Liam And Emily Get Baptised

Liam and Emily are my two youngest grandchildren, born to my youngest daughter Linda and her fiancée Shawn.  Liam just turned three some months ago and Emily is only 4 months old.  this story has more to do with Liam, because Emily only sleeps and eats right now and for the most part except for a little gurgling and a desire to be breast-fed and changed on time is no problem and is usually well-behaved.  Having said that she was just so cute in her dress and when she was doused with water she did not cry.  Even after the church service back at the house Emily was quickly changed and after a good meal of milk she was off to sleep and it was Liam time.

I arrived at the church in a cab and the first thing I saw was Liam, smiling big, and very proud of himself; Liam was posing for people to take pictures with one hand pulling on the edge of his pants pocket and the other at his side half-open.  He was wearing a white suit, white shirt and bow tie, with matching white shoes.  Liam was looking very angelic standing there in front of the church and it brought a smile to my face, because I know my Liam.   Liam is not a bad boy, but he has survived his terrible twos and went right into tortuous threes.  Liam will take you to the very edge of your limits and all with a smile that says I know , but that is the way I want it, or with a demanding whine, then tears and in both cases a refusal to do what is asked of him.  I affectionately call him our little Dennis the Menace and so it was after greeting everyone we all entered the church, hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

It was clear from the start that Liam was not prepared to be quiet in church and when his best friend from day care came in and sat across the aisle in another pew Liam demanded that he be allowed to go see his friend and when he was told no, his voice rose and he started and would not stop until bribed with a cookie.  Now this kept on until I took him into my pew, which was just behind his.  Liam was good until he realised that his best friend’ mom had brought toys for her son to play with and the demand to go over there grew stronger, as did the urge to let him go.

Liam is a funny little person who loves to do things his way and loves attention, so when all the parents were asked to go to the baptismal fount with the kids getting baptized and the God parents, Liam took his father’s hand and marched right up there, but as the minister held Emily and start to baptise her, Liam decided that this was not for him.  As you see from this picture Liam was not having any of it.  I know this is bad, but all I could think of was the scene on the steps as Damien’s father was trying to get him into the church.  His parents did get him calmed down by the time it was his turn and like the when the director of a movie says action Liam turned into a professional and let himself be baptised and everyone returned to their seats.

As everyone in our family was sighing collectively and thanking God for Liam’s cooperation and praying for just a little more time to have, the minister began his sermon and Liam went to sit with his friend.  They made a little noise, but the minister seemed unaffected and it was he who had suggested to bring the toys.  Liam was back in his seat at the end of the sermon and we all held a collective breath as the minister held out his hand to take Liam around the church and introduce him to the congregation and then back up into the area where the baptismal fount was, but all went without a hitch.

Emily was taken around and introduced to the congregation as well and my little angel slept through the whole thing.  Emily was so cute in her outfit and I could not help but say a small thank you to God for giving me the strength to turn my life around, so that I could appreciate the gifts that I was given.  I had a family that I loved and that  loved me.

I write of these things, because I canand so many people in todays world can not for one reason , or another and because I do not write about the important things enough.  I find myself getting too wrapped up in the politics of the day and allowing myself to walk around depressed over laws I can not change and a situation that will be until there is another election.  I chose this day to talk about the joys of my life and the wonderful experiences that we share as a family.  When I am felling my lowest I just need think of my children and my grand children and I will smile, because nothing can take them from me; nothing can take away what we share and the memories that we collect as a family each and every day. I write and share then with you because they bring me joy and if life is balance then they are mine.

In closing I would like to say this when Liam found out that the whole family was getting together to go to his 3rd birthday party he said to his mother with a big smile, “They are all coming for me mommy, just for me?”  When my daughter answered, yes Liam they are coming just for you, he got really excited and was so pleased that it was hard to get him to sleep.   Well of course we were going to the baptism for Liam and Emily, but the same question was asked and answered in the same fashion and I think from the pictures you can see just how proud he is.

Liam and his best friend from day care

I guess there will always be things that we have no control over, as well as things we can not change, but we can take part in the well-being and happiness of our children and grandchildren, after all they should be the most important things in our lives.  Pardon me for rambling on, but I am smiling to myself as I think about my oldest granddaughters  high school graduation that is coming up. I wonder what will happen when both sides of her family get together in the same place, for the first time since the very nasty divorce of her parents about 6 years ago? Time to get ready for work, so for now this story will have to do and we will see what happens at the grad when it comes.

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