More Prisoners Joining Gangs While In Prison Means That My Governments Initiatives Are Working Says, Kerry Lynne Findlay, Parliamentary Secretary To The Justice Minister

Okay health care has gone bust all over Canada; we have been advised not to expect our mail to be delivered on any scheduled time frame, we will get it when time permits and all this due to Prime Minister Harper‘s cut backs and remaking of Canada. How do you like him and his government so far?  This is bad enough, there is more, but this is not what I want to talk about lol, what I want to talk about is the ridiculous statement made by, Kerry-Lynne Findlay, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister when she stated, ” that the rise in inmates joining gangs while in prison was, “good news, because the gang members are behind bars instead of on the street”, and dismissed any link to overcrowded prison conditions.  Kerry-Lynne Findlay, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, went on to say, “It means our law and order initiatives are working. We have specifically targeted gang members in several pieces of legislation,” she told Power & Politics host Evan Solomon.  I contend that this is the same quick, childlike response that we see coming from every level in every department of this Harper government.  It is the kind of nonsensical denial of problems created by this government that has this country in trouble. The inability of this government to take the advice that it seeks out from experts if the findings do not aid their plans, is simply mind-boggling.  It is a thought they do these studies so that no one can say they did not seek the guidance, but know all along that they will only use those favorable to their side of the issue.  this is not only a waste of tax payer dollars, but shows a lack of care for the truth.

Now was Kerry-Lynne Findlay, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister,  just having a blonde moment when she made that comment, or is this public servant of Canada really that naive and or, lack the knowledge to be in the position that she now holds?  At first I thought she misunderstood the facts which are that more people were joining gangs after they entered prison, not after they got out, or before they went in, so that gangs were growing larger and stronger, because of her governments initiatives on fighting crime. I think at the end of the day, Kerry-Lynne Findlay’s governments initiatives at putting more gang members in jail and off of the streets may look like they are working, because as the new gang members are released from jail and commit crimes and are sent back to jail there will be a noted increase of gang members behind bars, but will not show is that the increase in gang members are the ones her governments initiatives created in prison.  Thanks to the Harper government and Kerry-Lynne Findlay, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, there will be more gang members on the street committing crimes at the end of jail terms than ever before.  This is not the only downside that Kerry-Lynne Findlay and her government have missed on this issue, like what will these new gang members be doing when they get out of jail?  We know what kind of work gang members do, they sell dope, they pimp, they kill and when they are not working they have fun killing each other and anyone in their way, or rape girls and women, but whatever they are involved in is never legal and always violent and  Kerry-Lynne Findlay, says that all of these facts are untrue and do not relate to her governments new laws and efforts.   Kerry-Lynne Findlay contends in spite of all the evidence given by all of the evidence that everyone else is wrong and that her and Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government are right.

I will say right off the bat, that I do not like Stephen Harper, his vision of  what Canada  should be and his balancing of the budget by any means necessary approach and his total disregard for civil and human rights.  I do not like his idea of what a real Canadian is, because I know racism, bigotry and religious intolerance when I see it and hear it, but once again that is not the issue of this post, except that it shows in everything that this government does where his priorities lie and they are not in the best interest of the average everyday Canadian.  Any intelligent person knows that overcrowding of prisons is dangerous for all concerned, the inmates, the correctional officers and only bad can come from this type government action and yet Stephen Harper and now Kerry-Lynne Findlay continue to stand by their initiatives despite proof seen in other prisons around the world and especially in the USA where  the raping of prisoners is common place, selling dope is common place and where guards and prisoners live in constant fear for their lives and do not know if today will be the last day on this earth.  I wish one of you Conservative Party of Canada Supporters could just enlighten me as to why this would be, or is a good approach for us as Canadians to take, or follow.

Gangs now control life inside of prisons in this country and we have decided to make them stronger and in doing so give them back the streets as their members get out of prison and Kerry-Lynne Findlay and company are taking bows, taking credit for their initiatives in fighting crime and keeping dangerous offenders off of the streets. I for one do not think much of the Harper/ Kerry-Lynne Findlay method of dealing with crime. Getting tough on young offenders, cutting the number of cells while increasing the prison population and taking away the hope of being able to get a job or live a normal life inside the law by removing or making next to impossible to get parole, or a pardon is just cruel and unusual punishment and will do nothing to reduce crime, but may help to see a recitative rate that increases rather than decreases.

Finally Kerry-Lynne Findlay, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, and her political party need to remember that with no rehabilitation system to speak of in the prison system since budgets were slashed and programs gutted by her government and the increase in gang enrollment after prisoners enter jail, her government has all but insured that we will begin to see the same type of crime in Canadian prisons as in jails throughout the USA.  Prisoners being raped, drugs and contraband  sold openly and over crowding leading to violence against guards and prison workers.   Gang leaders are controlling their gangs inside of prison and the same gangs outside of prison.  We may not like criminals, but they are human beings and the only chance of reducing their crime is to show them another way to live.  Taking away their hope of a normal life and turning them into something less than human will only result in making humans devoid of feeling except for hate of everyone, but themselves.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Eloquent as always, our government the parliamentary secretary to justice displays an astonishing amount of cognitive dissonance and a complete lack of understanding of the problems facing her portfolio.


    • archemdis says:

      Thanks Pamela. I just wish it was not so. There will be no winners in this one. Have a great evening!


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