Stephen Harper’s Government Stealing Our Children’s Hopes, Dreams And Future

I write about a lot of things and to me I suppose at the time I think that they are important to me like student strikes and our government’s remaking of this country our air of social conscienceless and our total disrespect for our environment and I guess they are, but nothing is more important than our children and I find myself not talking about the impact that all of this government’s changes will have on the children of this country.  These little gifts from God are who will be running this world and I think that we all need to remember that and talk about them a little more and the things that matter to them like love, trust, respect and feeling safe and secure.  To achieve this it is important to be with them and share in their lives, listen to them and most of all hear them. I was too busy being a victim, feeling sorry for myself and getting even with the world to be the best father I could be for my girls when they were both young, but I got it together and found peace in them and with them and that blossomed into a loving relationship that is going on to this day.  Now that I have become a grandfather I know what is important and I try to do what is right by the young people in my life and now I am old enough, mature enough to do so.  It is with horror that I realize that this will not be enough to save them from the biggest threat to their happiness and a prosperous future to which they are entitled.  They have an enemy, who sees them as tools, as things to use, as something to sell and that enemy is Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his strong majority Conservative government.

Unfortunately children’s needs, the family and social and environmental needs have taken a back seat in Prime Minister Harper’s new Canada.  This federal government has said openly that it wishes to live rich today and to hell with the children of Canada’s present day situation and it is not their problem how the children make out in the future.  In the new laws that have been passed of late and the many more that this Conservative government wishes to pass it is clear that the rich will get richer the middle class will become the poor and the poor shall be left to parish if they can not find a way to survive without the help of the government.

There is not one new law toughening penalties against adults who sleep with children, or pay to have sex with children, because using prostitute is a rich man’s pleasure and usually the richer the person the more they are willing to pay for the extreme end of things where sexual appetite and sexual desires can be met for a price no matter how extreme or how wrong.  Poor people do not buy whores they sell them and are them, so the government punishes the pimp and the prostitute and lets the customer go home often keeping their offenses out of the public eye unless it is an election year and the government can gain some political gain or leverage from exposing the act.  Even at this rarely is the user of prostitutes, or the john ever punished with more than a fine, or probation.

I have said it before I think that the students of Quebec are wrong in the manner in which they are seeking to have their demands for tuitions hikes to end realized, but having said that how come there is money for anything to do with war, like for jets; for prisons, but when it come to educating our young people we can not find a way to make education free for anyone who wants through university providing the person has the desire and maintains good standing? Keep in mind the price of one F-35 with all of the costs involved, maintenance and upgrades and tell me again how this government stands behind the young people of this country.

We know for a fact that it is the children who suffer the most when a family can not afford to eat due to loss of job, due to lay off,  or illness, or the death of a parent, or whose parents simply can not find a job.  These children often go to bed hungry, wake up hungry and go to school hungry and it is no fault of their own.  These children do not do well in school, often turn to a life of crime and become a burden on society.  Stephen Harper‘s answer to this is to fire thousands of government workers, allow businesses to shut down after bleeding Canadians for all they are worth, and at the same time toughen the rules and eligibility requirements for a person seeking his or her unemployment benefits.   We can look forward to filling those  jails with our hungry children as they take to the streets and get the money to live anyway they can and most likely breaking the law to do it.

Prostitution, selling drugs, pimping, theft, home invasions will become the norm again not the rare thing we now have to deal with. A government that only deals with the now and the needs of its richest citizens, does not care about the future and therefore does not care about the children who are a country’s future.   Children are a country’s future and they need to be this country’s priority, but in this world of globalization and New World Order we are getting back to 90% work for nothing and share in nothing and little more than chattel in the service of the 10%.  Where children are born into their station and remain there with little chance of advancement; just doing the jobs that they were born to do for the 10%.

Answer these questions for me, “Why does the government of Canada feel it is more important to go to war, buy jet fighters and kill in the name of democracy, than it is to provide free education to our children for as long as they are doing well in school?”  Why is the Government of Canada willing to spend all of Canada’s resources on the fear of what could be when it comes to terrorism, but not on what we know will happen if our children do not get a proper education?  Is it because there is a lack of jobs for educated people? Has the Government of Canada screwed up so badly that the only jobs left in Canada are not for those with college and university degrees and so now is trying to downplay the need for a higher education?  Why does the government of Canada decided tha our children’s education is a bad investment in Canada’s future?

I do not know the why, but until I do I will keep poking and being a gnat biting at their skin and itch that they can not scratch, no matter what party stripe, or level of government.

We as parents have failed our children and allowed this to happen to their future.  We have allowed our government to chip away at the social fabric of this country and turn it into a dog eat dog place to live where we do not realize the injustice and the inhumanity of this country until we get fired by the government from our job and are not eligible for social assistance and fall from our middle class ranking and become one of the poor, the needy, the shunned; on our way to becoming one of the forgotten, the sick, the homeless, the soon dead.

Real not imaginary:  I have a friend who went to university did all of the right things according to the governments of Canada; she took student loans, worked and studied and when she graduated tried to find a job and could not in the field she had chosen and so took a job where she could.  This job was not in her field, but allowed her to make  enough money to live, but not enough to pay back the loan, or have savings .  The government was on her in a flash demanding their money and in the end sent a collection agency to cease her pay.  She will be paying back the loans until she is 60 years old with the interest that they have added on along with the fees of the collection agency.  The government with their inability to create jobs, their unwillingness to provide free education for our children, are robbing our children of their future and creating a sub race of Canadians to provide the menial labor for the super wealthy 10% of Canada’s population.

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