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Politicians have become the new actors of the world talking from their politically written spin, using dialogue rehearsed, props and even costume designed to convey an image, a desired feeling, or a certain sense, that is usually not really them.  They sit on various stages reciting ideals, ideology, trying to captivate an audience and convince as many as possible that without them leading the way the sky will fall.  They perform for laughs, applause, but mainly for the most cherished of things our votes, but everything that they do is an act, rehearsed and designed to tweak a nerve, a fear, a prejudice, anything to tip the balance of an election in their favor, but nothing that is real, or tangible is ever on the table, because it is after all only the new, Greatest Show On Earth.

There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum, an American showman and to me reflects the total disrespect and feeling that most politicians have for their constituents.  Politics has taken on the image of a carnival atmosphere, where the politicians have become holsters for their parties, rather than representatives for their constituents and we the citizens are the victims of elaborate shell games.

It does not matter what party we align  ourselves with, or on what level we look at, be it civic, provincial, or federal, all politicians are actors on a stage and nothing is real and nothing is meant to be taken seriously and no promises will be kept, because after all it is just an act and once the curtain drops the show is over.

Step right up and spin the wheel and you will win a prize, put your money down and win, but we all know that the game is fixed and the odds are not in our favor and the chances of our really winning something is slim at best, but every once in a while someone wins, the holster screams, rings bells and suddenly everyone is playing, encouraged by the shill winning. Well we ordinary hard-working Canadian citizens have been played for fools for some years now by our governments, who have promised us success if we do certain things, like graduate from school, work hard, pay our taxes, obey the laws of the land and most importantly vote for them, but the brass ring is always out of reach for most of us, because the government has no interest in us all winning; it only needs you to pay and play the game and keep trying.

They write their Red Papers and their Blue Papers telling us of their plans to make life better for us in all ways. They campaign in every city spend millions of dollars telling us why they are the government to vote for and how a vote for them means a better life for us today and an even better life for our children tomorrow, but the promises and the volumes of paper and the words in them are just the hook.  They have studied us and our dreams and have hired people to advise them on what to say, how to present it and even what to wear to make it all seem honest and then to even make the pitch, but every last man and woman who is running for political office knows that what they are promising for the most part will never come to pass. If they win these politicians will spend the majority of their time in office doing something totally different then promised at election time, which was their real agenda all along. They also know that if told their real agenda  to the people their could be no guarantee of them being victorious.  With so much money invested in their victory by private interests who expect their financial support rewarded by special favors that only a winner can ensure there is no room for failure, because lack of support means no big show, no political machine and maybe having to do the unspeakable and tell the truth about what you intend to do.

Everyone wants to be a winner, so everybody plays and every once in a while somebody wins and the government rings bells, trots horns and shouts from the top of it voice, ” Step right up hurry, pay your fare and enter the greatest show on earth.  There is something for everyone in here and everyone leaves a winner” and so we line up over and over again at the carnival gate drawn their by the parade that marched through the center of town, the holster’s promises and the hope of this time being able to finally grab the brass ring, but just like the last time at the other fair the game is fixed and the odds are stacked against you succeeding.

It is not what politicians we vote for that will dictate our chance of winning, because they are all guilty of doing exactly the same thing once they attain power.  The answer is in us the Canadian people rising up and saying no more with our vote and demanding that the big show be stopped  and private interest be removed from approaching politicians with offers of funding and support, be it a bus, a plane, guest appearances before, during and after an election. I say fraud is fraud and I think that a political party, or a politician, who is found guilty of deliberately misleading the voter by running on one platform and then changing that platform once elected should be charged with violating the public trust and the party be removed from office.  I also feel that a government only be allowed to do the things it has spoken of in their white paper, blue paper, or red paper, or in other words the mandate that Canadians gave them at election time, without the permission of the people, which I would suggest be in the form of a vote in the House Of Commons that must have the full support of at least one of the opposition parties.

I wonder how the political game would change if politicians knew that the power they thought to gain for themselves through lies could see them removed from governing and that the hidden agenda of promises made to specials interest groups could not be acted on if it was not in the mandate given to them by the Canadian voter at election time unless supported by at least one opposition party?

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