The Gang Violence In Toronto Is No Shock To Me

How much of this violence will it take before we do something real to stop the killing of children, by giving them something to live for, or do we intend to just wait for another child to die?

Arresting gang members will only make another martyr, but fixing the social problems in the area and putting a sense of hope for the future back into these children may help more than political posturing and the grabbing of a photo opportunity.

This week in particular I was saddened, angered and disturbed by the violent killings in Toronto, by children.  If you noticed by the title of this post, I did not say I was shocked by the gang violence, but I said that the gang violence in Toronto is no shock to me.  I knew we were heading for this gang banging type of behaviour for a long time now.  I feel that part of the problem is that we have muddied the waters for parents of this country when it comes to what is appropriate discipline when dealing with their children, because everything where discipline is concerned is left to the discretion of a third-party outside of the family.  For example the language, the tone, the words a parent uses when angry can be reason enough for a well-meaning teacher to decide to report a parent to the authorities for suspicion of child abuse and once that specter is raised most social workers and government officials will not stop until they get the response that they want from the children and from the case and that is a guilty verdict against the suspected parent.  The problem is that most parents loved their children and were never abusive and used appropriate discipline, but now are afraid to do anything that could be misconstrued  as child abuse by a well-meaning often prying third-party.

This breaks my heart and is so senseless, but it will happen over and over again until why is answered and fixed, not just talked about at election time and then forgotten.

I also feel that we have not invested in our children enough as a nation. Oh we invest in our brightest, our most likely to succeed with scholarships that lead to the best jobs at the highest rates of pay, but there were never any real rewards for the child who just worked hard and did the right things, but was never going to be at the top of the class and so we cheapened the efforts of these children and made them fell less, because of their low academic scores and then made the work that they would end up doing seem less important to this country’s survival than that of the high scoring academics, making them ashamed to do a hard days work for a days pay.  We for too long have not respected or showed respect for who I like to call, “Joe Average“.  Joe Average is the backbone of this country; Joe Average is every women and every man who gets up everyday and goes to work and does work that keeps this country operating.  They are not found in the air-conditioned offices giving orders, but often in the trenches doing the back-breaking work for little pay. Joe average pays his taxes, but has lost the respect of his country and his children, who will try anything even breaking the law to gain the wealth and power of the privileged class, but more importantly the respect given to the wealthy privileged class and denied to their mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average.

lock them all up and the problem will still be there in the morning, because they and their crimes are a result of the real problem that no one wants to acknowledge and deal with.

When children become ashamed of their parents who are hard-working, honest citizens and see that throw no fault of their own they are heading for the same sorry existence, they look for alternative ways to better their live, even if just for  a little while, for a moment and this is their first step into crime and violence.  Movies, video games and the criminal element on the street will show them the way.  Hunger, needing a safe place to sleep and the need to feel important to somebody anybody will cause them to join a gang where they will find other people just like them angry, frustrated with enough hatred and bitterness in them to take what they feel that have been denied by society, be it quality of life, money, or respect by committing a crime or in some cases killing for it.  I was there on the street and I would have killed someone to eat, to feel safe, but I would have killed someone for respect more than anything else, because this is what we are taught means you are in control, have power and leads to success and success is measured on what we acquire in life cars, clothes, houses, jewelry, boats and rich food; success unfortunately is not measured in how hard you work, the effort you put in, to giving back, or how much help others; success is measured in how much you have that you do not need or require while others struggle to get just a fraction of what you have to just get through the day.

How many more?

What has manifested itself in Toronto is what happens when the children of the poor seek to make themselves important, powerful and respected in the only avenue left to them.  Oh I know every once in a while an underprivileged, poor person makes it to the top, by being exceptionally brilliant, or gifted in sports, or invents something, but this does not happen enough to make a difference in the ghetto. Drug dealers, pimps, thieves, hustlers and the gangbangers succeed if only for a little while and get the nice cars, the nice appartements,  and the respect of their peers even when caught and sent to jail, or get murdered in the street, they become legends and are given respect.

This scene as touching as it is will not bring the lives back, or solve the problem.

This is not some new phenomenon for Toronto and so this gang violence in Toronto is no shock to me; this is survival of the fittest; this is dog eat dog; this is kill or be killed and it is all the life that they know and we as society are responsible for their creation, they are society’s waste product like the radioactive waste from a nuclear generator and society seeks to dispose of them in much the same way, but unlike nuclear waste they have brains, and strike back.  The solution is a simple one, not really complicated at all.  the privileged must take a lesser share and allow hope to enter back into the lives of the underprivileged classes and the hard-working guy and gal, Mr. and Mrs. Joe average and their children.  Think about it a hockey player was just offered a contract to play hockey worth over 100 million dollars while children go to bed hungry every night, people sleep on the streets at minus 40 degrees and the government claims we can no longer keep up with the cost of our medicare programs, or much of any other  social programming we enjoy as citizens of Canada and we as a people smile and do not see the wrong in this.

There just has to be another way.

If things are to change and the hurt, violence, deaths and all of the problems that are associated street gangs are to stop then we must start by giving people back hope for a better life without the gangs, the drugs and the fast life.  We must give the everyday working man and woman back their respect and the respect of their children.  We must once again make a hard days work for a fair wage a good thing and a respected way of life, so that children do not see this as a suckers existence.  We as nations need to practice what we preach to the children about violence never being the solution to solving problems and stop settling everything at gun point and the dropping of bombs.  the children are doing domestically what the government is doing worldwide getting respect, proving their stature and sticking up for and defending allies and using fire power and the threat and in the end death itself to win the day.

All over the world young people are committing violent acts, in schools, movie houses and on the streets where they live, but it is no surprise to me, because this is what they are taught from the time they are old enough to understand is the way to handle disputes of any kind both in their fantasy world, video games, television and the like and in reality as the governments of the world kill people in the name of peace and a better life in the end.  Why should the children of Toronto be any different? No the gang violence in Toronto does not shock, or surprise me, because it was inevitable.

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2 Responses to The Gang Violence In Toronto Is No Shock To Me

  1. Marie says:

    The income you speak about and call avg is actually below average. No one has a right to live in a huge home and drive a BMW…Kids these days…this is the problem…they thinnk they are owed something. Parents are responsible for their own kids. Not the so called privaleged. MEN stop running away from their children. Women stop having babies with three different dads. Find a good man. Women, go to school instead of having sex. Lower income kids have more options for help with tuition then middle income kids. I think you got your information incorrect. Of courese kids with great marks are rewarded for their marks. They worked hard. Some kids are good at sports and others are good at art and they get rewarded too. When you get a job the best move up as well. If”s time to stop blamming those who work hard and have nice homes and cars through honest work…but instead teach a child to take responsibility for their actions and tell them….when you grow up and do well…look in the mirror and thank the person looking back or if you are a gangster in a prison thank the same person…you ruined your life. If your a parent do your job and stop blaming others for you problems….My parents had to start all over again, immigrants come and work hard and end up raising uni grads and PHd children and they worked at crap jobs as well…Teaching your child they have to earn the home and fancy clothes and Iphones and dont tell them it’s there right. YOu don’t have a right to a five bed room home…you earn that through hard work.y..could be the guy or women in the office moving up through the company from academic brain, could be the trades guy or woman doing all this over time or the small business owner that started off with nothing and now has five cake shops. That is how you get success…Teach children to earn isn’t their right to it…daddy’s stop running away and ladies be smart with who you choose…


    • archemdis says:

      Okay good morning Marie and excuse the delay in responding to your comment. You assume a lot and seem to believe you have all of the answers to how people end up in poverty, how and when they should have children and by whom and that all people should be judged by your parents success as immigrants, with all those who do not measure up being labeled as just lazy bums who did not avail themselves of all that this country has to offer and opted instead for a life of poverty, sex and all other things bad, or in short deserve to be where they are in life. Your parents should be commended for their success, but surely you are intelligent enough to see that all people are not that lucky and for every success story there are thousands of failures and they are not bums, in fact they have tried very hard. You blame parents who work night and day for the bad actions of their children. Your answer sounds good but is so stereotypical and will do little to stop these gangs from being here and corrupting your hard working beautiful children, or causing them harm. Your children are getting shot walking on the street shopping by drive by shooters and you seek to still avoid the real problems and not address the real problems and issues. Your children are doing drugs and being bullied by gang members and you still seek not to address the real problems. If you could possibly put all of the gang members that are known to police right now behind bars a new gang would pop up tomorrow, because Marie the conditions and problems that cause this are still not being addressed and so decent law abiding people will still be made to suffer at the gangs hands. I thank you for your comment, I do not agree, but that does not matter on this blog as you are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. Have a great day Marie!


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