Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles And The Abusers Of Women And Children Have Nothing to Fear in Quebec

Guy Cloutier served just 20 months for the abuse of Natalie Simard over a 20 year period

Murderers, rapists, pedophiles and the abusers of women and children  have nothing to fear in Quebec in my opinion.  Like the politics in Quebec, the law in Quebec and how it is interpreted and acted upon is also distinct, medieval and so way behind the times. As the province struggles with its identity and seems only to care about what language is spoken, the women and children, of Quebec remain in mortal danger.  Child rapists, sexual offenders and abusers of women continue to benefit from decisions handed down by juries, agreed with by judges and fought for by lawyers that are way too light and that in my humble opinion do not reflect the seriousness of the crimes. I would venture to say that Quebec seems to be trying to attract bad apples by its actions, when murderers, rapists, pedophiles and the abusers of women and children have nothing to fear in Quebec in terms of punishment for their crimes.

Judge Monique Dubreuil angers Haitian community by sentencing Haitian rapists to house arrest, citing that it was more of a cultural act than a crime.

I still remember the first case that brought this to my attention some years back, in 1998, when a Haitian woman was gang raped by some Haitian men. They had their day in court and the defense pleaded cultural differences, basically contending that was the norm in Haiti and that the men were just acting in the way that is normal for their culture and upbringing. The judge, a female herself bought into this argument and basically told the men that they were in Canada now and that kind of behaviour would not be tolerated, but found that she could not in good conscience send them to jail, but advised them to seek help. It took the full weight of an astonished, shocked and angry Black community to publicly state that this is not how black people act. The Haitian community was embarrassed and insulted that a judge in Canada would actually believe that Haitian men go around gang raping women and that it is an accepted cultural norm. These men walked out of the court-house after brutally gang raping a woman with the suggestion that they seek counseling to help with their adjustment to Canada and Canadian law as their punishment.  They were sentenced to house arrest.  Follow link for full story

   Quebec Judge Rules Rape Result of Culture – Feminist Wire Daily

No more birthdays for these murdered babies, but many to come for murdering dad

We have the heart surgeon in Quebec who murdered his little girl and his little boy in their beds as they slept; brutally stabbing them to death in 2009, because he was distraught and so depressed that his wife had left him for another man. the defense was not guilty because of temporary insanity, due to mental anguish and depression and a jury bought it and was instructed by the trial judge to come to that decision and was congratulated by the trial judge for reaching the decision that sent this murder of children to a mental facility for treatment and a release back into the community having been found not guilty.  A jury has found Guy Turcotte, the Quebec cardiologist who admitted he stabbed his two children to death, not criminally responsible because of a mental disorderTurcotte admitted he stabbed his children, Anne-Sophie, 3, and Olivier, 5, in February 2009, in a rented home north of Montreal.  Follow the link for whole story:

Quebec MD not criminally responsible for killing kids – Montreal – CBC

We can go back even further and find where a judge confronted with a case where a man gets charged with domestic violence and assault by police and comes before the court explains that the woman got out of line and so he just slapped her to teach her a lesson reinforce her obligation to mind him and to remember her vow of obedience and the judge said that the man could not  slap his wife under the law, but that he understood what the man was saying and that sometimes a little slap is needed to maintain order in a marriage even if it is not legal.

Daniel Beaudry sentenced to one year in jail for breaking a toddlers both arms

Most recently in Quebec we have the male babysitter who was accused and found guilty of breaking the arms of a baby that was in his care while the mother was off at work. now he claimed in his defense that the baby fell out of the crib and when that did not work said that the mother’s dog laid on the baby and broke its little arms and even went as to imply that perhaps the mother had broken her own child’s arms. The trial judge did not buy the reasoning and found the defendant guilty as charged and sentence him to one year in jail, citing that he had to go to jail because he would not admit to it and refused to get help. The defense thought the sentence too harsh and the prosecutor was happy with the outcome of the case. One year in jail ladies and gentlemen in this day and age for a grown man found guilty of breaking a baby’s both arms. This is Quebec justice when it comes to children and women. Follow link for whole story:

 I know that this happens all over Canada at times, but it is a bad habit in Quebec and happens all the time. Quebec is getting a bad reputation for allowing murders of children, child rapists, abusers of women and murders of women to get away with minimal jail time if any at all. The population of Quebec gets dutifully angry at bad verdicts, too lenient sentencing and downright slaps on the wrists for these type of criminals and then forgets the crime ever took place. It is often said that if you want to rape kids you should move to Quebec; if you want to make kiddie porn, you should move to Quebec; if you want to beat your wife and kids, abuse them in any matter even go as far as murder them and be back on the street for the most part in under 5 years, move to Quebec, because the judges will instruct the jury if needed in your favor; both defense and prosecution think that 1 year in jail for breaking a babies both arms is tough sentencing and the population will get angry for a week and then forget that this terrible crime even happened.

Follow link for yet another similar case:

Dastardly Dads: January 2012

Being a father of 2 girls and grandfather of 5 of which 2 of them are girls this bothers me a whole lot. I know that no child is safe in Quebec and no woman either and this situation will remain in Quebec no matter what party wins an election, because in the circles that count everyone seems to think that it is a man’s given right by God to lord over his wife or mate and that it is her duty to obey. Oh no one in this day and age will say it out loud, but the repeated bad decisions, verdicts and too light sentencing speaks volumes. When a man can murder his children in their sleep (3-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy), because his wife left him and the judge thanks the jury and tells them that they made a good decision, I think we can see where the court stands on both murder and the abuse of children. This is the most deadly time for children and women all over Canada as our leaders continue to put the making of money ahead of women’s’ and children’s rights. I would say that by Quebec’s standards women and children will never be safe, because murderers, rapists, pedophiles and the abusers of women and children have nothing to fear in Quebec in terms of punishment for their crimes.

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