When the most hated men and women in Canada become the governing political party of the country, who are in power with a majority government , it is never a good thing for the government of the day, the country or the people who hate them.

When the most hated men and women in Canada become the governing political party of the country, who are in power with a majority government, it is never a good thing for the government of the day, the country, or the people who hate them.  Most voters dislike for a government is usually not personal, or directed at an individual, or individuals, but at the party as a whole, but under this Conservative Party of Canada’s governance of the last 5-6 years, it is both personal and directed at individuals and the party at the same time.

If you take a rubber band no matter how strong and stretch it gets weaker as you stretch it thin.  It does not matter if you pull it slowly, or quickly, when it gets to its thinnest point the next stretch will snap it and this is where we find the people of Canada right now; being stretched too thin by this Stephen Harper led majority conservative government.  This government is somewhat unique it is approach, because not only have they decided to stretch the Canadian people on the rack in one direction, but have chosen to stretch out the Canadian people in all directions possible at the same time and this is how:

  1. The first  direction let us say for sake of argument is length ways and the most common way to extract money from the people who have the least to give. This government is accomplishing this by taking away the ability of the poorest, the most needy, the most fragile of its citizens to utilise social programs such as unemployment insurance, veterans affairs, Aboriginal Affairs, Treaties and Agreements in a time when they say we are in an economic crisis, that is no fault of the Canadian people.  They do this knowing that the upper classes, lets call them middle and upper for the most part do not care and are convinced that these people in the lower class are truly a drain on the Canadian economy and that somehow cutting, or diminishing all of these social programs, that Canada’s economic situation will miraculously be changed and the country will become economically sound. All of the poor will become middle class and that  even if it does not work it is not their problem, because they have a job, can support their families and are tired of paying for people to sit home on welfare.  No matter what the reason is the elastic that is Canada is stretched length ways until white and ready to snap.
  2. This is not enough says the Harper government, we must now deal with the ever greedy middle class it says to the upper class who control, business, financial institutions and telecommunications.  This middle class is killing Canada, asking for more money and a greater share of the profits every couple of years, just because it is their right to do so under the collective bargaining act.  We must put an end to it and the only way to do that is to legally take away those rights and so it begins.  First Mr. Harper and his government divided the middle class by convincing the white-collar workers that they needed to support him in forcing the blue-collar workers back to work to preserve the economy, like when he forced the Canada post workers back to work to the cheers of the population wanting their mail more than letting the postal workers have their right to strike and bargain for what they thought was their fair share of the pie and now the elastic was being pulled width ways, or side ways.  Then the inevitable happened, having weakened the middle class and getting the blue collars angry at the white collars he simply stepped up and began firing the white collars and the blue collars said serves you right to the white collars, told you so, how does it feel? Thousands were laid off and told to find other jobs, because their services are no longer required. The government finds them over paid, not needed employees and suddenly it seems that we have no more middle class and a very big lower class as people can no longer afford their mortgages, vacations and their credit is being called in and their savings if any are being used up to pay off debt incurred in the good times.  Realising they have been hoodwinked the two sides decide to stop fighting each other and turn on their real enemy, the people responsible for their loss and suffering, the Harper led conservative, majority government and these middle class white-collar workers know where all the bodies are buried, if you will. With this labor unrest and the imminent demise of the middle class and the increasing demand for social services that are no longer there, or easy to get. The elastic that is Canada is stretched both length ways and width ways until white and ready to snap.
  3. One would think that already too much strain on a county and its people and that the government would stop here even if selfishly to save itself from destruction politically, but not so with the arrogant, power-hungry government, they decide that it is really the power that they want and the desire to rule rather than govern and to do that they must change from a democracy and wrest the power from the people all together and put in the hands of the governing party, or in Canada the Prime Minister. To do this you must one have a majority government made of people who are as power-hungry as you the Prime Minister and secondly they must be willing to betray the trust the people of Canada put in them when they voted each and every one of them into power.  It has never happened before in the history of Canada, but in Stephen Harper became the leader and he convinced his party to go for it and here we are.  Ministers can now do whatever they want with no need to consult, listen to anyone, on environmental issues, trade issues, immigration issues, social program issues, veterans issues, or labor issues and what this means is that the government has effectively taken away the right of Canadians to decide what the very fabric of being a Canadian  is.  We no longer have the right to ask for a fair salary according how we see it, we no longer have the right to expect health care, or education affordable for all, we no longer can expect to be able to retire when we get old, because the government could decide again that we need to work longer.  The fact of the matter is that we have lost our right to speak and be heard and for what we say to be considered important.  We have been rendered moot, unimportant, a thing, or an object to be used to maintain the lifestyle and comfort of a few at the top and the elastic that is Canada is stretched length ways, width ways and now never before done it is pulled to its height, to white and no longer resemble Canada at all, but some ugly discoloured monster. The elastic that is Canada is stretched finally is stretched by its length, width and height until it is white and ready to snap.

The elastic is long past its snapping point and it does not matter that it is happening all at once rather than in little bits, the strain on the people is just too great and the inevitable will happen and this government and this country will implode.  No one can weaken a foundation and expect the building to remain erect for long.  Look at your life under the leadership of Stephen Harper and look at the people of Canada and answer this question,” Has your life gotten better, or worst and no matter what the answer ask yourself why? I ask this, because, when the most hated men and women in Canada become the governing political party of the country, who are in power with a majority government , it is never a good thing for the government of the day, the country or the people who hate them.

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3 Responses to When?

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  2. Maureen says:

    Most hated by what standards, and by whom? Did you take a survey or something? Or is the whole article based on wishful thinking only, that in your imagination they are the most hated? I’m sorry, as soon as I read those words I stopped reading. It said to me that the rest of the article was most likely contrived, opinionated, and hateful in itself. It is my observation that the armchair critics of current government officials have nothing better to offer while they insist on impeding those who are at least trying to get something done, from doing their jobs as well. What haven’t you learned about previous world experiences at persecuting a nation simply for existing? Why wouldn’t you insist on standing first and foremost for your OWN freedom by standing for the only democracy in the Middle East, from where terrorists arise to try to destroy our freedom? Granted people are being hurt in all nations as this challenge goes on; that’s the nature of war. But blame the perpetrators – those who are breathing out violence against people who want to live in freedom and peace – not the people who are forced into a position of defending themselves. Get a grip – Canada’s leaders are the only ones who have their hands firmly affixed to the steering wheel of democracy, and are steering us well, in my opinion. The only thing I hate, is fear-mongering, slanderous articles like this one.


    • archemdis says:

      Maureen, you start off saying that you only read the first line and then decided everything in it just had to be contrived and then proceeded to tell me what you thought you would find if you actually took the time to read the post and you expect me to what, take you seriously? On what do you base your opinion of me for example, or the post; you do not know me personally; you did not take the time to read my post, so you do not have that to go on, so are you the pot calling the kettle black? Are all of your opinions both written and thought based on one line in what you read, no matter where in a post you find it? This post never touched on the Middle East Crisis, or this government’s handling of it, but that is right you never read the post did you, you just assumed what was in it? Next time you decide to comment on something someone else wrote may I suggest that you actually read it before passing judgement, or voicing your opinion. You do however sound like the arrogant, I know everything; do not need any help or suggestion Harper government that you are trying so desperately to defend. Thank you, for commenting, you provided a perfect example of how this government governs and how its supporters trail behind it thinking that they are somehow better than everyone else and know what is better for everyone else and need not bother to consult anyone else . You know my type so well you did not have to read the post, did you? What can I say Maureen you are just too smart for me, but at least you were honest enough to admit that you did not read the post, a positive difference between you and the Harper led the Conservative Government, who claim to study everything and then act like a horse’s ass. Have a great day!!!


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