freezing and taking of personal assets a part of the penalties imposed for causing the financial losses to the province and city by these terrorist acts.  Put a couple of the students in jail for 20 years to life, and freeze the assets of their supporters and let us see how many unions continue to lend support and if Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois are willing to risk her  political future and credibility of party, with a charge of aiding and abetting known terrorists.  Are all the tough new laws just meant for some people, leaving others to do as they like?

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