Things That Make Quebec Distinct But Are Not Good For The People Of Quebec Or The Province

Besides the obvious mistreatment of its non-francophone citizens Quebec has other things that make it distinct, but being distinct is not all that great sometimes and in some instances it can be downright silly.

Quebec has the distinction of having the worst maintained highways roads, overpasses, bridges, heck it has the distinct honor of having the worst infrastructure in Canada when it comes to inspecting and maintaining anything to do with public works, public transport, or its public safety and it is all done distinctly in one language. It has been said that Quebec’s political geniuses said that the major bump entering Quebec from Ontario off of the 401 highway advertised the fact that you were now in Quebec, as though it was something to be proud of instead of ashamed of.

Quebec distinction does not stop at merely having the most dangerous and ill kept roads, bridges and overpasses, because of maintenance, but has topped the nation for confusing the heck out of non-francophone drivers with our only French signage from our highways, directions on our city streets and even when we are trying to tell a person to avoid a danger. I remember years ago on a national radio program an interviewer said that tourists and non-francophone people were going onto the highways using the off ramps because they could not read the French only signs and the political figure responded,” They will only make that mistake once.” Yet another example of this provinces distinctness and at times dangerous actions against its non-francophone citizens.

Quebec’s distinctness does not end there though, because Quebec is the only province that has a separatist entity that sees its only hope of ever becoming a country is to run the province into the ground economically and be so difficult to get along with that the rest of Canada will have no choice bet to let the province go its own way to save being dragged down with it. Now if this is not a distinct way to achieve ones independence and start a new country I do not know what is. I do remember a past leader of the Parti Québécois repeatedly stating on any medium that would repeat his ignorance that,” He and his fellow Separatists would bring Quebec to such ruin that nobody but the Québécois and its followers would want it and that then they would build their new nation out of the chaos and destruction that won Quebec its freedom.” How is that for Quebec’s distinction bordering on insane?

Okay I tried to leave it out, but I simply cannot, because this insane desire to wipe out English as a spoken and written first language of any of its citizens, by law even though Canada is officially bilingual and English just happens to be one of the languages that I think is at the root of all things bad in Quebec and Quebecers’. Quebec also has the dubious distinction of not obeying the laws of Canada and making its own provincial laws what matter as though it was a separate country already. It is only distinct because it is the only province in Canada where the federal government is too afraid of what will happen if it tries to enforce the law of Canada and protect and force said bilingualism.

So is there a good quality to all of this talk of Quebec’s distinctiveness, either for its people, or for the province? I would say no. Are there any benefits for its people, or for the province? I would again say no. Has this peculiar distinctness that is Quebec got the province one step closer to becoming an independent country? I would say no. Has Quebec’s peculiar distinctness harden the hearts and minds of its non-Francophone citizens, turned neighbor against neighbor and solidified all who are not separatists against a Quebec independence strategy? I would say yes. I would also venture to say that Quebec is trying to be different like a spoilt child tries to get attention anyway that it can until one day it realizes that whining, stamping its feet and acting out will get it nowhere and so learns to accept no and moves on to something else, or learns to ask in a different way that might get it what it wants.

We have in Quebec the distinction of having a minority of citizens following a group of fanatical leaders whose ears and eyes hurt when English is spoken or can be seen, who feel threatened when English is the same size as French on a sign; who feel threatened when a phone is answered in an office in English; who feel threatened when tourists ask for directions in English, or the time in any language other than French. We in Quebec have the distinction of being afraid of everything that is not French and as silly as it may seem feel that any writing or speaking of any language but French in the province could lead to the total erosion of the French culture of this province. So afraid of the English language are the separatists that we now have the distinction of being the only place in the entire world with language police whose sole function is to make sure that signs are in French and if there is any other language on the sign that the other language is smaller than the French lettering and that receptionists in businesses answer their phones first in French. What a waste of money in these hard economic times.

Now I must say that Quebec has the distinction of creating poutine and is the home of the creation of the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. It also has the distinction of having a people who were beaten in war by the English to be left with their French culture, language and religion. It would have been easy for the English to wipe out the language, take away the right of cultural existence as it did to so many other countries throughout its empire and as Quebec is now trying to do to its English citizens, but it did not. Non francophone citizens are now paying the price for that generosity, but it was a good thing, as genocide is never a good thing no matter what advantages it gives to the winner of the struggle.

In closing I would say this, “Quebec’s distinctiveness is a crock, a sham, at best a bad joke being played on its citizens and the rest of Canada. This joke is being carried out by a minority of fanatics who are preoccupied with language and not concerned about the state of the province, or the provinces citizens. Quebec’s distinctiveness, rest solely in the hands of federalists allowing it to be, so how distinct is that? Quebec has the distinction of being one of the political laughing stocks of the world and a disgrace in terms of civil rights on the international scene and now even gets top honors for being one of the most corrupt places in the world. Bravo, Quebec is in truth distinct, but other than poutine and Montreal smoke meat none of it stacks up to a hill of beans in terms of gaining independence, domestic, or international respect for doing the right thing for all of its citizens.

I think that the separatists of Quebec should remember their ancestor’s revolution; the way it was achieved and really reconsider if this is the road they wish to drag the people of this province and indeed the whole country down .

I would offer up this quote,” The French revolution was invented and constructed for the purpose of manufacturing liberty; but it had neither lever cogs, nor adjusting powers, and the consequences were that it worked so rapidly that it destroyed its own inventors, and set itself on fire.”

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