New Democrats Say They Did Not Have Time / Conservatives Only Register In 27 Of 125 Ridings / I Say Both Parties By Passed Our Quebec Provincial Election

New Democrats Say They Did Not Have Time / Conservatives Only Register In 27 Of 125 Ridings / I Say Both Parties By Passed  Our Quebec Provincial Election

New Democrats and the Conservative Government of Canada will by-pass the Quebec Provincial Elections once again, chosing once again to field no candidates, or very few.  In my opinion both parties are deliberately  chosing to take no action and no responsibility for helping the non separatists in Quebec, or anything else that happens in Quebec. This a safe position and place for the Conservative and New Democratic parties to wait and make promises from, but it not so good position, or place for Quebecers who want to be Canadian first.  All federal political parties say they consider Quebec important, offer views on Quebec’s distinctness and try to say that they best represent what Quebecers want and need and all federal political parties vie for Quebec votes during a federal election, but only one federal party bothers to run seriously in Quebec’s  provincial elections and that is the Liberal Party of Quebec.  I think it speaks to the duplicity and the hypocrisy of the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada.  After the people of Quebec helped the NDP get into its position of official opposition, which would not have happened without our votes, the NDP has once again decided not to run provincially.  I say that the Conservative Party of Canada and the NDP both want to have a hand in Quebec politics without having to take responsibility for the messes they make, advice they give and outlandish statements they make to the press.  One would think that if Quebec was so important to these two political parties they would want to have a hand in how and when and why decisions are made in Quebec and at least be at the table, involved and doing their level best for Quebecers where it counts and not only with lip service.

In a province as volatile as Quebec running one only anti separatist political party is so dangerous and all but hamstrings that party even if it wins.  The anti separatist party always is on edge, always afraid to do something that will give the next election to the separatists and so who wins in Quebec really only matters in the separation issue, but all other ways of life are as if we were under a separatist government, no matter which political party wins.  The separatists have been keeping this province French only, because the only non separatists party in the game is afraid to say no to anything the separatists feel; so in one case you get separatists laws and polices open and honest and in the other we get the same separatist actions, laws and   policies disguised as being a good distinct society.

Remember how the Nazi Party got started in Germany? The Nazi Party just wanted to keep Germany for Germans.  Remember that Hitler wanted to give Germans back their identity, culture, land and a sense of pride. Now remember the result as a whole german population bought into what was clearly racism, religious intolerance sought to be distinct and allowed and in some case participated in the genocide of the Jewish people in Germany and throughout Europe.  No one believed they were at fault; all thought that they were doing right for Germany and the right thing for the  German people, but they were all guilty and so will these two political parties be as well, who in my opinion have abandoned the non separatist in Quebec and chosen not to get into the fight for Canadians to be represented fairly and to have their rights under the Canadian Charter of rights guaranteed and to live in Quebec as Canadians first.

I would say to Quebecers that neither the New Democratic Party, or the Conservative Party Of Canada care one iota about us as people, or the way Quebec’s political agenda affects the people of Quebec, or they would be running candidates in our province and communities on the provincial level.  It is easy to criticize the efforts and short comings of the other partie if you yourself never get involved on a grass-roots level.  Afraid to lose any of their political sway federally in Quebec the Conservative Party Of Canada and the new Democratic Party have decided to keep their popularity in tact and not get involved in the politics of Quebec; the injustices to certain Canadians in Quebec; the loss of certain peoples language rights in Quebec, in other words these two political machines do not care if we  the none separatist suffer locally as long as we allow them to administer our tax dollars and vote for the federally.

My question is really for the Quebecers who have watched what is supposed to be our intelligent students do some pretty dumb things and are now threatening to bring down the only non separatists government in this province, because they did not attend school and got a failing grade because they got mad at their tuition hikes, do you see these students for who they really are?  Everyone with half a brain knows now that it is the Quebec Unions that are influencing and responsible for the sudden broadening of the students once before confined  and narrow scope of reducing the scheduled tuition hikes.  Madame Marois will side with the students, or anyone else who would listen to her claims of support once she is elected and in my opinion is a power-hungry, fanatic running a close second to Adolf Hitler’s desire for a Germany for Germans only, with her desire for a Quebec for separatists only.

I for one am tired of the nonsense that these New Democratic party and the Conservative Party of Canada are dishing out. I am tired of this type of representation from these two parties.  I am tired of the way they both always have something to say, but never run in an election on a provincial level in this province. I am tired of the way these two political machines believe that everything is a provincial problem and falls within provincial jurisdiction except the dishing out of monies to the provinces.  the proof is very simple and it is that they can not be bothered to run candidates in every riding in the up coming provincial election so that they can at least be a part of that process and be in a position to affect the changes needed by Canadians in each and every province.

It is a neat trick that the provincial leaders and the federal leaders of the same party name pulled off, separating from each other so that neither had to worry about taking any flack for the misdeeds of another, but it leaves me feeling like they are committing fraud and that one never knows if the two parties even belive in the same things at all.  I do not think that this serves Canadians well and only helps to cast doubt on a the political system in Canada that quite frankly it does not need right now. I would go further than this though and suggest that Quebecers’ should withdraw their support for the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada  candidates who run in this province only in the federal elections, but feel it is a waste of money and time to field candidates in Quebec’s provincial elections.  I will vote for the party whom at least take an interest in the challenges that I face from day-to-day right here in my home town and at least has the courage to stand and fight and face the consequences of their stands right here on the ground and at the electorial box.  All political parties have had their ups and downs in Quebec; had their scandals in Quebec and lost in Quebec, but only one federalist party has never stopped trying to do what they thought was good for Quebec, by fielding candidates in Quebec provincial elections and that is the Liberal Party.  Think about that when you hear them being attacked by the others.

Note:  The excuse of not having time to get a political force off in time for this quick election call, just does not fly.  Political machines are not put together overnight and all serious political parties vying for power have put their political machines in place and they keep them in place and do not resurrect them before an election and then dismantle them after the election if they do not do well.  This attitude on the part of the Conservatives and the New Democrats in Quebec proves to me that they each had no intention of running seriously in Quebec and only really want to do enough to get your Quebec federal vote.  This is typical of Stephen Harper and the way his political party does things, but one would have thought with the momentum the New Democrats got in the last federal election from Quebec that they would have tried toi build on that support.  I am just surprised at the attitude of  The NDP leader Tom Mulcair, when he said,”  The party was too busy to create a Quebec version in time for the current election campaign, which will send Quebecers to the polls on Sept. 4, a fine thank you for the support we Quebecers gave him and his party.  I wonder if Jack Layton would have played Quebec that way?  I had no time to get it together for the election in my books means Quebec’s is too dangerous politically and we choose not to get involved, but perhaps next time.

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