Canada Day Okay, But Proud Of What?

I heard the Prime Minister of Canada speak on  Canada Day. Steven Harper repeated the same old lies, in the same non passionate manner and I knew that nothing would change in Canada for the better as long as he was in charge, of the government.  I listened also to the Canadian people too when asked  randomly what made Canada special to them and listened carefully as they answered with the old standby answers of yesterday like, “Our rights and freedoms; our social programs; our environmental record and stands”, just to name a few  and wondered to myself why they were talking as if we were still using the same values and ideals as pre Harper government? Are we as a people so brainwashed by our leaders that we actually believe that we are the Canada of old that conducts itself with dignity, honor and compassion as we used to before Harper Kenney And Toews?   I wondered how many United Nation condemnations will it take for the rose-colored glasses  to come off and before we see that Lisa Raitt, Bev Oda, Peter Mackay and John Baird are wrong and so I wrote this post. I wrote this  and waited before posting it. I waited, so that those of you who felt the need celebrate Canada Day and that you had something to celebrate, could celebrate whatever that was in peace, as it was your right to do. The celebrations and the back patting are well over now and as the country hangs up its Sunday suit it is time for Harper and company to start the governing of the country with their usual arrogance and begin once again to force Canadians to bend to Conservative will. As heads clear and the patriotic zeal that accompanies such spectacles fades, I hope that those  heads will rise up out of the sand and discover what Canada has become and ask themselves, “Is this new Harper version of Canada something that Canadians should be proud of?  This is my opinion and why we should not be so proud and you need not agree.

Canada is not a country in spirit it is a group small dictatorships pretending to be a country, that scream separation every time a province does not like what the feds are doing, or how it affects them.  My goodness when we are not trying to rip the country apart with separatists thoughts, words and deeds, we are trying to be American.  I believe we have lost our identity and really do not have a lot to celebrate as a nation.  I think that we have become a nation of hypocrites and phonies so what is there to celebrate about that?

We claim to be multicultural while we make laws to keep certain people from immigrating here, while we continue to make laws and adopt some of the most racist countries in the worlds ideologies like Australia, who kept up a form of immigration designed to keep whites in power and a majority for years.  Should we be proud of our Canada Nationality Law?

Maybe we should celebrate how we have managed as a nation to keep our native people in poverty for all of our years as a country and could not muster the political will or the public will to give our first nations people even the very basic of needs like clean drinking water, decent housing, or the guarantee of a higher education?  Maybe we can celebrate as a nation not keeping  one agreement or treaty right since becoming a country?  Is this what we are so proud of today?  It does not make us unique at all when you think about it, most democratic and supposedly  free countries are guilty of the same type of cruelty to their Aboriginal people and it is shameful.

Maybe we should celebrate losing our right to strike and in the process our right to collectively bargain for a fair and just wage?  While we are at it let us celebrate the loss of our rights to privacy as we adopt laws that will let everybody in any police force amass data on our personal conversations on the internet and our phones, whether we are a suspect in a criminal investigation or not. Maybe as Canadians we do not think that losing our rights is such a bad thing, because we have lost so many over such a short time that we are getting used to it and even desire it, so that we can claim it is not our fault, it is the government’s fault?

Perhaps if none of the above has given you a reason to celebrate being a proud Canadian, maybe, you can get a sense of where we have come to as a country by the treatment shown by us to our seniors, veterans and poor? We have systematically reduced, or gotten rid of all independent oversight and have allowed for the government to reduce the aid and the quality of service in all of our social planning and programs across the board unchallenged. Is this what we are celebrating today?

Well if nothing else works most countries can beat the drum and toot their horns about their efforts to save the worlds environment, by cutting drastically their green house gas emissions, but not so Canada, we can be proud of backing out of an accord that we were a key player in the founding of, namely the Kyoto Accord? Okay well we can look forward to the making right all the wrongs of the past concerning our trashing of the environment with the abolishing of the environmental control board and forcing through laws that will put our water, air and land in danger of catastrophic oil spills, acid rain falls and melting polar ice caps, for the love of money right?

Last, but not least we can at least be proud of our humanitarian efforts arround the world; our spreading of democracy and the fact we are entering into trade agreements with countries who employ the highest standards when it comes to human rights as we have signed treaties and made laws to the effect of right?  Big deal if our policies have led us to be soldiers and not peace keepers; big deal if our policies have shifted so that we deal with countries that employ child labor and abuse their peoples civil rights and  so what if we have abandoned giving aid to those countries that need it the most, so we can give it to others who have something we want in terms of trade?

I will say it again Canada does not need to be so proud that it has gotten older, but not wiser. We as people have given up the very things that made us special all over the world and yes we do better than most, but is that really good enough?  If the rest of the world is taking all of their citizens rights away and shooting them for protesting, can we be proud that we only put our people in jail?  We were known and trusted for being honest and an advocate of diplomacy, now we seek accord at the end of a gun.  We have allowed ourselves to be drawn into a gang mentality and are now just simply gang banging around the world.  Hardly a cause to celebrate, hardly a reason to cheer and hardly a reason to be so smug and so proud.

I would say that this day should be more of a day of reflection, rather than a day of celebration. We as Canadians should reflect upon our image and of what we have really become and figure out how to get back to the time when all we say we have to be proud of was true and not just empty words said by a people with their head stuck in the sand.

Would the Canada of old even thought of deporting a women due to have brain surgery back to India, a person who posed no threat to this country and  would Canadian citizens of old have  allowed it? Would the Canada of  old and her citizens have imprisoned refugees without due process of law, while changing the laws to make it legal?  Would the Canada of old deny its veterans benefits, while sending its soldiers off to one war after another?  We are not the Canada that we were all so proud of anymore, just because our government and some citizens claim, we are better than most.  When talking of being proud enough to celebrate ourselves as a nation, better than most does not seem good enough to toot ones own horn as loudly as we do.

Reminder: Our government is a democratic institution, or so we claim it to be to all other nations in the world and as such are saying that it is representative of our values and our beliefs.  Whatever it does and says, our government is seen to be doing what is doing on behalf of us, its citizens  and with our approval.  We do not have the luxury of people living under a dictatorship, or other oppressive regimes, being able to blame the government and take no responsibility. We can not say to the rest of the world, none of this is our fault, we were powerless to do anything about it. When our government is seen as doing bad or unjust things around the world, or becomes hated, it is a reflection on Canadians as a whole.  We have the power to change the government if we want, or show our disapproval of it, if we chose to and not to do so makes us as guilty as the government when it does the unthinkable wrongs both at home and abroad.

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6 Responses to Canada Day Okay, But Proud Of What?

  1. william wallace says:

    If a life is taken then its not beyond the almighty
    in returning that which t’was lost / wrongly taken.

    The treasures of the world but illusion / giving an
    falsehood of reality /they being that of fool’s gold.

    Don’t feel anger at your brothers sisters in their
    folly / rather be of sorrow / at their foolish ways.

    The treasures of heaven will not pass they be
    for all eternity. The greatest treasure of such
    the breath of life each breath is beyond value
    it is heaven’s ongoing gift // enjoy to its fullest
    thus know your true treasure that being within.

    You have riches that beyond all measure /not
    of material illusion / but which gifted of heaven.


    • archemdis says:

      Thank God for that small mercy, but children are going to bed hungry now. I would not call eating a richness that one can do without. I understand what you are saying, but at the end of the day what do we say to our children, when you die your reward for your will be given to you at the time of the resurrection in heaven. I have been hungry, tired and without hope and that never made me feel better, although a hot meal and some sleep and a glimmer of hope and kindness often did. Thanks have a great day!


  2. william wallace says:

    When you speak of Canada as unto the wrongs done
    in the past as in the present / as being unto the future
    then such is a similar story / for every nation people’s.

    I can only repeat the words of those whom in having
    brought some light unto a dark world // such people
    having been born into every nation // whom having
    seen great suffering great wrongs being committed
    it being they understood that conflict was not such
    answer to the injustice // the great wrons that done
    they understood it only in the spiritual development
    of each individual that peace could be given root
    as able grow to flower bringing a union of nations
    which their bonds being that of love / compassion

    The solution for humanity knowing peace having
    not changed since time began / it be unchainged.

    One can’tgo into the whole story of development
    of humanity ( though indeed its very interesting)
    humanities history being of many many volumes
    it has produced some very extraordinary souls
    whom against overwhelming odds / remained a
    light of hope of goodness in times of hardship.

    The message from such souls be they from
    one corner of the world or other being they
    born into great material wealth / or poverty
    the message they brought being the same
    that the answer to the woes of humanity be
    found within / such solution bringing peace
    not ever to be found in the material realm.

    On PC search put (words of peace) or put
    (words of peace global) on site a selection
    of videos in which Prem Rawat explains of
    meditation / of turning the senses inwards
    in bringing a unfolding of the spiritual self
    Not ideas beliefs. Not a heaven or that of
    a paradise beyond the clouds // but upon
    one having practical spiritual experience
    in bringing a clarity of understanding / in
    giving answer unto all ones questions….
    Whom am I ?. Is there a God a heaven ?.

    Throughout the history of humanity there
    be spiritual teachers among all being the
    “Teacher of Teachers” at present tim the
    teacher of teachers is Prem he in having
    dedicated his life in aid to those whom
    at such stage of development / in their
    turning the senses inward / their going
    beyond ideas beliefs unto that of their
    knowing the creator in understanding
    creation // that it complets the journey
    in one knowing // the learning needed
    if humaniy in reach their ultimate goal.


    • archemdis says:

      Is all this to say that it is just too bad, that is just the way it is, learn to live with your lot in life? This has been going on since time began and will remain that way, so meditate, pray and maybe you will be rewarded and come back as part of the elite, or the privileged class in your next life. Come on the answer is right here and right now, do onto to others. Have a great night and thanks for making your comment.


      • william wallace says:

        I can understand your words / and there is much in saying
        as in understaning unto life /what one perceives but the tip
        of the iceberg. Is the wrongdoer brought to account for the
        wrong done ?. Indeed all are as will but brought to account
        if one plants a bitter seed t’will bring forth an bitter harvest.

        Such the purpose of meditation / you can go to the source
        of creation and from such gather great strength / thus you
        will be able to live in the material realm / in containing such
        understandable feelings of injustice // thus they they’ll not
        consume you with anger & bitterness at great wrong done.

        In killing or harming another because they having wronged
        you only fills the heart with further sorrow // once the initial
        anger subsides then one being but left with guilt heartache
        thus a eye for a eye in truth only leaves all blind unto love
        & such disputes if allowed can continue through centuries
        centuries of hate malice /the original dispute but forgotten.

        I do not mean to ramble on / but via meditation one gains
        great strength in abled cope cope with the material realm.

        The purpose of creation of the human form being that one
        can turn the senses inward / in gaining spiritual experience
        it only via such experience / that heart & mind be at peace.

        The problem is once in the material realm ones focus upon
        the material becomes very powerful / senses taking a hold
        of the material with a iron grip // thus in turning the senses
        inward via mediation / being no easy task // one need but
        learn why one should turn to meditation // then it being to
        practice such /that there via practice a balance starting to
        develop betwixt material as spiritual / where via meditation
        one having a gateway to the spiritual / one can replenish
        their strength /and one need such / the world as conduct
        of people can be & being of the most appalling behaviour.

        The point being your anger is understandable / yet abled
        to cope with injustice of humanity (as at present time) the
        solution is meditation // it will give you the strength as the
        courage in carrying your burden // in knowing in time that
        humanity be at peace // yet at present still be away to go
        that one need focus on the cure rather than punishment.


      • archemdis says:

        I think that coping is the problem and what the world needs is changing. No amount of meditating will make the homeless person warm in in minus 40 degree weather, or make a hungry child full, or give our First Nation People clean drinking water, do you? No I think that the world and Canadians have pondered and meditated enough and now it is time to act. Is it okay that the most fragile people suffer, or is this just another reason to ponder the realities of life and learn to cope? I have never suggested punishing anyone unless demanding that one follow their electoral mandate, or be held accountable for their actions and telling the truth is now to be seen as a form of punishment. We want food, water and shelter now, not later and we are tired of coping while those of you that have ponder and meditate, ignore our pleas and destroy the world. When this our suffering gets too much and the studies, meditation and doing nothing takes too long, then the meditators, ponders and the privileged class, will be given something else to ponder and meditate about. This is no threat, this is just history repeating itself and just the way it is. Please when this happens try to remember to meditate and just accept that which you cannot change. Sorry I do not mean to ramble, but try to answer all that is put forth to the best of my ability. Please try to keep your replies shorter in the future and on point, it allows me to answer the many people who wish to comment. Thank you for commenting and have a great day!


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